Saturday, 24 August 2013

TeamBARUN Creation/Edit/Collage Contest - August 2013

Rules and Regulations:

1. Please use the pictures below. (Use one of them or few of them or all of them) 
2. Write somewhere in your creation as "TeamBARUN Creation/Edit/Collage Contest - August 2013".
3. Watermark your name somewhere in your creation.
4. You can send more than 3 Creations.
5. Deadline - 27th of August 2013.
6. Send us your entries to

* The winning Creations will be published on our blog.
* Winners of gold, silver and bronze positions will be awarded with a special award certificate.
* Winners of the contest will win an autograph of Barun Sobti.
* Winners of the contest will win an unseen picture of Barun Sobti.

Please contact us for more details with the subject "TeamBARUN Creation/Edit/Collage Contest - August 2013":

Results of #MyBarunEdit - Birthday Special

After an overwhelming response, We have chosen our 29 favourite Barun edits for this week!

01. Eiman Sal
02. Ananna Anu
03. Kanika Arora
04. Indy
05. Gurusha and Sanah
06. Isha
07. Astha Agarwal
08. Kashmala Khan
09. Aashima Kapoor
10. Ayera
11. Simi Rahman
12. SKThind Kiran
13. Shamla
14. Purnima
15. Moumita Mukherjee
16. Amarjeet Kaur
17. Amina
18. Rimisen
19. Barunlaugh
20. Haritha
21. Anita Elizabeth
22. Salkulfree
23. Vaishali Saini
24. Sonakshi Mehta
25. Farah
26. Adaa
27. Anita
28. Fariashfati
29. Tannia

And everyone who entered, All the edits were amazing!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Barun Sobti's Birthday - An Occasion to Celebrate for Fans

21st of August was the Birthday of the one and only Barun Sobti! Sobtians the world over were eager to celebrate taking to Twitter and Facebook to join in the festivities, and there were a few surprises in store.

From Australia to the US every fan waited... Anticipating the clock to strike 12AM. So that they may wish, a countdown in each country till excited Sobtians could deliver their wishes. The moment we had all waited for arrived, and timelines were filled with special messages, tweets, wall posts, edits and VMs featuring the man himself and very special wishes to mark the celebration of another year of the 'HOTWA's' life.

Wishes poured in, Old cast and crew mates of IPKKND leading the charge, Main Aur Mr.Riight cast mates and Ms productions were not far behind. A very special message came from old friend Karan Wahi. Other fandoms also wished Barun Sobti with cute messages. Even Saas Bahu Aur Saazish joined in.

The day was also marked by various RJs in the US, India and Kenya. Raj Baddhan and Smritii, both had interviews with Barun Sobti that week and fans were tuned in as many requests were made, Pani Da Rang and Kukkad Kamal Da being mostly being played. We have to say Smriti your choice of Tum Hi Ho as a dedication was perfect!

The day was filled with happiness, with fans on Twitter matching their display/profile pictures and joining together to trend 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARUN SOBTI', More on that later. Stuti Agarwal of The Times of India who had visited Barun Sobti on set of 22yards earlier in the week published her fantastic article, carrying a cake inscribed 'HOTWA'. However Stuti Agarwal carried a number of fan messages and edits that we (TeamBARUN) had sent her, A glimpse of the hundreds we had received and compiled into a special Birthday scrapbook that we had already sent to Barun Sobti. Needless to say Barun Sobti was thrilled with the messages.

A Glimpse of TeamBARUN Birthday Scrapbook.

Barun Sobti said he is thankful to all the fans, and his wardrobe is filled with these kind of messages from fans. He was very grateful for all the messages from TeamBARUN followers and loved them all. He feels that he could never throw fan messages away because he feels people have put time and effort into making them. So, He is confused as to what to do with them all.

TeamBARUN 9000+ Followers wished Barun Sobti.

 Barun Sobti with a glimpse of TeamBARUN Birthday Scrapbook.

Barun Sobti read every single message personally. in front of Stuti Agarwal (Lifestyle journalist at The Times of India), and He was dead embarrassed.

Read here at

Second surprise came with the release of a few unseen pics from Kolkata, every picture of Barun Sobti is welcomed is especially after so long in a so called 'Sobti Drought'. Now for the trend, as mentioned previously the fandom matching their display pictures, and at 8PM IST fun began intent on getting our message trending! Incentives were even given in the form of our next surprise being revealed when it would trend. In pursuit of the aim, many (including ourselves and TeamSobtians) became 'Twitter Jailed', and alas we could not trend, however this fandom has a never say die attitude and were rewarded later.

At 9PM IST, ourselves alongside TeamSobtians and MyEDuniya co-hosted a 'Barun Quiz' 10 questions on the subject of Barun Sobti. An amazing turn out and a knowledgeable fandom made the quiz a success, and yes towards the end of the quiz #BarunSobti was trending in first place in India! Long after the quiz had ended it was still trending - a gift from the Sobtians to Barun Sobti. (On a personal note we hope that this is a repeat occurrence our guy deserves it!).

#BarunSobti was trending in India.

So true to our word, when #BarunSobti trended we disclosed our next surprise. The Barun Fan Club on MyEDuniya. We hope this will be a great spot for all fans!

Forum :
Diary Blog:

Barun Sobti's birthday was special for us all. We think East FM Kenya had it right when they tweeted that Barun Sobti's birthday should be an international festival. We couldn't agree more! There are so many fans around the world who adore him and the sheer amount of love we have for him is incredible. With the coming of his entrance into Bollywood only a few months away, no telling how amazing next year is going to be and to be honest we can't wait!

As for TeamBARUN, we want to thank you for all your participation, love and support! We had lost our Facebook page a few days before and it was big set back and although we now have a new page, It's going to take a little while to get back to how it was, but we are sure with you guys behind us we will go from strength to strength!

We are very happy we could get your messages to Barun Sobti! It was our great pleasure to do so. And of course TeamBARUN being in The Times of India was very emotional for us and its a matter of pride we could do both things for you guys. We received a message from MediaQue Entertainment with congratulations for getting into The Times of India. They are also aware of the trend #BarunSobti.

Read Here

So lastly, We'd like to wish Barun Sobti a very very Happy Birthday, We hope all your dreams come true and no matter what we will all be there at every step of your career!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Few Edits - Birthday Special

It's a working birthday for Barun Sobti!

Heartthrob Barun Sobti who gained immense popularity after portraying the character of Arnav Singh Raizada in Four Lions' popular show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? on Star Plus, has turned a year older today.

The entire fan pages of Barun on social media sites have been flooded with lovely birthday messages for him. A dedicated Barun has dedicated his birthday to his work.

TellyBuzz spoke to the birthday boy, to know about his birthday plans but he told us that, "I am busy shooting right now."

TellyBuzz wishes Barun a very happy birthday and a successful year ahead! 

Barun Sobti celebrates his birthday in Kolkata

As he cuts his birthday cake, hottie Barun Sobti tells CT why his fans make his world go round as Arnav Singh Raizada in IssPyaarKoKyaNaamDoon?, BarunSobti had managed to create a frenzy, which is unparalled. Though not seen on the telly for long, he still has his fans the world over send him gifts on his birthday today. In Kolkata to shoot for his Bollyproject, 22 Yards, the hottie not just spoke about being pitch perfect, but cut a cake exclusively for CT. Excerpts:

How are you celebrating your birthday?
I'm going to cut a cake. That apart, I will go somewhere with my wife (PashmeenManchanda) for two days, but that's a surprise, so I don't know much about it.

What kind of a cake do you like?
I don't like cakes at all. I don't like anything sweet. People think I like mango cake, but that's not true. The story goes like this. Once, a cake came on the sets of IssPyaarKoKyaNaamDoon? (IPKKND) and one of the cast members got very excited. So I asked a colleague why is she so excited about a mango cake? I guess "so excited about a mango cake" was aired later. That's why people think that I like mango cake.

Your birthday is trending on Twitter today, thanks to your huge female following...
I am thankful to them. People haven't seen me on the screen for a long time, yet they shower me with love. I hope to surprise them with the work I am doing.

Your fans across the globe are making cards and compiling messages and collages for you...
Yaar, this is a very complicated situation. See if you get materialistic stuff, you can get rid of them. But this is the kind of stuff you can't throw away. People have spent time and effort making them. There's a lot of handmade stuff that get delivered to my house... my whole wardrobe is filling up! So my message to my fans is that I have had a lot of love from you all. Send me your wishes, I would be more than happy.

How does Pashmeen react to it?
She's the one who says people have taken time out and are doing it just for you. Make sure you take care of these things.

Considering that you aren't on any social networking site, are you open to the idea of a monthly video blog to interact with fans?
It's a responsibility I won't be able to live up to. I don't want to disappoint my fans. There's a reason why I don't come on social networking sites. If I answer one person and don't answer the other, then they will feel bad and I don't want to do that. I'm really bad with communication.

Have you toured Kolkata yet?
I haven't got the time to see the city. The places we went for location hunting are the only places we saw. I went to Park Street. Then, I went to a Bengali eatery.

Have you met your heroine in 22 Yards, SuzannaMukherjee?
Yes, she is a very nice girl, who is working really hard.

IPKKND 2 is coming. Your views?
It was a nice show and I have very fond memories. It's done well for everyone. Even the people who used to watch it, had a good time. They are coming up with Season 2 and I hope it does well.

What next after 22 Yards?

I am in the process of hearing five-six scripts and I don't want to disclose them. Once Main AurMr Riight comes out, I will decide what to do next. I'm in no hurry.



We would have been happy to see you in ads, but you aren't part of any...
Not right now. I am not ready.

What about ramp shows?
I am not comfortable with it; it makes me nervous. To be honest, I don't think stage is my place. But again, if I do it someday, my opinion might change. As of now, I consider myself a bad stage person.

How do you manage to look so hot?
Ok! I am not very good with compliments. So I would just like to thank you all for it.

When do we get to interact with you?
It is financially impossible for me to buy tickets to all the countries and meet everyone. But I hope I am nice enough to you as always.

We want to see you and Pashmeen give an interview together some day...
It's a very long life. Hopefully, I am on the right path of my career, and hopefully you will see us together a lot of times.

What do you like to eat in Kolkata?
I love the dal, chawal and shukto here. I also like fish with mustard sauce, though I don't like eating fish too much as it needs a lot of effort to take out the bones and all.Khatesamayutnamehnatkaunkare?