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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ends with Arnav, Khushi’s love journey

It was quite a hard time to bid adieu to such a beautiful drama Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) that entertained all the television viewers and fans for almost one and half year with Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) unusual love journey.

Though, Iss Pyaar Ko made an abrupt ending on 30th November but its ending did not disappoint its fans and audiences.

The last episode showed that Khushi was being crowned as Mrs. India. Finally, Khushi succeeded making an identity of her own and fulfilling the desires of her husband Arnav.

Arnav aka Barun Sobti was not present for the last day of shooting. So, Arnav’s presence was seen only in the background.

The show ended with both Arnav and Khushi’s presence not disappointing all the viewers. Khushi thanked Arnav for spreading happiness in her life and tells him that he is a very important part in her life.

Arnav and Khushi recalled their first meeting, love moments, sweet-bitter fights, romantic Rabba Ve moments and their marriage memories.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon ended with a memorable marriage moment of Arnav and Khushi where Arnav lifted Khushi in his arms.

The journey of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon was very interesting as it traveled with many ups and downs. IPKKND started with hatred feelings between Arnav and Khushi and gradually it changed into unconditional love.

This epic love story will divinely live in the hearts of the fans forever.

I am in a position where I can choose roles that I want to do: Sanaya Irani

With Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus) going off-air, the very beautiful, bubblicious and gracious Sanaya Irani has finally some free time on hand.

Finding an opportunity, we caught up with this gorgeous lady to know about her future plans, news on her tantrums and of course, boyfriend Mohit Sehgal.

When asked if she has made holiday plans, she replied, “I don’t plan much. I take each day as it comes. But yes, now I will have more time for my family and friends.” Though, this actress has more time on hand now, she wasn’t expecting this break. It was with her co-star Barun Sobti’s exit from the show, that everything came to a halt. Hence, when asked if she holds him responsible for whatever happened, she shot back, “There is nothing that I must say as Barun left the show for his personal reasons. And it’s not like the serial wouldn’t have run without him but it shut down.”

Moving on, when we asked her about how she takes the tag of a tantrum queen, Sanaya averred, “I was given this tag by someone from the media, because I did not give interviews during my shoot hours. Anyways, I couldn’t have avoided my production house that paid me to work. Therefore, it would have been foolish of me to have taken calls during shooting hours. But, trust me if anybody from my production ever tells you that I threw tantrum I will change my name and never act again.”

Her boyfriend Mohit is currently a part of Star Plus’ Khamoshiyaan. Hence, when asked Sanaya if she has been able to watch the show, she said, “Since I am Mohit-biased, I liked him in the very first episode. And as there isn’t much of him in the story right now I haven’t been watching the show. But, the first episode was very interesting. In all, the serial has a gripping storyline and the audience will like it.”

We tell her that the lead of Khamoshiyaan looks up to her when it comes to acting, giving the example of Mrunal Thakur, what she had said in one of her interviews, Sanaya laughed out and answered, “I have met her couple of times and as far as I know, somebody had asked her to watch my show. That’s how she started keeping a track of it and that was very sweet of her. She is a newcomer, but has a lot of potential.”

When asked if she has been offered shows, the actress happily observed, “I am being offered a lot of shows and it feels good to be in place where you get to select what you want to do. I think every actor wants to be in this place someday. Reaching here wasn’t easy though as there were times when I was out of work. Yes, I haven’t taken up anything yet.”

Finally she informed us that she has been receiving messages from her fans. These messages talk about them supporting her, but Sanaya does not know what they are supporting her for, as she said, “I think there is some misunderstanding that has been going around as everybody wants to support me. But, still I’d like to thank all my fans for loving me so much.”

Have a great life ahead, Sanaya!!!

Indian television discovers the crazy power of fandom

Recently, Star Plus ran a curious message onscreen during the telecast of primetime show, Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND). It said that IPKKND's lead actor Barun Sobti had decided to leave the show for movies, that the channel had tried to convince him to change his mind but failed, so they
had no option but to end the serial. This was a strange message to telecast for two reasons: one, actors leave TV shows all the time, and they are either killed off onscreen or simply replaced by other actors. For example, Gia Manek, the actress who played the docile bahu in Star Plus's Saathiya, was replaced the instant she decided to participate in a rival channel's dance show (Jhalak Dikhla Ja). So what was the big deal about Barun leaving? Two, the onscreen message was clearly the Star Plus version - but was it the truthful version? Frankly, I thought it was unfair as it seemed to be passing the blame on to the actor. In any case, I don't remember any channel putting out this kind of message in the past - ever.

So what happened? Well, TV fandom happened, that's what. This is a phenomenon that our television industry is only just beginning to encounter, though it's been around in the West for years (internationally, TV awards are given not just to the best actor, best actress etc but also to the best fandom).

A television show's fandom - the real thing - is usually global and not restricted to the country where the TV show in question originated. It finds its voice on the Internet - through passionately maintained blogs, imaginative fan fiction, on dedicated fansites etc. It can be obsessive. The fans always know more about the characters, story and show trivia than even the producers, directors or actors. Fandoms often form around cult shows, not necessarily the highest-rated shows. They are highly polarized (fans attach themselves to individual characters who they proceed to love to death) and hard to please. But they're also fanatically loyal.

IPKKND was never the No. 1 show on Star Plus, though it was usually in the top ten. But it became one of the few Indian shows to acquire a vociferous, committed global fandom which created such uproar at the idea of seeing anyone else but Barun Sobti in the lead role, that neither the channel nor the production house had the guts to replace him.

When IPKKND began a year-and-a-half ago as a sizzling Mills and Boon-type love story, it attracted fans from all over the world. Even when the show began deteriorating, the fans remained onboard. Perhaps they were happy to just see their beloved lead pair on screen, even if they grumbled (rightly) that the storyline had turned to dust.

Few shows are lucky enough to attract a dedicated fandom. Entertainment channels houses here should take a leaf out of what happens abroad. They should learn to harvest the loyalty of fandoms to keep their shows robust and long-lasting. Never ignore the fans, no matter how crazy they seem. They're the life breath of any show. And you can't get them, not with money, not with marketing. They come to you.


Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani interview at Star Parivaar Live!

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What lies ahead

Barun Sobti answers pertinent questions on the last day of the shoot of his hit show

Barun Sobti became a household name due to his successful show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, which has been on air for more than a year. He wooed the audience playing the arrogant, rich tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada to perfection. Also, his chemistry with co-star Sanaya Irani was loved by viewers. On the last day of his shoot, Barun looks back on his decision to quit the show, and talks about plans for the future.

How are you feeling while shooting on your last day ?
I am looking forward as well as looking back at the time gone by. All is good and there's nothing to complain about.

Are there any mixed feelings now that you have quit the show?
I am numb. The good thing is that I am shooting my scenes alone, without any of my co-stars, or else it would have been weird. I have had a good time being part of the show and cherish every moment. I will be carrying a lot of memories back with me.

When the channel was persuading you to stay back, did you have any second thoughts?
Not really. Once I took the decision, I stuck to it. Today is my last day of shoot. Later the team will go to Birmingham (UK) for a channel event.

Are you aware of the mass hysteria your exit has caused?  Fans have been writing letters to the channel and making phone calls asking you to stay back. They have also insinuated that since you are quitting due to problems with producer Gul Khan, the channel should replace the production house.?
Well, I have got numerous fan mails asking me about the update on the show. But let me clarify that there is no problem between Gul Khan and me. In fact, she has been a great producer and a great support too. This is the biggest show of my career and I am grateful for the opportunity it has given me. As for my fans, I thank them for all their love and support and hope they continue to show this love in my future endeavours.

What plans for the future?
As of now, my film Main Aur Mr Right, which should release soon. I am also looking forward to a break and spending time with family.