Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Will Anjali understand Arnav's feelings for Khushi?

In one of STAR Plus' most popular show, Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, everyone in the Raizada family is concerned about Anjali. Arnav's love for Khushi is also blooming like never before and he now hunts for the slightest instance to spend some quality romantic moments with her. But will Anjali understand Arnav's emotions?

Arnav and Khushi have had their ups and downs in life and Arnav now seems to be realising Khushi's importance in his life. At the same time though, he has drifted apart from Anjali, for whom life hasn't been less cruel too.

Our source from STAR Plus tells us,"Arnav tells Anjali that Khushi is the special girl in his life which Anjali always used to talk about. Anjali is a little relieved to know that. Khushi decides to go to Buaji’s house on the pretext of Buaji’s health. Something happens between Anjali and Khushi as Khushi is leaving. We'll have to wait and watch to see what happens"

Ask Anjali and she says," I have always wanted that Arnav and Khushi should be happy in their married life. As brother and sister we had some misunderstanding and things are getting sorted out.I had actually brought Arnav and Khushi close to each other in the past. But things are now different "

Will Anjali be relieved when Arnav tells her that Khushi is the special girl that Anjali used to talk about? And what about Arnav, will he finally manage to bring a smile to Khushi's face?

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