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Fans are going to love Barun-Shenaz chemistry - Varun Khandelwal

 Varun Khandelwal a hardcore Mumbaiite makes his Bollywood debut in Barun Sobti starrer Main Aur Mr Riight. We got a chance to talk to him yesterday. 
Here you go!

Main Aur Mr.Riight is your first flick. So your Bollywood debut will give a mark to you?
Yes, Main Aur Mr.Riight is my first film, without too much acting experience. So I hope everyone appreciates my performance. Not sure if it will make a mark, but it's definitely a stepping stone for me. I am ready for more work and now that I understand the craft better.

Your take on Main Aur Mr.Riight trailer?
 The trailer is fantastic. Looks like it's going to be such a fun movie. It looks like it's going to appeal to all the genres across India.

And "Yaar Bina"?
Yaar bina!! We grew up listening to such great songs. My parents were so nostalgic when I made them hear it!

Tell us about your on-screen wife Serahh Gosaain?
Serahh Gosaain is awesome! She has really helped me with my scenes. She fit into her character so well that it made it easy for me to respond to her.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I will now start looking for some more work. Was waiting for Main Aur Mr.Riight to release. Once I have some more work I will update you!

Tell us about Barun Sobti - Shenaz Treasuryvala on-screen chemistry?
They are so good together! They have this amazing ability to be on the same page instantly! Even when we were shooting they knew exactly how and what's to be done..the fans are going to love their chemistry. So many people including me have been fans of Shenaz  since her days as a vj and Barun already has such a huge fan following! Can you imagine the fireworks..!!

 Your message for all the fans waiting to see Main Aur Mr Riight?
Main Aur Mr Riigh is very close to all our hearts and has been made with a lot of love and hard-work. It's got a lot of talented actors and a great story and barun ofcourse! You guys are going to love it. Get ready for the fireworks!!

- Aashik Caseem

 Varun Khandelwal's Message to Main Aur Mr.Riight FANS!

Song Launch of Barun Sobti starrer Main Aur Mr Riight



‘I hate being the centre of attention’ - BARUN SOBTI

The heartthrob of Indian television is making his debut on the silver screen with rom-com Main and Mr Riight and John Abraham’s production venture Satrah Ko Shaadi Hai.

Barun Sobti is a heartthrob of Indian television. He created history when days after his announcement of “moving on” from television and quitting his famous tele-series Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon show, thousands of his fans forced the broadcasting channel to shut it almost overnight.

Well, now audiences will get to see Sobti on the 70 mm screen as he makes his Bollywood debut with Main Aur Mr Riight. Shenaz Treasurywala will be seen paired opposite him. Talking about his upcoming release Barun shares, “It’s an urban love story which revolves around this girl who dreams of finding Mr Right. Aliya Raj (Shenaz) is a casting agent who has a vivid imagination that Mr Right will be a guy out of a fairy tale, a knight in shining armour who will come riding a white horse, etc. Soon the hero, Sukhi, enters her life. But unlike her dream man, this boy is a typical crude and complete dehati fellow who is a wannabe model/actor. The movie largely showcases how perceptions change and love looks beyond all inhibitions.”

When quizzed about what kind of homework did he do to portray a wannabe model, he shares, “Playing this character actually brought back memories from when I came to Mumbai for the first time. Before I started working in television, I auditioned for various advertisements. By nature, I am very shy and have an introvert kind of a personality. I hate being the centre of attention. So, back then I used to just sit and watch people go through the process. During those days, I remember that I went to at least 50-60 auditions. I used to observe all the other boys who overcame their inner fear and would go out of their way to show that they were so cool. Hence, for this particular role, I took all those memories from the past to portray Sukhi. He is a loud Punjabi wannabe actor and model.”

How does he feel about his transition from television to 70 mm? “Nai yaar, I don’t feel there is any transition. The Indian television industry is looking up. If you see in the US, the TV industry is far bigger and better than American cinema. Initially there was a bridge of sorts. But now I think actors from both the sides like working in both the media.”

After Main aur Mr Riight, Barun is looking forward to John Abhram’s production venture Satrah Ko Shaadi Hai directed by TV scriptwriter Arshad Sayeed, co-starring newbie Sapna Pabbi, who was last seen as Anil Kapoor’s daughter in the mini-series 24.

Informing about it, he shares, “It’s a very promising movie and I loved working with John. The film is about the five days of wedding and how the lead characters’ match is at the mercy of a bunch of relatives.”

Lastly, talking about his movie choices, he asserts, “Right from the time I started out, I have just focused on the script and have associated myself with movies that are heavy on content so that when people see, they know that it’s a good movie. I love doing intense characters because it has always been my forte. Also I got to know one thing that comedy is tough to pull out. It’s really heart breaking when people don’t laugh at your jokes. So, yeah I’ll stick to intense roles for now.”

It was my choice to sit at home - BARUN SOBTI


Prathamesh N Yadav

Tell us about your role in Main Aur Mr. Right.
I am playing a guy called Sukhvinder Singh ( Sukhi) who wants to be an actor. He is a very loud character just like how Punjabi guys are. He is a righteous guy who will do the right things himself and also ask other people to do right things.

Newcomers usually wish to make their debut in the industry with big banners and established directors but you have shown the guts to go with a new director.

Yes I agree that the newcomers wish to make their debut with established people but I chose to go with this film because I liked the script and that's the reason I took this risk. Now I have seen the film and thankfully all the hardwork has paid off and I believe that I haven't made a wrong decision.

What was the actual reason behind the film's delay and how is the film finally seeing the light of day after a long wait of 18 months? 
This film was completed long ago but it got delayed because the producers weren't getting the right dates for the film. The makers were looking for the right slot of dates and finally they zeroed in on December 12 as the perfect day to release the film.

Also your other two films 22 Yards and Satra Ko Shaadi Hai are stuck. Does that disappoint you?
One cannot expect the film to release the very next day of its completion. Satra Ko Shaadi Hai is in its post- production and its final cut is getting ready. I think it should be out by early next year. Whereas 22 Yards is still incomplete and we will be shooting the remaining parts of the film very soon.

You are a very popular amongst the family audience due to your television shows. So would you like to carry the same image on the big screen too? 
And will you be comfortable doing intimate scenes in the future? As an actor I don't want to impress only a particular audience. I would like to impress all my viewers and I am comfortable doing anything as far as it is for a film but only if I like the script.

You left television and got busy with your film assignments but none of your films got released. So what were you doing all these years? 
To be frank I wasn't doing anything all these years except sitting at home and partying with my friends and family. It was my choice and I don't regret it. I had many options and offers but I wanted to come up with something good and I didn't think that sitting at home for some time and waiting for something good would harm my career in any way.

So will you ever get back to television if you get some good offers? 
Of course I would come back. I would love to come back to television again as TV gets you your belonging and credibility. I would love to do fictional shows on television and not the daily soaps or reality shows because I don't act to achieve fame and popularity.

‘I’m not calling myself the best actor ever’ - BARUN SOBTI

As Barun Sobti’s debut film nears release after a delay of 18 months, he reveals why he quit TV, and why he is confident of his abilities

After a successful run on TV, Barun Sobti decided to quit the industry around 2012 when he got an offer to make his Bollywood acting debut. Since then, he has been awaiting the release of his film.

Now, over a year later, it will hit theatres next month. In the meantime, Barun has signed two other films, including one John Abraham production. Here, he talks about his delayed debut, why he quit TV, and more.

Were you expecting your debut film to get stalled for so long?

Films take time. After the shooting, there are other things that need to be done. There were also some date issues. I was excited about shooting for the film, but now I am just anxious about the release and the response.

While waiting for your debut movie to release, you shot for two other films. Are you afraid that your absence from TV and the limelight, in general, might lead to an out-of-sight-out-ofmind situation?

I’m not saying I am the best actor ever, but I am confident of my abilities, and so are the makers of the film I am working on. My work should speak, not being spotted on Page 3. I didn’t feel the need to jog the public’s memory or keep making appearances. As for TV, I stayed away from daily soaps deliberately because they demand hard work.

Is that why you quit TV?

I didn’t leave TV for films; I left it due to my health issues. I wasn’t keeping well, and I was losing weight due to the long working hours. But that doesn’t mean I am averse to TV. People think so, but I am not graduating into anything. Neither am I trying to make or break an image.

There are a lot of TV actors who will soon be seen making their Bollywood debuts. What do you think of this trend?

It’s a good time for everyone, and I am glad I am here at this time. There was a time when one couldn’t dream of being an actor if they weren’t well-connected or they weren’t a star kid. But today, people are willing to take a chance with TV actors.