Sunday, 16 June 2013

Our Honourable Guests speak about Barun Sobti and TeamBARUN at the Website Launch Twitter Event

 Hello & congrats to the whole TeamBARUN followers! Fantastic news & well done on such a great achievement!

 - Raj Baddhan
 Station Manager & presenter at Sabras Radio


All the best TeamBARUN for their website launch. Thank you and God bless you all.

- Team MediaQue Entertainment


Barun Sobti one man who has an immense fan following which is very inspiring. He is the definition of a heartthrob, a man who has a craze and totally deserves it! Knowing his background, its really inspiring to know how his journey has been from being nothing to the star of Sobtians lives!

- Vikash Pattni


I fell in love with Barun Sobti's character as ASR in IPKKND and he made me wish I was Sanaya Irani for the longest time. I got to meet him in February 2013 when he came down to Nairobi, Kenya and he was so humble and shy, which was amazing because you'd think someone from the Bollywood industry would be otherwise.

TeamBARUN are absolutely awesome. Love how much they're working toward giving Barun Sobti courage and creating a massive fan base for him and for his career. Wishing TeamBARUN the best and you've always got my support as a fan as well!

 Thanks a bunch!

Sadia Ahmed
 Copy Writer, Producer & Presenter at Radio Africa Group.


Hey guys first of all a big thank you for giving this opportunity to me and congratulations on your great efforts Woohooo! To start with when I use to watch IPKKND, I considered myself the Biggest fan of Mr Sobti but seeing the enthusiasm of you beautiful girls around the world I am speechless and all I can is You hashtag Sobtians rock!

Barun Sobti is a very down to earth guy, have met him, truly a genuine fella, totally dedicated towards his work. He is putting in all his efforts to make all of us happy with his work, which is commendable. Yeh! He is unstoppable and will reach the sky one day, courtesy your immense love for your man.

So TeamBARUN, you guys are doing a super duper job, keep it up, with all the best wishes, I hope u achieve success in whatever you do.

Cheers Girlies.

- Smriti aka Memory Queen
Radio Jockey @107.8 Power Fm.


I can't think of a guy who has more ardent fans than Barun Sobti, but the strangest thing is that he never seems to realize just how much people love him! He still seems normal despite all the craziness that happens around him, and that's pretty remarkable.

The Sobtians are amongst the most enthusiastic bunch of fans I've ever seen, and TeamBARUN does a great job of keeping everyone bound together. Great job you guys, and all the best for the website!

Thanks and all the best! xx.

Rashmi Daryanani 
Blogger at MissMalini.


Barun Sobti is sweet, shy man who is truly loved by all. His smile can make your heart beat faster and make you smile crazily.

TeamBARUN the one team totally dedicated to love Barun Sobti. All the tiniest details about Barun Sobti are here with this awesome team. Keep up the good work and good luck for the website. Barun Sobti is surely going to be proud of you guys. :)

- Khyati Gandhi


Let me be honest here. I never saw an episode of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. I didn't know Arnav Singh Raizada existed. But then I happened to be doing a cover story on 'The Changing Face of Fiction Shows on Indian TV' for my newspaper and as part of research I tried to catch up on the shows on youtube. That's how I got to know about IPKKND. I saw a few scenes and I was hooked! The intensity and chemistry of  Arnav & Khushi--- the way the scenes were written, the way Barun Sobti & Sanaya Irani performed them was absolutely delightful. Barun Sobti especially caught my attention because he played ASR with a lot of style. He added that brooding quality to him--- very Mills & Boon-ish. There was a certain edginess to his performance. His interpretation was very modern-- the way he wore the suits, the way he walked and looked at the girl. He handled the angry & ruthless ASR and the flirty & romantic Arnav ji with equal ease. Sure enough, the role proved Barun Sobti's acting credentials but I'm sure a lot of it was also because of Sanaya Irani and the writers and directors. Barun Sobti has shown that he has the talent and the fan following but the tough bit starts now. He'll have to choose wisely so that he can live upto not just  the expectations of his fans but  also to the promise he has shown. Here's hoping Barun Sobti makes the right choices.

TeamBARUN, You guys are the best cheerleaders an actor can ask for! Your dedication and passion for all things Barun Sobti is well documented on twitter. The way you all sprung into action when Barun Sobti was leaving IPKKND was quite something. Hope 'the object of your affection' appreciates you and all the efforts you make in the name of his love! 

Wish you guys all the best!

- Harneet Singh 
from The Indian Express.


Barun Sobti's popularity is growing day by day and his fans love him for his genuinity. I am eagerly waiting to see him in his debut film and wish him luck for kick-starting his career in Bollywood. I have been a regular IPKKND viewer and enjoyed Sarun's chemistry and Barun Sobti's performance. All the best for his future endeavours.

TeamBARUN, You all are doing a great job by providing Barun Sobti's update to his fans. Launching a website adds a new feather to your cap. All best for your new website and may you all keep providing the Sobtians the regular new of Barun Sobti and passing on their love to him (Barun Sobti). 
Load of love and luck to TeamBARUN.

Shweta Keshri
from The Telegraph.


 Barun Sobti is Unequivocally the “King of Expressions”….  in no time he has won hearts of millions and continue to conquer new challenges one after the other…. Post huge success on TV (IPPKND), MeDians are now all excited about his debut launch in Bollwood.

Barun Sobti’s acting and on screen chemistry with his co-actor, Sanaya Irani, was able to draw a lot of attention and he gained unequalled fame and astounding success as Arnav. His performance on the show won him various awards, esteem among the critics and has made him a household name. MeDians wish #HOTWA best of luck … It is rare to find talent and looks combined with such warm and gregarious personality…. Barun Sobti, MeDians bow at your kind nature and warm nature…. You truly are a Rockstar!!

TeamBARUN, words are less to describe your passion, enthusiasm, dedication, and discipline which you brings in worshipping the KING of Expression – None other than Mr Barun Sobti!... TeamBARUN’s work is known in the industry and often shared on

MeDian are truly grateful and thankful for TeamBARUN’s immaculate work and passion…. Best of luck for continued great work.

Myeduniya Team


Congratulations!!!!! . Its a great feeling to see TeamBARUN having their own site. We appreciate the way you are handling the whole fandom of Barun Sobti and we wish you to grow more along with his career. All the best.

Thanks and regards.

- Team Sobtians

Thank you so much for the love and respect you guys gave us. Really feeling blessed. Much love to team. Wishing all good luck. 
God bless you.

- Team Daljeet Kaur


Thank you so much, May your Team and Barun Sobti have greater
achievements in the near future!

 All the best with your new site!! You gonna rock it.

- TeamRaj

Many thanks to the our honourable guests for making the day so memorable!


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awesome page for an Awesome actor and an Awesome person. I just discovered Ipkknd and Barun Sobti about 3 months ago. His adulation now is my full time Occupation. I hope I can see him in person one day

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