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Arnav upsets with Khushi’s DNA test plan

The upcoming episode will bring lots of drama in Arnav and Khushi’s lives in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It is being shown that Khushi is very disturbed with Aarav and Arnav’s similarities. Khushi is trying hard to find out the relationship between Aarav and Arnav.

The last episode showed that Khushi got the DNA test of Aarav and Arnav without the knowledge of Arnav or anyone else in the family.

It will now be shown that Arnav will get very angry on Khushi for DNA test. He will explain Khushi that there is no relation between Aarav and him.

Khushi will regret for hurting Arnav but will not stop her investigation.

Khushi will disguise herself and goes to Aarav’s school to check Aarav’s admission form.

To cheer up Arnav, Khushi will make a new plan of taking Arnav and Sheetal (Aarav’s mother) back to their college days.

Besides all this, Khushi will get a new idea to find out the truth when she comes to know that Sheetal has kept karva chauth fast for Aarav’s father.

Arnav gets hold of Khushi with the DNA report in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Khushi (Sanaya Irani) has so far made several attempts to know the real identity of Aarav (Vishesh Bansal) and his father in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

She is hell bent to know if Aarav is Arnav’s (Barun Sobti) biological son. And to erase the little doubt she has in her, the lady went ahead with DNA test. However, before she could find out the truth, Arnav got hold of the report and was very upset over Khushi not trusting him. Now this will create a rift between the two and Arnav will ask Khushi to open the envelope right before him so that she can get rid of her doubt.

Now more likely either Khushi will throw away the report to prove her faith on Arnav or Sheetal (Madhura Naik), who is eavesdropping to all this, might play her next card by changing the reports.     

Sources say that post the DNA testing incident, Arnav will be highly miffed with Khushi. She will feel restless and would try hard to pacify him. Furthermore, the show will soon cater a basket ball match taking place amidst the family where both Arnav and Aarav will bond really well. Khushi too would be happy to see them together but her curiosity won’t stop her from doing the investigation over Aarav and his father. She will continue with her findings and will make sure that Arnav is not made aware of it.    

Well, it is quite clear that Sheetal is definitely hiding something very important or she has a major plan up her sleeve. It would be interesting to see how things will shape up further. Till then keep enjoying the show!

TV fans choose Barun Sobti as the hottest angry young man of the TV industry

Well…well…well…you folks have voted with extreme exuberance…and though Barun Sobti might have lost in the battle of popularity to Kunal “Na Bole” Karan Kapoor, he has absolutely grabbed the “triumphant trophy” when it comes to being the hottest angry young man of the TV industry.

Yes, out of five contenders…Vivian Dsena, Samir Soni, Karanvir Bohra and Gurmeet Choudhary…and of course Sobti himself, the numbers from the very onset showed heavy inclination towards this Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon lead actor.

Barun was voted the winner…followed by Vivian and Gurmeet, who gained second and third positions, respectively.

We congratulate Barun and all others and hope and wish that they have a great career ahead!!!

Arnav-Khushi aur "Pyaar" ke pal

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Episode Analysis

So Khushi is hell bent on finding out the connection between Arnav and Aarav…..The whole thing has affected her so much, that uski raaton ki neend aur din ka chain ud gaya…Poor Thing. She wakes up in the middle of the night to get hold of his hair….After all DNA test jo karna hai. She does succeed but thanks to Arnav’s habit of holding Khushi’s hand while sleeping she misses on the opportunity.

The whole get Aarav ready for school sequence was damn cute……Vishesh Bansal makes an adorable Jr. ASR and moreover these days the child like quality which was missing earlier can be seen surfacing here and there….Yes he is still stubborn, he is still impossible but at times you do get to witness the child he is. His shares the best chemistry with Arnav and Khushi……

The scene where Sheetal sees her son (If that is her Son) getting all the love and attention from the Fantastic 4 (Nani, Anjali, Payal and Manorama) and her eyes welling up was truly a moment. If I repeat if Sheetal in not a negative character and has no ulterior motive then it looks like she has struggled a lot as a single mother. Today all that attention and care that her son got really moved her and that was indeed a sweet moment.

Arnav sure seems to be comfortable around the child, now when they share similar interest are almost alike, and even share similar thoughts then how can he not be comfortable? There was this flicker of expression, emotion that Arnav showcases when Aarav uses the special hand gesture/ code that his mom taught him. Trying desperately to figure out what that is…Did it remind him of his college days? Or was it simply the little guy’s words that moved him?

The CV’s should really stop showing Arnav and Aarav do the same thing, I think they have established the fact that they are trying to make us believe that they are indeed a father-son duo….Ab isko itna lamba kyun keechna? The whole pool side scene, the gait, the mannerisms even the topic of discussion was same….Wow! Par ek baat toh hai whoever trained that Kid both offscreen (Vishesh) and onscreen (Aarav) has done a fabulous job. ASR is a mighty huge character. Someone who we have been religiously watching and following for more than a year now and for Vishesh to adapt to and produce the exact replica I believe could never have been an easy task, but the way he brings out the characteristics and mannerisms of ASR is applause worthy. Moving on to the onscreen character of Aarav, if the kid is trained to act and behave like Arnav Singh Raizada then who ever trained him be it Sheetal or somebody else  that person has observed Arnav real good and has managed to create a Mirror image in Aarav.

The moment they showed Khushi with the bubblegum which never happened prior to today it was obvious ki she was going to use it to get hold of the DNA Test sample which in this case is the “Hair” from both Aarav and Arnav. Though Logic has been missing from the show for quite sometime what exactly was the CV’s trying to when Khushi blows the bubblegum and it bursts and most importantly gets stuck on both Arnav and Aarav’s hair. The screenplay and the execution were too obvious.

If you have missed the episode or decided not to watch it, make sure you catch up the last 5 mins of the show for sure. That’s when the episode actually took off when IPK looked like it is THE IPK, the way we like it, the standard we expect.  The test results are delivered but Khushi cannot bring herself to open the envelope. How can she? If she staunchly believes that Arnav and Aarav are not related then the need for a DNA test would have never arisen in the first place. The fact that Arnav and Sheetal dated etc would not have affected her…..but aisa toh ho hi nahi sakta.  These things do matter to Khushi and why Khushi everybody man or woman goes through these feeling of insecurity and jealousy atleast once in their lifetime, no matter how strong, how true, how pure your love is. Two days back Arnav himself admitted that he was jealous of NK and his comfortable equation with Khushi and Khushi here is being flooded with remarks by her family on the resemblances, Sheetal’s discomfort when the topic of Aarav’s father comes up etc. How can she not have such feelings……But look at the bright side when this track winds up their bond, trust, love will or grow stronger and deeper.

The surprise and shock that was written over Arnav face was totally believable (Amazing expression by Barun here). He was surprised that Khushi was hiding something but kept denying it when he asked. He was shocked that Khushi had got a DNA test done without his knowledge that too of Arnav and Aarav. He is visibly hurt too because after telling Khushi everything she went on to do a DNA Test to find out if there was a relation between the two. 

Arnav is a highly intelligent man, if there was something between Sheetal and him other than them dating he would have remembered but his conscience is clear, theirs was just a fling which meant nothing to him and that’s the reason why he is not affected. He does express his views once to Khushi that things can get real awkward if all of them stayed under the same roof the day Khushi asked Sheetal and Aarav to shift to Shantivan.  Arnav knew that even if Khushi said it because she was kind hearted and believed in helping, she wouldn’t be comfortable with the idea completely. All this should out only one thing which is ASR has no such past whatsoever and he is barely affected by the presence of Sheetal and Aarav.

The whole thing could be actually taking place or it could also be a dream sequence .If it’s a dream sequence there Is nothing we can discuss, but if its not then there are two possibilities….

1)      The DNA’s MATCH: If so then that’s the opening of a completely new chapter, more Drama, more scope for acting, more mystery, more intensity and all those things we usually want in an entertaining show.

2)      The DNA’s DO NOT match: Then Khushi can breath a sigh of relief and leave it right there. Because there is nothing superior to the DNA test and her still pursuing doubts regarding Arnav and Aarav will only make her look bad and will surely leave a wrong impression in the minds of the viewers.

The intensity that the last 5 mins had is what needs to be shown more often, the CV’s could do without making a mockery out of it, without having to fall back on Comedy to support them. They have taken a concept with great potential. Its logic, sensibility and sensitivity what is needed here why not leave the humor aside or use it when truly needed.

If it goes the route 2 way, then it’s a dead end, there is nothing more to showcase…..But if it’s the route 1 that the CV’s decide to take up then brace your self guys because the ride is going to get real bumpy.

Author: Vijitha Rajan

Telly Tadka


The DNA report of Arnav and Aarav is out, but lands in former’s hands. The wait to reveal the mysterious Aarav just got agonizingly long and we need to wait till Monday before light is thrown on the matter.

The episode begins with Khushi trying desperately hard to get some of Aarav’s hair for conducting the DNA test. This results in a couple of sweet and light-hearted moments, thereby amusing TV audience.

More amusement
The sharp kid Aarav gets irked when he is pampered by the Raizada household women. He tries to hide somewhere, but is found by Arnav and the duo (father-son?) share few moments together as Khushi keeps a close watch on them.

Khushi’s skepticism keeps on growing as she watches Arnav and Aarav strolling around in a similar fashion. Khushi is addressed as being filmy by them as she pounces over them for a non-sense matter. She somehow takes Aarav's hair for getting DNA test conducted.

The DNA reports arrives but lands in Arnav’s hands
The DNA report is delivered to Khushi and she tries her level best to keep it hidden from everyone. Twist of the night comes as Arnav catches Khushi and the report lands in his hands, making him immensely surprised and Khushi being terribly sheepish.

Now what?
Well, the bombshell is just waiting to explode and as and when the report is opened, it will cause tremendous mayhem in the household. If it confirms Khushi’s fears of Arnav being Aarav’s biological father, it will surely create a rift between the two. In case it doesn’t, Arnav will be pissed off with her for doubting him.

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Khushi disturbed by Arnav & Aarav’s similarity

Khushi (Sanaya Irani) is feeling restless after confrontation with Arnav’s (Barun Sobti) past in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It was last seen that Khushi had only suspected Aarav (Vishesh Bansal) for the similarities with Arnav. Khushi’s doubts got strong when the family members started comparing Aarav’s acts with Arnav.

This aroused a question in Khushi’s mind about Arnav and Sheetal’s (Madhura Naik) (Aarav's mother) relationship.

Khushi was shocked when Arnav tells her about his and Sheetal’s brief love affair.

Though Arnav soon turned the situation right and made Khushi believe that nothing has happened between Sheetal and him, Khushi is not yet ready to get convinced.

Sheetal is now staying in the Raizada house which is creating more tension for Khushi. Khushi keeps on talking to Arnav about Sheetal.

In the upcoming episode, Khushi will decide for a DNA test. Besides this, Khushi who is very filmy and believes in TV shows will see a TV show about husband’s nature.

This will create a bit of fun when Khushi tries to find out the change in Arnav’s behaviour.

Let’s see when this mystery will sort out the problems in Khushi and Arnav’s lives.


Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? (Episode Analysis)

Except for a Hyperactive Khushi, IPKKND delivered quite a decent episode today. Sheetal’s and Aarav’s entry has clearly affected Khushi. With each passing day she’s getting restless and this is affecting Khushi and Arnav’s Relationship in small ways. How else can one explain the slap, and the morning imagination?

Somebody is trying to create a havoc in Khushi’s life, trying to create a rift between Arnav and Khushi and that person seems to have been getting successful as of now.

CV’s have chosen a great track but, their execution of it seems totally out of place. They have chosen a concept which they are trying to sell to the audience. Atevery level, story writing, screenplay, execution they have to make sure that thier concept sells. Here they are trying to make us beleive that Aarav is Arnav’s son. That the so called fling that Sheetal & Arnav had has resluted in her conceiving his child. If this is what the CV’s are trying to do, then why the hell are they making it practically Visible?

A small child of 7-8 dresses like adults, uses the slang “What The” and his mom has no qualms about it , hates toys and girls, knows pretty much about gardening perhaps more than Arnav, is almost always angry or agitated and so on……Which Kid does that? Yes there are kids who at a very small age feels and becomes responsible but when something drastic has happned in their life. There is no reason for Aarav to be the way he is, unless he is being trained…..If i am allowed to say so none of the qualities the Cv’s are trying to show in the show, be it the dressing style or “What The” gets transferred from a parent to the child…..If they are quite particular that such similarities need to be shown, 1 or 2 of these could have been casually incorporated such that the curiosity factor is kept intact. An Ex: would be the toast and juice scene.Using it casually would have done the trick but here the makers have shown the similarities in such a way that its blaringly visible. Why?

Arnav and Sheetal were seeing each other, then they broke up and he moved on. He clearly did, how else would they explain La and now Khushi? And with Khushi its entirely a different story, this is who he actually, truly fell in love with, this is the woman who affects him, who matters to him….Each and every time that thier love was put to test, they emerged winners and their love and faith more deeper and stronger…..This clearly is another such phase.

But like Arnav embraced Khushi’s past and moved on will Khushi too do the same??? Well we hope so after all like Khushi said, she is this centuray’s woman, modern and cool. Its surely a W&W situation.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
Telly Tadka


Barun Sobti's Old Photoshoot Edited Pics!

Barun Sobti talks about TRPs

Barun Sobti

Well, everyone knows that the TV industry revolves around the TRPs. I feel, TRPs should not matter much to an actor. Of course, they matter a lot to the makers of a show. But life's the same with or without these TRPs for us.


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Top Scene of the Week

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

The show has been going haywire for the last few Days, hopefully the current track looks promising but we did have one scene that stood out this past week……Many fans/ viewers etc who wanted to see Arnav make Jalebi’s for Khushi saw their wish coming true as ASR, the Arnav Singh Raizada….cooks Jalebi for Khushi to manofy here…..The scene did look hell cute, but what stood out for us was the change that had come on in this Mighty Character, how far this Man has come. Few months back if somebody told ASR was making Jalebi’s in the Kitchen that too from a Cook- Book one would have laughed it off, but today we know it’s true….Today we see Arnav, we see the actual person he is…The Angry Young Man Avatar was a cover up, a shield of sorts to never get to hurt..Ever! The moment Khushi came into his life, the moment he realized the genuine, innocent, loving, caring Girl she is, in short an Epitome all things he resented he shed off the Exterior he had built around him. The scene where he made Jalebi’s for Khushi showed how much he valued and embraced her in his life. He did not say the words “Main tumhare bina nahi Ji paoonga” for the sake of that moment, he meant it and he is living by it.

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Fans Edits/Collages/Works on BARUN SOBTI or Arnav Singh Raizada

by @indy12IF

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