Thursday, 22 August 2013

Barun Sobti's Birthday - An Occasion to Celebrate for Fans

21st of August was the Birthday of the one and only Barun Sobti! Sobtians the world over were eager to celebrate taking to Twitter and Facebook to join in the festivities, and there were a few surprises in store.

From Australia to the US every fan waited... Anticipating the clock to strike 12AM. So that they may wish, a countdown in each country till excited Sobtians could deliver their wishes. The moment we had all waited for arrived, and timelines were filled with special messages, tweets, wall posts, edits and VMs featuring the man himself and very special wishes to mark the celebration of another year of the 'HOTWA's' life.

Wishes poured in, Old cast and crew mates of IPKKND leading the charge, Main Aur Mr.Riight cast mates and Ms productions were not far behind. A very special message came from old friend Karan Wahi. Other fandoms also wished Barun Sobti with cute messages. Even Saas Bahu Aur Saazish joined in.

The day was also marked by various RJs in the US, India and Kenya. Raj Baddhan and Smritii, both had interviews with Barun Sobti that week and fans were tuned in as many requests were made, Pani Da Rang and Kukkad Kamal Da being mostly being played. We have to say Smriti your choice of Tum Hi Ho as a dedication was perfect!

The day was filled with happiness, with fans on Twitter matching their display/profile pictures and joining together to trend 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARUN SOBTI', More on that later. Stuti Agarwal of The Times of India who had visited Barun Sobti on set of 22yards earlier in the week published her fantastic article, carrying a cake inscribed 'HOTWA'. However Stuti Agarwal carried a number of fan messages and edits that we (TeamBARUN) had sent her, A glimpse of the hundreds we had received and compiled into a special Birthday scrapbook that we had already sent to Barun Sobti. Needless to say Barun Sobti was thrilled with the messages.

A Glimpse of TeamBARUN Birthday Scrapbook.

Barun Sobti said he is thankful to all the fans, and his wardrobe is filled with these kind of messages from fans. He was very grateful for all the messages from TeamBARUN followers and loved them all. He feels that he could never throw fan messages away because he feels people have put time and effort into making them. So, He is confused as to what to do with them all.

TeamBARUN 9000+ Followers wished Barun Sobti.

 Barun Sobti with a glimpse of TeamBARUN Birthday Scrapbook.

Barun Sobti read every single message personally. in front of Stuti Agarwal (Lifestyle journalist at The Times of India), and He was dead embarrassed.

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Second surprise came with the release of a few unseen pics from Kolkata, every picture of Barun Sobti is welcomed is especially after so long in a so called 'Sobti Drought'. Now for the trend, as mentioned previously the fandom matching their display pictures, and at 8PM IST fun began intent on getting our message trending! Incentives were even given in the form of our next surprise being revealed when it would trend. In pursuit of the aim, many (including ourselves and TeamSobtians) became 'Twitter Jailed', and alas we could not trend, however this fandom has a never say die attitude and were rewarded later.

At 9PM IST, ourselves alongside TeamSobtians and MyEDuniya co-hosted a 'Barun Quiz' 10 questions on the subject of Barun Sobti. An amazing turn out and a knowledgeable fandom made the quiz a success, and yes towards the end of the quiz #BarunSobti was trending in first place in India! Long after the quiz had ended it was still trending - a gift from the Sobtians to Barun Sobti. (On a personal note we hope that this is a repeat occurrence our guy deserves it!).

#BarunSobti was trending in India.

So true to our word, when #BarunSobti trended we disclosed our next surprise. The Barun Fan Club on MyEDuniya. We hope this will be a great spot for all fans!

Forum :
Diary Blog:

Barun Sobti's birthday was special for us all. We think East FM Kenya had it right when they tweeted that Barun Sobti's birthday should be an international festival. We couldn't agree more! There are so many fans around the world who adore him and the sheer amount of love we have for him is incredible. With the coming of his entrance into Bollywood only a few months away, no telling how amazing next year is going to be and to be honest we can't wait!

As for TeamBARUN, we want to thank you for all your participation, love and support! We had lost our Facebook page a few days before and it was big set back and although we now have a new page, It's going to take a little while to get back to how it was, but we are sure with you guys behind us we will go from strength to strength!

We are very happy we could get your messages to Barun Sobti! It was our great pleasure to do so. And of course TeamBARUN being in The Times of India was very emotional for us and its a matter of pride we could do both things for you guys. We received a message from MediaQue Entertainment with congratulations for getting into The Times of India. They are also aware of the trend #BarunSobti.

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So lastly, We'd like to wish Barun Sobti a very very Happy Birthday, We hope all your dreams come true and no matter what we will all be there at every step of your career!


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