Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Marriage gives everyone joy: Barun Sobti

Everyone is eagerly waiting to see their favorite on-screen couple Khushi-Arnav of Star Plus' 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon' taking the nuptial vows.

But the wedding has created a lot of curiosity in the minds of the audience. The most loved couple Khushi ( Sanaya Irani) and Arnav (Barun Sobti) are getting ready for their big celebration. The duo who is all set to get married with all the traditional ceremonies are the most excited ones.

With every celebration being a hit with the audience, the marriage which is due this week is the most talked about.

When contacted, Barun Sobti aka Arnav said, "The feeling is great, all the ceremonies and customs are amazing and I think marriage gives everyone joy that cannot be compared."

Rapid Fire: Know more about Arnav Singh Raizada

1) What is Arnav’s favourite gadget or prized possession?
My favourite gadget keeps changing as new things keep coming in. But right now my prized possession is my iPhone and I refuse to part with it.

2) Arnav would like to 1) Read a book 2) Watch a movie 3) Play a game?
I don’t like sitting in one place for too long, so reading and watching a movie is out. So it would definitely be playing a game and I enjoy football.

3) What is Arnav’s favourite cuisine/food?
Just like my moods, my favourite cuisine too keeps changing……so right now it is Chinese food. Mood pe depend hota hain..

4) Who is a better cook, Anjali or Khushi?
Haha…I intend to play safe here; have to live with the ladies after all, so both are good cooks.

5) Describe Khushi in one word?
Er…only one word, that’s difficult but one of them would have to be bubbly or lively.

6) What is Arnav’s favourite colour?
My favourite colour, black, grey, navy blue..basically sober colours or like Khushi says dull colours (smiles)

7) A secret we don’t know about Arnav?
Arnav doesn’t have any secret, he’s an open book.

8) If Arnav had to choose between Anjali and Khushi, he would choose?
Both yaar (laughs)

9) How would you woo Khushi? 1) Cook her a meal 2) Buy her a diamond ring 3) Take her on a trip
You guys know me right, so of course, buy her a huge diamond ring.

10) Which game is Arnav better at- football or cricket?
In fact, it should be swimming, since I have a pool next to my

11) One thing Arnav cannot live without?
My Bluetooth

12) Describe love in one word?
I don’t have words to describe this feeling (laughs); you guys know I am not very good with words. Also I am just getting to know this feeling right now, so for me love is umm…love of course.

13) Khushi looks good in a sari or salwar?
I think Khushi looks very pretty in a sari.

14) Arnav is most comfortable in a suit or tracks?
I am most comfortable in a suit, as I feel in control with it.

15) If Arnav could indulge in one sweet, he would like to have?
Smiles…This one is easy, without a doubt it would be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada’s jalebis.

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Arnav-Khushi get closer

Our source from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? says, “Arnav and Khushi have fallen in love with each other. Even in the midst of their wedding rituals, they manage to steal some time for romance. Whether it is Arnav putting mehendi on Khushi or Arnav proposing in Salman style to Khushi, the couple can’t seem to keep their hands off each other. The romance between them is blossoming and they love being with each other.”

Khushi says, “I love spending time with Arnavji and we have grown even closer during all the marriage rituals. I can’t believe how romantic Arnavji has become just for me. He agreed to perform all the rituals and surprised me with his amazing proposal. I am so happy to see him smile and enjoy himself.”

Arnav says, “I can do anything to see Khushi smile and I have done all this just for her. I love spending time with her as she understands my feelings without me saying anything. I have realised that love can reduce anyone to anything. But I am happy to change for her.”

Arnav and Khushi will spend some special moments together. Catch all the passionate chemistry between them on tonight’s episode. So, don’t forget to tune into Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? tonight 8 pm only on STAR Plus.

“The way to God is through ourselves”, says Khushi

What made me write this piece? Well, I am a strong believer of God . One morning, Arnavji’s friend, Rajiv, visited our house. After my daily morning puja, when I was giving out prasad to the other family members, I put my hand forward to give prasad to Rajiv. I was little taken aback when he refused to take the prasad. He reasoned that he doesn’t believe in God so he can’t accept the prasad. At first, his response shocked me but then it’s his choice and no one can be forced to believe in something they don’t want to. In short, it’s the personal choice of an individual.

For me, there is a higher power that exists beyond our thinking. A power that controls and balances this universe, in fact the one who created this beautiful universe and all the creatures. All around the world, there are various names for God and he is worshiped in different ways and traditions. It’s really amazing but one should never forget that it’s us, human beings, who have given God different names and divided the world on the basis of religion and castes.

Rajiv argued with me asking have I ever seen God. Without even seeing him, how can you just believe that God exists? I answered, no I have not seen god but still believe that he exists. I have faith in him as whenever I have been in trouble or faced a difficulty, I believe God has looked after me and given me the power to hold on and be strong. And that alone is reason enough for me to believe that some invisible power is looking upon me and taking care of me and the people around me.

So have immense faith in something that will definitely help you move forward in life. Do let me what you think about my blog and my views.

Khushi and Payal's childhood food memories

Khushi says, "whenever Payal di and I used to go to the village fair, we made it a point to eat candy floss. I just loved the feel of it, soft, pink and yummy. It was messy to eat but that made it even more fun to have.

Every day after our school on our way back home, di and I would buy khatti imli and boras, as we loved having this tangy food. After having the boras, we would often aim the seeds on innocent bystanders; it was so much of fun.

Our neighbour had a huge mango tree and I would often drag di to steal mangoes. As kids, we would climb the trees and pluck mangoes. Many times the garden caretaker would spot us and chase us but we always managed to run off.

Another of our favourites was the handful of delicious toffees we would get for 50 paise only. Di and I use to gorge on these from our local kirana. Every time we asked bua for a treat, she would give us 50 paise knowing that we would run off and buy toffees.

After roaming the streets, there was nothing like drinking sugarcane juice. We also use to have ice lolly or ice pepsi to quench our thirst on bright hot summer days. Finally we would wait to hear kulfiiii, kulffiiii. It was music to our ears to hear the local kulfi bhaiya and after harassing buaji, we would finally taste the delicious, creamy, malaiwala stick kulfi. So these were some of di and my favourite childhood food memories and we enjoyed having these."

"You should respect all regional languages," says Khushi

Now-a-days people have got addicted to English. I personally don't have any problem with the use of the language. But, I feel bad as with the growing use of English, the popularity of our regional languages seems to have dropped.

 In today's developing world, we need to be acquainted with English. It is one of the most important parts of globalisation. However this doesn't mean that we should ignore other  regional languages. We hardly come across people learning Sanskrit or even Hindi for that matter. People should respect all regional languages and create awareness about them too.

I find it funny that every other person wants to learn English; be it a small kid, an elderly man, rich or poor. Har koi angrezi mein gappen maarna chahta hai. The new generation should learn other  languages including their mother tongue too. People believe that those who can speak English would grow in life. But there are examples of many people speaking Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Marathi, Punjabi, etc. achieving heights in their life.

Now most of you must be thinking that I cannot speak English. Let me tell you, I can speak fluent English, but I enjoy speaking Hindi. Also, I have intentionally written this blog in English, so that I can reach to maximum people.

Fun loving and humourous characters of STAR Plus


Khushi always makes everyone smile with her antics. Some funny moments were when Khushi use to harass Arnav when they had just got married. She would call him Swami and touch his feet; she even washed clothes at his poolside singing a fun song and the holi function where she donned the look of a guy to make Nani smile.


Nandkishore’s funny Hindi makes him a laugh riot. He has been very excited about Arnav-Khushi’s wedding. He made everyone smile when he called Arnav’s bachelor party ‘kawo ka jashn’ instead of ‘kuwaro ka jashn’, his sweet manner of calling Arnav, Narnav and his line ‘yeh kusoor pusoor kiya hai, koi bimaari ka naam hai’.


Well recently the angry young man Arnav too has started making everyone smile, be it his sweet dance proposal Salman ishstyle or when he played a prank on Khushi and drew a moustache on her face, ASR is on a spree to spread smiles.

Memorable romantic moments by STAR Plus characters

Arnav and Khushi are one of the most romantic couples and they have many memorable moments.  During holi, Khushi confesses her feelings for Arnav “Hum aapse kuch poochna chahthe hai Arnavji... Aisa kyon hota hai..jab bhi aap hamare paas aathe hai.. to hamare dil ke dhadkan tez ho jate hai... humne samajhne ki bahuth koshish ki.. lekin samajh nahin paayi.. bhulana chahthe hai..par bhula nahin paate.. aisa kyon hota hai, ki hamare dil ki dhadkan hamari saanson se bhi tez ho jate hain!”

Arnav replies "Mein batata hun ki aisa kyon hota hai, Jab tum mere paas hote ho.. to tumhari dil ki dhadkanon ke saath saath.. meri dil ki dhadkanein bhi tez ho jati hai.. hamari dhadkanein ek ho jaati hai! Jo tum mehsoos karti ho... Jo mein mehsoos karta hoon.”

“Mujhse wada karo Khushi ki tum mujhe kabhi chod ke nahi jaaogi, mein tumhare bina jee nahi paaonga.” Arnav tells Khushi this a day before their wedding when they spend some time together.