Friday, 16 November 2012

Brothers gift their sisters something special for Bhai Dooj

Arnav - Anjali

The special relation shared by this brother and sister is more than the ordinary. How the brother shares his feeling about Khushi to his sister is a must watch. To the outside world we all grow old but in this relation of brother-sister it is not replicated, instead they know each other as they always were.

The Muscle men of Star Plus


It is the constant increase in the weights that you are lifting, or in the number of repetitions that you are doing, that is going to give your body the needed stimulus for muscle growth. This means that if you are constantly lifting the same weight for the same number of reps, you won’t see any gains past the first 6-8 weeks of training, and that’s only if you are a complete beginner to weight lifting.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Khushi to become modern for Arnav

Perfect married couple Khushi (Sanaya Irani) and Arnav’s (Barun Sobti) life is filled with lots of drama, fun, emotions in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

Both Arnav and Khushi just sorted out their problems by exposing Sheetal’s truth. They have also adopted Aarav.

Now, Khushi is stuck with Arnav in a new fight. Khushi got irritated when Arnav arranged a costly gift for Aarav very soon.

Their argument changed into challenges where Khushi said to Arnav of becoming a good modern business woman. Khushi also told Arnav that she can earn more money than him.

In the upcoming episodes Khushi will be preparing herself to become a modern woman. Khushi will be seen wearing high heels, speaking English.

This sequence will also show some teasing romance between Arnav and Khushi.

Sign and Share! Save Sarun... Save Arhi.. Save IPKKND!

@StarPlus_India & @4lionsfilms, Please #SaveSarun #SaveArhi #SaveIPKKND

  • Without Barun Sobti There is No Arnav Singh Raizada! 
  • We WANT Barun Sobti back at the end of his break, however long that might be. 
  • If Barun Sobti doesn't wanna come back then end the show with dignity and keeping #SaRun and #ArHi Intact.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Barun Sobti in conversation with Gul Khan

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

[WassupTV] 12th Nov 2012: Barun & Sanaya

Sheetal exposed, Arnav & Khushi adopted Aarav

Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) married life has now taken a twist in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It was last seen that Arnav suspected on Sheetal’s intention when Aarav revealed to him that Sheetal brought him from the child orphanage.

Arnav finally exposed Sheetal’s reality to Khushi and to other family members. Arnav revealed to Khushi that Sheetal is a bankrupt and she made plans to get money by using kid Aarav.

Then Sheetal self confessed her deeds and insulted Aarav by exposing her plan. Khushi got very angry on Sheetal and slapped Sheetal for betraying her. At the end, Sheetal got arrested by cops.

Arnav promised Khushi that she will keep her happy eternally. So that he adopted Aarav forever. Both Arnav and Khushi have now become parents of Aarav.

Let’s see what all changes will happen in Arnav and Khushi’s life in the future tracks.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?)

Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?)

Mr Arrogant and Mrs Confused look absolutely gorgeous together. Her immature ideas and his ‘know-it-all’ attitude make a perfect match. Arnav and Khushi complete each other's inadequacies. And we simply love that in them, no?

Animated Pitch of TV Show Enters International Contest.

An Animated pitch of popular Indian Television show ‘Iss Pyaar ko kya naam doon’ has been entered in an International Video Contest by Acclaimed short film maker Varun Mehta (The Unknown World) this November. The short features the popular characters from the show played by popular actors Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani. The short presents the characters deeply in love. Talking about the concept Varun said ‘As an Animator, I feel responsible towards how should I shape the thing up, since Animation hasn’t got the favourable response here it deserved to get unlike other countries.

 “We need to get new Ideas out to get out Animation out of its infancy stage and even though the idea is just bizarre, a start is needed to take place.” This is not the first time an animated pitch has surfaced like that. Pitches of popular shows like Geet and Miley Jab Hum Tum have already gone popular over the Internet. Talking more about the matter Mehta said –“The main idea to use these pitches over the net is to get them recognized and they can be further taken to full production value. An Animated TV feature or a movie anything that can get the right exposure.”

On the Other hand, Fans have received the pitch almost positively and have already started pushing the ‘Vote’ Button. However, most of the fans are mourning about the exit of their favourite star ‘Barun Sobti’ from the show. But some fans have come out to show the solidarity for the show and the actors.  Voting has already started on the site. People can sign up at and vote at The contest shall run up to November 30.

The Shocking Truth?

Will He??? Won’t He???

A question that has been on everybody’s lips for quite sometime has finally found answers.

Yes he will! Barun Sobti who had become synonymous with his role of the angry young business tycoon Arnav Singh Razada better known as ASR is bidding adieu to the show.
There were rumors making the rounds, various speculations regarding these so called rumors but the latest news or rather confirmation from the channel has come as quite a shocker to one and all, that Barun Sobti is not taking a break from the show, but he is infact quitting it.The news has created quite a stir amongst fans and innumerable mails, messages, signed petitions, recorded messages etc have been sent to Star Plus and the PH in order to retain Barun in the show. We here at Telly Tadka too have received quite a few to be forwarded to the concerned authorities.
But as of now Barun Sobti who rose to fame with essaying the character of Arnav Singh Raizada in Star Plus most popular show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (4 Lions Films), has made up his mind to leave the show and is in his final stages of shooting for the same.

With portraying the role of ASR, Barun carved a niche for himslf in the hearts of the viewers worldwide. His amazing good looks and outstandingly wonderful performance were a treat to the eyes (Still is) and before one knew he had risen to the stature as one of most popular actors on Indian Television in recent times. Today he is nothing less than a Phenomenon. It’s not going to be easy for fans all over the globe to accept the fact that soon their favorite show IPKKND would air sans Barun Sobti as ASR.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon the tale of Arnav and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) a star-crossed lovestory, is what got everybody hooked to the show in the first place. Their sweet and sour moments and Rabba Vey’s without doubt are the USP of the show. Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon will definitely not be the same with Barun’s exit but at the end of the day the world of Television and Media believes in the phrase “The Show Must Go On”……and we guess it will….

We wish this immensely talented gem of an actor all the very best and hope to see him on screen again.

Vijitha Rajan
Telly Tadka

Barun Sobti quits Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Yes, we confirm that Barun Sobti has quit Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. STAR Plus totally shares your disappointment.

 We believe that Barun has built a huge euity as Arnav with all of you, viewers. While STAR Plus is keen that he continues to be a part of the show, Barun appears to have made up his mind to not continue TV anymore. Disappointed as we all are, this is the decision he has taken.

We are certain you appreciate we wouldn't do anything to destabilise your favourite show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, a show that has so much promise. STAR Plus would surely not want to  cause disappointment to our precious and loyal viewers.

STAR Plus would like to assure you that we have a number of really exciting and path breaking shows lined up for you. We invite you to sample them over the next few months.

Thanking all of you for your continued support.

Arnav and Khushi answer your questions

@pia_begum: #askarnavkhushi We all know Khushi makes jalebis when she's sad but what does Arnav do when he's sad?
Arnav: I cry.
Khushi: He cries like a baby.

@kiran2407: #AskArnavKhushi Have they got a favourite scene that they have done in IPKKND and what is it?
Arnav: I like majority of them. But the scene when he finds out about Shyam’s truth and Anjali informs that she is pregnant, is my favourite.
Khushi: Every scene is fun, we laugh while shooting each scene.

@SminaRiaz: #AskArnavKhushi what has been your favorite Rabba ve scene to shoot?
Arnav: The ones we have to do while lying down. Otherwise, I have difficulty carrying them off.
Khushi: There are so many of them, it is difficult to point out just one. All of them are my favourites.

@rdhsree: What influenced you to do the role of #ASR which is totally different from your real life character??? #AskArnavKhushi
Arnav: That is what has been my challenge from day one. It was not an easy job, to play Arnav was tough.

@A_Anwarul: #AskArnavKhushi What is the funniest scene you have shot so far in #IPKKND?
Arnav: I can’t remember one funny scene that was the best as we laugh while shooting almost all the scenes. Sometimes, our team gets upset, in some instances, our Directors have walked out. I keep a straight face but Khushi bursts out laughing and then she blames me.
Khushi: When I was doing the samosa scene, I found it very funny as I had to stuff my mouth with samosas. I kept eating and gave several retakes.

@A_Anwarul: #AskArnavKhushi What was the toughest scene to shoot??
Khushi: All those scenes when we have to cry are tough as we have to put in a lot of emotions and feelings.

@JesleenSimran: How can they read each other’s eyes? #AskArnavKhushi
Arnav: That is the magic of love.
Khushi: If I know someone inside out and am close to them, I can read their eyes.

Suruchi Singh: I just want to ask them that when is Arshi going on honeymoon? <3
Arnav: We have not yet decided that, let’s see when that happens.
Khushi: I hope soon as I would love to go out of the city.

Suhana Sharma: Arnav and Khushi, two unlike people with different ideologies, fell in love and now they are married. If given a chance, what would Sanaya and Barun change about Arnav and Khushi? I mean what quality in them they love the most?
Arnav: I would want Arnav to laugh more and Khushi to talk less.
Khushi: I like the fact that Khushi is so happy as a person. I like her completely.

Vishakha Kapoor: Arshi, we love you so much that we laugh with you and we cry with you. How do you bring out your chemistry and acting so well that we people feel you are real characters?
Arnav: Some actors are meant for a few characters, we have lived them for so long that they seem so real.
Khushi:  I just try to do my best and do a good job.

Aishwarya Kumar: How do you manage to weave magic even in the most mundane scenes when you're together? You both are a very good looking jodi :)
Arnav: This is all team work.
Khushi: We have a good chemistry off-screen, we enjoy our work and we are very good friends too!

Manal Hani: Mera question Arshi se hai ki dono mein se kaun sabse zyada mohabbat karta hai ek doosre se? Arnav Khushi se ya Khushi Arnav se? Aur yeh ki dono mein sabse zyada kaun understand karta hai ek doosre ki feelings or unke nature aur behaviour ko, Arnav ya Khushi?
Arnav:  Even in real life, love is temporary. Some of the time, one loves the other more and at others, the other does. But it appears as if I love Khushi more and care for her more than she does.
Khushi: I am a little immature in certain situations. Arnav’s feelings for me come across more clearly but sometimes, my eyes can’t see this.

Tzbia Khan: Best jodi ever! We hope that you two reach the heights of stardom! :) Just wanted to know that do you have the same chemistry off-screen as well? Hope you answer my question! I'll be waiting! :)
Arnav: If that was the case, we would be married by now.
Khushi: We are very good friends off-screen.

Iqra Iqbal: I would like to ask that what they find the most attractive quality in a person? :)
Arnav: Their goodness.
Khushi: How the person is, if he or she is a good human being is what attracts me most.

Leena Sadhukhan: Arnav ko hasna kyun nahi aata? He is all the time like an angry young man behind the scene? And Khushi itna achha funky dance kaise kar leti hai? I love her funky dancing moves.....:-*:-*
Arnav: What we practice is what we become. I have practiced to be like that for a long time now.
Khushi: Arnav does not look good when he laughs. Actually, he looks terrible when he laughs. I enjoy doing the stupid tapori moves Khushi style.

Loveny Miah: Khushi, what is the one thing that upsets you about Arnav?
Khushi: I wish he would show his feelings a little more as he feels very deeply.

Swathi Potter: I want to ask Arnav and Khushi that what their favourite Rabba ve moment is. ;)
Arnav: The ones we have to do while lying down. Otherwise, I have difficulty carrying them off.
Khushi: There are so many of them, it is difficult to point out just one. All of them are my favourites.

Tharuu Silva: Arnav and Kushi, same question for both of you, frankly tell the very first moment that you two missed each other the most? :-) And tell us why your fights turn out to be so romantic sometimes? :D
Arnav: That is how they write it.
Khushi: It is difficult to remember now. Since Arnav and Khushi are opposite to each other, it works like fire on screen when they fight.

Devanshi Devani: What message do you want to give your STAR Plus friend?
Arnav: I am very thankful for the love and support that I have received from my fans. I got several awards due to my fans who watch me and like me.
Khushi: I just want to say thank you! If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here. Don’t give up on us; we have lots more in store.

Wasn’t it fun interacting with your favourite jodi? Do let us know which answers you enjoyed the most.

If not an actor, I would have been…


I have worked in a call centre before I became an actor, and I love football. I used to play the sport too though now I play it once a month. But it is difficult for me to say what I would have been if not an actor. I sent my pictures for audition and got selected. Rest is history.

Arnav talks about his favourite things


Well, there aren’t many things that I am fond of but these three things are something I keep closer to my heart – Home, bike keys and gym bag. Home is a place you will always double check and will be always on your mind whenever you go out. I love my bike and I always carry its keys with me. I try to make time for the gym whenever I can. I also carry necessary stuff like extra pair of clothes, water bottle, etc.

Will Barun Sobti listen to fans' plea and stay back in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naa Doon? was the first news and entertainment portal to disseminate the information about Barun Sobti aka Arnav quitting Star Plus’ popular show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IMRC Entertainment and 4 Lions Films).

Since then, lot of speculations hung in the air about the credibility of the news but now it is as clear as a serene cascade that Barun is opting out of the show. He has mentioned in the media that “he is taking a break and is unaware when he will get back to playing Arnav”.

However, our sources have informed that Barun’s break will be the final adieu to the show with a ‘no return’ sign attached all over it.

As reported exclusively by, good looking actor Viraf Phiroz Patel will be Barun’s replacement and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) new love interest. Only time will tell if viewers will accept Viraf in the show or not.

Furthermore, we have also been told by sources that Iss Pyaar Ko…, in most probability, will shut down in the month of December (2012) or maximum by… January (2013).

But what really caught our attention is the overwhelming response from the fans of Iss Pyaar Ko and Barun who are running a campaign of sorts to retain the magic of Arnav on screen.
Barun, with his subtle looks and impeccable acting talent, has emerged as one of the most popular actors on Indian television in recent times. Fans of the show just can’t live with the fact that he is detaching himself from the project.

We have received innumerable mails and message from fans asking Star Plus to retain Barun in the show. These fans have also sent across their plea to the production house and the channel.
So what will be the end result? Will Barun revoke his decision or the makers and the channel ask him to continue playing Arnav? Well…the scenario looks a little bleak…but as they say… you never know what will ultimately unfold in the show business.

Let’s wait and watch…

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Your Letters and Messages to Barun Sobti - Part 03

Dear Barun Sobti, 


Over the last couple days and weeks, we've been all inundated with news that you are to leave IPKKND. the thousands of us around the world are joining together to send you their messages... 

love forever, your fans...! 

Barun Sobti supporters creating an uproar

Indian Television in its history of existence has never seen the agitation or outburst that it is enduring today. With the news being spilled out about Barun Sobti's exit from the show Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon the fans of the show went berserk and is demanding answers from the concerned authorities regarding the baffling statements that are coming up after every few hours.

Whereas the actor gave out statements to different media sources about his going on a long deserving break till yesterday, the channel suddenly took a complete right turn today and conferred that he has already left the show. The Star Plus authorities today tweeted that, "Yes we confirm that Barun has quit. This is solely his decision and there's nothing much we can do about it".

However, the fans didn't stop here. The constant agitation led even the Star authorities take notice of them. Anil Jha, a Star executive tweeted, "This Diwali Barun fans have done a dhamaka on my Inbox'Completely spammed out'Hold on the fire guys"

As if this wasn't enough, the fans went ahead and called up Star Plus Consumer Response Cell too to convey grievances to the Star authorities. However, the response that they got was of puzzling and confusing nature. Shishma Ahmad shared her experience with us saying, "I called SP again today but before I could say anything more than I am calling for IPK, he asked are you calling regarding Barun Sobti??? That means they are getting many calls and they know about it even before we are required to say anything. Moreover I asked him whether they are getting many calls. He said many many and not just today but since last 3 days. I told him to put forward that if they cannot stop him from leaving then end the show with his exit on a good note. He said many have given the same feedback!!!!!!!!"

Karishma from Nepal also called the channel and she tells us that, "I also called them. They said no to me and that Barun Sobti is not leaving. Decision is pending. I clearly asked again whether ipkknd is ending .They suggested to give our feedback on Star Page. They didn't speak a word beyond the show and Barun Sobti. They simply said DECISION IS PENDING."

Samskruthi from Bangalore too conveyed her views to us, "Spoke to Star Plus. First, the guy transferred it to another man and he was so damn confused. Then I asked him whether Barun is quitting. He said yes. Then I told him that I had just called a while back and they said tomorrow there will be a meeting. He took 5 minutes and then I again asked him about the twitter account. He was again so confused that he said that they don't know anything about it. And then before I could ask anymore question he cut the call"

Manal from UAE also says, "I called three times and they answered .When I mentioned IPK , they were like HELLO HELLO HELLO  and then they did shut the phone ! So I Called just now and the first thing I said was Don't you dare shut the phone on my face! And the receiver was like Sorry ma'm Calm down ! Then told them again to end the show with Sanaya and Barun or else they are going to lose a lot of viewers. They asked me to calm down and said tomorrow there is a meeting".

Also Raj Baddhan, The RJ of the Sabras Radio, UK said, "I know Barun told me off air. The vibe I got off him was that he isn't completely happy with the show. I will speak to Star TV."

With so much going on around, it is evident that the Channel itself is not in a deciding state yet. But then why giving out false statements and hopes to the viewers just for the sake of holding some reputation? The final major official statement is yet to be made and we await for confirmed news this time rather than the confounding and complex one. Barun Sobti's exit news truly is making history worldwide as no other actor on television ever got such National and International acknowledgement. It is yet to be seen how the concerned Channel and Production house handles such huge uproar from the fans of the show.

Author : Saheli Goswami

Editor: A. Patel

Viraf will fill in for Barun?

Sobti Causes An Uproar

Never before has one witnessed such public outcry over the news of a television star quitting the serial, like it’s happening with small screen heart-throb Barun Sobti and the serial he made popular with his charm and talent, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. The serial being telecasted on Star Plus for last one year basically rode on the amazing onscreen chemistry of the lead pair Arnav Singh Raizada and Khushi Kumari Gupta (played by Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani) shared.

Protests are pouring in from everywhere including countries like the US, UK, Middle East and a few of them threatening to do dharnas outside the studio demanding the Production House not to allow Barun Sobti to leave.

That Barun Sobti admitting to planning to ‘take a small break’ is not helping to contain the ‘panic reaction’ among his fans.

It remains to be seen if the channel will take the cue from this frenzy and retain Sobti and continue Iss Pyaar…, their most popular serial ever.