Monday, 23 July 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon – Moment of the Day

Breaking News!!!!

Hospitals all over the world flooded with ArShi Fans!

I know the title sounds “TACKY” but what better than this to describe the state of millions of viewers and fans out there, who wouldn’t even blink their eyes, whose heart beat was erratic and who went totally drooling over this one moment that i have tried to capture in a picture but does not justify the act or the emotion associated with it…..

The Credit for the scene goes to the Writers more than the Actors. I agree its only the actor we see on screen, but had such a beautiful, simple and magical scene not been written to perfection, i doubt whether Barun (Arnav) and Sanaya (Khushi) would have been able to pull off such a flawless act.

For ordinary eyes it was just a Kiss…But the whole sequence had so much of depth and desire to it that even words would fail to describe the beauty of it.

For a man of the stature of Arnav Singh Raizada even the giving of a Gift was/is a “HUGE” step. Because the person in question here was Khushi he went ahead and did it. But she being KKGSR the tigress tells him off and makes him realize that the smallest gestures in life were all that she looked out for……She loved it that he was doing so much for her yet she could not accept it, any of it… for the fear that if she accepted it she would lose her heart to him all over again.

What Khushi did not expect, what she did not see coming was that here was her Prince Charming , her man who would go to any lengths for her. Keeping in mind the character of ASR the writers chose to make Arnav say ” Happy B’day Khushi” when she was asleep. He has never wished anyone in his life. Its something that he has never practiced in his entire life and probably the toughest job assigned to him yet here he was wishing her when she was sound asleep hoping that his message and his love would reach her.

Arnav did all this when Khushi was sound asleep, him turning and looking back if she sensed anything shows that he desperately wanted her to know what was in his heart.

A kiss on the forehead Symbolizes: His respect for her, that she is His Pride. It’s a Very gallant and protective way of saying “We’ll be together forever”. This is exactly what Arnav promises today. A lifetime full of togetherness. He knew the extent to which he had hurt her and his heart cried every time he saw Khushi for it reminds him of what he put her through and so wishes her a lifetime full of happiness. It showed how badly he wanted to take away all her sorrows but was unable to do so…..

Tears of happiness glistens in Khushi’s eyes on hearing Arnav’s Dua for her happiness and on seeing that he had placed her favorite Red Rose beside her. It moved her to see her Laad Governor go that extra mile for her. Yet she pretended to be asleep when he turned back so that he wouldn’t be aware that his love, his message had reached her heart for she feared of losing the same heart to him……AGAIN!!! Dhak Dhak!!!


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