Friday, 22 November 2013

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Why did Barun Sobti’s 22 Yards shoot get cancelled?

Barun Sobti was at The Sonnet Hotel, Kolkata to shoot for his next Bolly flick, Mitali Ghoshal's 22 Yards.

There has been rumors about health issues of Barun Sobti. Sobtians are so worried over health of the brown-eyed heartthrob. And also they were confused about the varies statements. We admit it must have been quite a dreary experience to have spent a day without knowing whether Barun Sobti is fine or not. 

We do agree that he was a little unwell but He did not leave Kolkatta for that reason. When we contacted MediaQue Entertainment, They said, “Yes, Everything's okay. The shoot (22 Yards) got cancelled for technical reasons. So, Barun Sobti had to come back to Mumbai.”  Hmmm…We really feel sorry for the filmmaker and hope the shoot begins soon.

We also spoke to a source close to Barun Sobti, says “Barun is fine. Nothing is wrong.” 

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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Barun Sobti at The Sonnet Kolkata

The Sonnet Hotel:

Friends, appreciate ur love and concern for Barun. he is comfortable at The Sonnet and shall be well taken care of.......Cheers to all !!

Hey friends, we are also soooo glad to have Barun with us. He is doing fine and is having a good time in Kolkata. All messages on this page, from all his fans across the globe have been conveyed to him. He has said a biiiiig Hiiiiiiii to all of you, and thanked u all for loving him and caring for him........sooooo much. Cheers to All !!

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