Thursday, 14 August 2014

Barun Sobti at NM College Umang 2014

So on Monday, the news broke that Barun Sobti would be attending the NM College's annual Umang Event. The words probably every Sobtian was waiting to hear since Barun's last appearance The Miss Malini hangout. So with a hashtag #BarunSobtiAtUmang decided,alarms set and non Mumbaiker's wishing they could move there,we all waited till the first of the tweets came through.The excitement was palpable !

The event was scheduled for 1.30pm IST, and moments before we got the tweet from Pooja Dutta, Barun's manager that they were indeed on their way ! This did little to quell the *dhak dhak* that was present in the hearts of us all. Pretty soon Sobtians made their way to the auditorium where the contest would be held, but as we soon found out, this was a popular event ! As a result some fans couldn't get in, but kudos to them for waiting outside(you guys rock!)

Then it came, Megha, another member of staff from Astrus Talents, posted the pic we had waited 3 months to see ! Barun, black t-shirt, faded jeans and black converse ! Not to mention a curly hairstyle, which had the author of this post questioning the similarity with her own hairstyle. None the less it was a sight for sore eyes for all of us and just a few pictures surely wouldn't be enough !

And it really wasn't, we were treated to an interview by Radio Mirchi Mumbai, in which Barun talked about the government and the budget, which we are told is on all day?

Tweets from fan's inside the auditorium were mixed from describing Barun as a 'Greek God' to the reactions of other members of the crowd.  It wasn't till after the event was over and fans had recovered from their Sobti induced euphoria, that some where lucky to get pics with him and some awesome fans sang him Happy Birthday, to which our ever humble Barun smiled and said thank you.

Video here :

As previously informed by Vibha Ji, a crew from Saas Bahu Aur Saazish also interviewed Barun, and we were all treated to a shot teaser this afternoon, as per usual we were all floored, and dare I say fell a little bit more in love with the guy ! The whole segment will be shown tomorrow for which we all cannot wait to see !


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Barun Sobti at NM College Umang 2014 - A fan's experience

Today, was an eventful day in more than one way for Sobtians. Barun Sobti today attended the NM College Umang event to judge the Battle Of The VJ's contest. So while many of us eagarly awaited pictures, videos and tweets from the event, a few lucky Sobtians got to actually be there in person. One such Sobtian was Monisha who wrote an account of her experience today.

Inspite of living in Mumbai, I had never met Barun till now. But I always had a feeling that I would meet him some day. And today, I did!
He came 10 minutes before the event was supposed to start. The feeling I got when I saw him from such a short distance, I cannot explain! He was accompanied by Meghaa Ruparel and another woman. After he had settled down, I shouted' HIIIIII BARUN!' He looked at me and said hi(and also a wave) in such a cute way my heart just melted! 

Meghaa offered to take a photo for me so I handed over my phone to her. Previously she had been clicking away on her iPad so when Barun saw my phone in her hand he, in the typical shocked sobti tone said, " tere phone ko kya hua!"

There was also a participant who was talking about section 377 in India( it deals with homosexuality). She asked Barun about his views. He said he was pro gay and supported them. The audience hooted and then Barun said, "Hey I said I'm pro gay. I'm not gay!" 

Another participant who was hosting big boss asked him whether he would like to participate in the show. She told him he would get 1 crore and a one week holiday with Dolly Bindra. Barun replied, " I'll participated provided you don't give me Dolly Bindra" 

But later on he refused to participate in BB in spite of the prize money. Now that's our Sobti ;)
There was also a participant who became a bit nervous on stage and asked for some time. Barun very generously allowed her to go out and gave her a second chance! 

The event finally came to an end. He was called on stage and he said few things which I didn't hear because I was busy staring.
All the girls took a group selfie with him( I was squished) and then he exited. We ran after him right till the road. We didn't even realize that it was raining. We finally saw him for one last time before he was frisked off to his car by the security assistant.
What a day!!

I along with a friend of mine reached college one hour before the event was supposed to start. We went to the venue and asked an assistant where Barun was going to sit. She pointed to the first row on the other side of the hall. A group of 7-8 girls(Barun fans too) had already occupied the 2nd row. There were only 2 spots left in the corner. We ran and took those seats. We were given clear instructions that we were not allowed to take pictures with him. Oh well! 

In the event war of VJs, the participants were given a show(jhalak, big boss etc) and they had to host the first episode. Barun was so cute he just sat there as if he is part of the audience. When a participant asked the audience who is from Delhi here, Barun raised his hand too!