Saturday, 9 November 2013

Winner of TeamBARUN 10K Celebration Contest - 10 Reasons Why YOU Love TeamBARUN!

Love TeamBARUN for all the effort & Hard-work they put in to bring all the news related to Barun. And that too, right on time as soon as it happens. Love how always team is updated with all the information regarding Barun. 

Found TeamBARUN to be very warm and welcoming as a whole. It's been just 6-7 months of knowing them and It's been a wonderful experience.

Love the commitment of the group the way the whole team is dedicated and their love for Barun Sobti is really commendable.

Love the activeness of the group, how the team is active and keeps the buzz around Barun Sobti alive in-spite of him being missing from screen life.

Love how the team keeps all its members and followers engaged with various contests and everything. It keeps on the interest going. 

The way team functions, the way team is organised is something to be appreciated. You people may be coming different parts of country or world and still functioning so well is really commendable.

Love the positive spirit of the team, the way you people show your support and belief in Barun. Really Hats Off to you.

Love the creativity of the team, how the different creations in form of display pictures etc changes at regular intervals.

Team's dedication is worth mentioning and worth appreciating. I think TeamBARUN really comes as a boon for new fans of Barun you guys have been following him since long. So, knowing you and being with you makes us more closer to the Man. A special mention for making fans messages reach Barun. It makes us feel special as fans.

The main reason for Loving TeamBARUN is that, It's TeamBARUN, It's associated with man called Barun Sobti. The team is all about Barun Sobti. So, It's but obvious to love TeamBARUN since we love Barun Sobti.

As It's all about Loving and Adoring "Barun Sobti" the one who had been responsible for formation of this team and bring all of us together and gave an opportunity to be together, to know each other and be part of TeamBARUN.

by Purnima Dixit.

Note: Prize will be announced.

Friday, 8 November 2013

22 Yards song sequence to be shot in Kolkata

It will be a romantic song between Ron Sen and Shonali.

The next schedule of Barun Sobti starrer 22 Yards will take place in Kolkata in mid-November. "We were supposed to start shooting early this month, but one of our very important supporting actors has fractured his neck, so the shoot just got delayed. This schedule will see us can a lot of interesting sequences," said director Mitali Ghoshal. Sources said Barun Sobti and the lead heroine of the film, Suzanna Mukherjee, might be in the city before to shoot a song sequence. "We are just waiting for Salim-Sulaiman to send us the song," confirmed Mitali, adding this will be a long schedule.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Barun Sobti on the set of 22yards

Thanks to Stuti Agarwal and TOI.

First Look of Main Aur Mr.Riight!

TV hunk turned film star, Barun Sobti is preparing the release of his first Bollywood film ‘Main Aur Mr Riight’.

‘Main Aur Mr Riight’ is a funny-romantic venture telling a story of a young girl in search of her Mr Right. The movie captures her journey of learning to look past her strict requirements of the ideal, perfect man and finding true love.

The film also stars Shenaz Treasurywala, Kavi Shastri, Varun Khandelwal and Danny Saru. It has music by Bappi Lahiri.

‘Main Aur Mr Riight’ is expected to release in December 2013.

I have been approached for a show, says Barun Sobti

TV as a stepping stone
You have no idea the kind of money, TV actors make —sometimes it is more than the regular film artistes. So, it’s not necessarily a stepping stone. But yes, you are seeing a lot of TV actors foraying into films because the barrier between films and TV has broken.

TV drama or filmi masala
I would say a little of both. On TV, as an actor you relate to the character and the set because you are living it everyday and the viewer starts identifying with you and the drama. However, I end up getting less time for my family. Film shooting takes a longer time and I am left with more free time, which is welcome. Also, the audience gets more influenced by films as they watch it in a theatre with loud music and action. 

Role play
I am playing a wannabe model and I relate to the character in Main Aur Mr Riight because I came to Mumbai to become an actor.  I play a big Salman Khan fan, I dress up and try to talk like him. It’s a serious subject but dealt with in a lighter vein.

I am actually zoned out. I have no expectations, I am not the kind of person who pins high hopes. Instead, I go with the thought that the film is going to do nothing for me. When we started the film, it was a surprise, when we saw the rushes I thought it’s looking good and when the first look was out, I was cool. 

Return to TV?
I have been approached for a show, which has a beautiful concept. It is a weekly and I am considering it.

I don't need to work-out as I am an Ectomorph: Barun Sobti

After captivating over a zillion of hearts by way of his television show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus), Barun Sobti is anxiously waiting for the release of his debut films Main Aur Mr Right and 22 Yards that are to release in the month of December (2013).

In a chat with, the inconspicuous actor shares his health and diet routine. Read on to know more…

Personal fitness mantra?
I do not need to work-out much as I am an Ectomorph.

Personal diet mantra…
No mantra for me; I eat anything and everything.

Are you a foodie?
Oh yes; I can have 6-7 meals in a day.

Exercise routine…
I do weights.

Are you a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian?
I am a non-vegetarian.

Favourite cuisine…
For now I am hooked to eating Japanese food. I really like the cuisine.

Favourite dish…
I love eating Sushi.

A must on your breakfast table?
Anything that is liquid; maybe juice or milk.

Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee…
Regular intake of sugar is a must.

Lunch generally consists of…

Dinner generally consists of?
I eat a bowl of dal, one chapati with some vegetable and curd. I generally have dinner twice as I do not like to stuff myself with too much food at a time. It is good to eat at regular intervals.

Dessert delights?
I don’t like sweets.

My favourite drink (non-alcoholic)…
Hmm…I like orange juice.

My favourite drink (alcoholic)…

Most unusual dish I've tasted?
There was this incident which happened when I’d been to Singapore. There was something with the water there which people consumed with squids. Maybe it’s good for them but it was really weird for me.

Experiment with food?
Sometimes; generally I tend to experiment when I go to a new restaurant.

On the streets, I love to have…
It would be anything from a vada pav to eggs to samosas.

Do you cook?
I cooked only once after my marriage.

Fitness tip…
I would advise my fans to follow the ‘Eat healthy, Stay Healthy’ mantra.

Sourav Ganguly was back on 22 yards!

Team 22 Yards had a special guest at their Navami morning shoot. Sourav Ganguly. Dada dropped by at the Barisha Players Corner pandal in his para for a quick meet-and-greet with the film’s cast and crew, which includes television heart-throb Barun Sobti. “I am a cricket fanatic and I am his fan. He was very sweet and accommodating and made sure everybody was comfortable,” Barun told t2. So, what did they talk about? “It was pretty loud for a conversation. We had to literally sit on each other’s shoulders (picture above right),” smiled Barun. Pictures: Kanai Sahoo.

Barun Sobti with fans. Some had queued up from five in the morning and some came all the way from Howrah on a rain-swept Navami.

Sourav seeks blessings.

Barun with a dhunuchi at the pandal. “It was great… the music, the people, big idols… the dhunuchi was pretty hot, but it was smelling really nice,” he smiled.

22 Yards director Mitali Ghoshal (left) was “sceptical” whether she’d be able to pull off a Durga Puja shoot. “It was challenging. I am thankful to both Dada and the Kalighat Milan Samiti (located in Mamata Banerjee’s neighbourhood, where they shot an evening sequence) puja organisers for helping us a lot. Ron (Barun’s character in the film) is not in the best of moods — the sequences we shot capture him in the pandals, trying to relive his childhood Puja days,” said Mitali. 22 Yards, in which Barun plays a sports agent, is produced by MS Productions.