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Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 8th August 2012

Date: 8 Aug 2012

Arnav tells Khushi about his mother's suicide

Nani questions Dadi for being rude to Khushi. Arnav has a restless night because of his tragic past. Khushi tries to comfort him. Arnav tells her that his mother committed suicide. She sympathizes with him and vows to be there for him whenever he needs her. Anjali asks her to retrieve a shell that belonged to her mother for janmashtami puja from the storeroom. Khushi finds Arnav's family photos there. Dadi scolds her for going through the photos. Arnav defends Khushi's right as his wife.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 8th August 2012 Written Update

 Episode starts with Arnav going and standing beside Khushi and asking Dadi to tell now. Dadi says now she doesn’t want to say anything. Arnav says as you wish and he’s leaving.. He then stops and holds Khushi’s hand and takes her with him. NK and Payal see them going. They wonder if anything went wrong and say they made mistake by sending Khushi to dadi’s room.

Nani asks Dadi what is going on? I know you very well and you wouldn’t do all this. Why are you upset with Khushi? What did you see in her that you are not talking with her? But dadi doesn’t say anything.

It’s night time now. Arnav and Khushi are sleeping. Arnav dreams about her mother incident and suddenly gets up. Khushi asks if he saw any bad dream. Arnav says he’s fine and he goes away from there. Khushi follows him. She looks at him and how sad he is and says in her mind how can she help Arnav.. he never shares anything.

Khushi then plays a song (aaj piya tujhe pyaar du) in her phone through which she tries to show him that she wants to help him. She tries her best to make him smile. But Arnav is still upset. He gets up and leaves. Khushi tells him she just did all this because she saw him upset. She has no intentions to change him or anything. She says if you don’t want to tell me then I won’t do stuff like this again… Arnav then says, I was 14 when my mother committed suicide. Listening that, Khushi gives him a tight hug. Arnav is crying.

It’s morning now. Khushi is looking at Arnav who is in bed and she says I didn’t know you have hide so much inside you but whenever you need me, I will always be there. Arnav wakes up now. Khushi pretends as if she is working but looking at him. Arnav asks him what the.. why are you looking at me like this? I saw you looking at me. Khushi says so what.. is there any tax to see Arnav Singh Raziada and she leaves.

Anjali is worried as she needs something from store room and servant couldn’t find. Khushi comes there and tells her that she will get it. Anjali says it was her mothers. Khushi tells her not to worry and hugs her. Arnav sees that from upstairs. Anjali asks Khushi what happened. Khushi says nothing.. I just felt like hugging you. Khushi then says she will get that ‘shank’ (something like that) so Anjali can have it with her in pooja tomorrow. Khushi is going upstairs now and Arnav blocks her way. They both smiles and finally Arnav let her go.

Payal is telling Nani that she told servant to get extra milk so there is enough ‘makkhan’ tomorrow (they are preparing for some pooja). Dadi comes there and tells Payal make sure there is nothing missing tomorrow for ‘laddu gopal’. Anjali comes there and says her not to worry. Dadi says she is waiting for her laddu gopal. Nani says it will be raj kumari. Nk comes and says it will be twins. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav comes there and asks Anjali if she needs anything. Anjali says she doesn’t need anything. Anjali then takes Payal with her. Dadi asks Nani, Shaym didn’t come today either? Will anyone tell me what’s going on? Arnav stops and looks back to Dadi. Pandit comes so dadi goes to him. Arnav asks Nani that why she is not telling her about Shaym. Nani says after long time Anjali has forgot about all those incidents and says she will tell Dadi after tomorrow’s janmasthi’s pooja. Arnav says okay.

Khushi is in store room and searching for what Anajli told her about and she finds it. She then also sees an album which has Arnav’s family photos when he was young. She is looking at photos and Dadi comes there. She snatches album from her hand and asks her how she dare to touch all these stuff. Dadi ji leaves from there.

Khushi is following Dadi and they come in living room now. Dadi calls Nani and asks her how she dare to touch personal stuff of Arnav’s parents.

Nani asks her what are you saying? Dadi says first I saw Khushi searching for something in store room then saw she has eyes on Arnav’s mother’s shankh. Anajli tells Dadi that she sent Khushi to find that shankh. Dadi asks did you tell her to look at family’s photos too? Khushi says album fell down so she was just picking it up. Dadi asks Khushi to shut and says she saw with her eyes. Arnav comes there and says SO WHAT? He tells dadi so what if she saw those photos? She can go anywhere and see whatever she wants.. she is bahu of this house. Dadi says if she’s bahu then I am dadi.. I am elder.. is there any importance of what I want or no? Arnav says of course, we all respect you. But I have told you before too and I am telling you again, and he says, ‘Khushi is my wife and she can do whatever she wants’. He leaves from there.

Will Dadi's question at Khushi-Arnav's wedding call for remarriage in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Ever since Dadi (Swati Chitnis) has entered the scene in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, she has been using Khushi (Sanaya Irani) as her favorite dartboard.

First she mistook Khushi to be the servant of the house and later when she came to know of her being Arnav’s (Barun Sobti) wife, she sternly refused to accept her as the bahu of the family. Right from then, she has been trying to hurl insults at her in some or the other way. However, thanks to Arnav, Khushi is being able to take it all because of the support he is lending her.

But it won’t be calm for long, as now Dadi will raise a question over the wedding of the two. As learnt, she will point out before all the family members that Arnav and Khushi never went through proper wedding rituals and thus Khushi has no right of staying with Arnav in the same room. Well, this is sure to spice up the drama as we really can’t make out what her real motive is.

It was also seen how Dadi was adamantly asking about Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) and tried hard to manipulate Arnav to get him back. In fact, she even mentioned that Arnav was repeating the same mistake he had once done in the past.

She stated that he was favoring the wrong one while the just is being punished without any fault. This gives rise to a doubt in all if Dadi’s presence is in real a trap set by Shyam. And her anger for Khushi vouches for the same that she might have been poisoned by Shyam about Khushi being a home wrecker.

Now it would be interesting to see how Arnav will protect Khushi’s dignity after Dadi raising question on their wedding! Will this lead to remarriage? 

Janmashtami celebration in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

In the last few episodes of Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon one has got to see a new trait of Arnav (Barun Sobti) as he has come up as a highly supporting husband to Khushi (Sanaya Irani).

In fact, Khushi too is a little stunned after watching his protective side for her. As seen last, Khushi tried to comfort an upset Arnav. She made him realize that she is always there with him and he can always share his pain with her. This made Arnav open up a little and he ended up telling Khushi how his mother had committed suicide when he was fourteen.            

This left Khushi too in tears but she made a promise to herself that she will stand by Arnav under all odds. On the other end, the family is getting ready for some celebration as it’s the festive occasion of Janmashtami. Everyone in the house is busy with the preparations. However, here too Khushi had to face the wrath from Dadi as she saw her in the store room with Arnav’s parents’ belongings.

She didn’t leave the chance of hurling insults on Khushi but was rebuked by an annoyed Arnav. In the coming episodes, the show will air some light hearted moments owing to the celebration. In between, one will even get to see some fun filled and romantic moments between Arnav and Khushi.

Though this happiness won’t live for long but can surely be enjoyed for the moment. The future track of it will focus on Arnav’s past coming out in open and will also throw light on Khushi’s association with the same.

Till then let us enjoy these lovey-dovey moments!

Khushi gets caught in her own words in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Khushi (Sanaya Irani) and problems can never stay apart and this has once again been proved in the recent episodes of Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

However, this time the problem is not a scary one as it is all filled of love and the spiciness of it. As seen last, the whole family at Rayzada house is busy preparing for Janmashtami. While they all were doing their respective tasks, NK (Karan Goddwani) out of curiosity ended up asking about the importance of the day and how Lord Krishna and Radha were related to each other. This is when Nani explained the facts behind and told him how the love of Krishna and Radha stands to be above all the rules and norms of the world.

She even stated how the wedding rituals play a vital role in strengthening the bond further. As Khushi heard it all, she realized that though she and Arnav (Barun Sobti) are living as husband and wife but they haven’t had any of the rituals done. She then confronts Arnav on the same and tells him how the rituals are so important without which they can never be fully a married couple.

Playing his witty self, Arnav makes Khushi talk of all the rituals followed and this is when she accidentally ends up mentioning of the wedding night. Well, the flirty side of Arnav gets stuck to this and he advises her that they will indeed go through all the rituals but will start in the reverse order.

Khushi, who hadn’t expected such a response from Arnav, is all scared while he on the other end is enjoying teasing her to the core. Meanwhile, amidst the light hearted acts, Dadi will yet again question about Shyam (Abhaas Mehta), which will irk Arnav and he will be about to spit the truth out.

Will he will be able to tell Dadi about the same? Or we have yet another surprise in store? Let’s see what happens to Khushi now!

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Khushi in celebration mood in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Fun filled romance amid Arnav and Khushi

Arnav Singh Raizada (ASR) (Barun Sobti) has become a caring and a loving husband in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

On the other hand, Khushi (Sanaya Irani) is also enjoying the protective side of her husband Arnav. Things are going well in their married life.

But it seems like Khushi can not live without problems. Sometimes she faces problems from outside and sometimes she creates it by herself.

It was last seen that Khushi got worried knowing that a wedding ceremony completes only after taking seven rounds.

Khushi recalled that Arnav put only sindoor and mangalsutra. So, she feels that they are not a complete married couple, but staying together as a husband and wife.

Khushi suggested Arnav that they have to complete all the wedding rituals to become a complete married couple. To tease Khushi, Arnav suggests starting the rituals from their wedding night.

Khushi is now in fear to hear Arnav's wish and Arnav is enjoying her anxiousness.

The upcoming episode will celebrate the festival of Janmashtami with some lighthearted moments.

In between, fun filled romance will also happen between Arnav and Khushi. This sequence will take their life to a new level.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Arnav’s past might connect with Khushi’s past

Present track shows that Arnav’s dadi is not leaving any chance of humiliating Khushi after knowing that Khushi (Sanaya Irani) is Arnav’s (Barun Sobti) wife in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

On the other hand, Arnav, being an caring husband protects Khushi from the wrath of his own Dadi all the time.

Earlier, it was seen that Arnav did not believe anyone due to his dreadful past. He also did not show any emotions for anyone except for his own sister Anjali.

But Khushi’s entry in his life has changed Arnav and he started to come out of his past life.

Dadi’s entry has once again taken Arnav back into his past. Khushi is trying to pacify Arnav by being a good wife.

Khushi feels that she is unaware of Arnav’s past, but the reality is that she is not aware of her own past as well.

The upcoming episode is going to unfold a very shocking past which will not only affect Arnav but also Khushi. It is known that Arnav and Khushi had painful and dreadful past connected to each other's life.

Dadi’s entry is surely a problem for Arnav and Khushi but her entry is also indirectly helping to change Arnav and Khushi into a caring and loving husband and wife.

Blast From The Past

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon recently showcased on how desperate the Arrogant Arnav Singh Raizada can turn out to be when it comes to his wife Khushi. He did with all his might whatever possible to bring his wife back to where she belongs. But it seems, Khushi’s misfortune has followed her yet again. The recent promo telecasted in the channel showed the advent of Arnav’s daadi in the house. With this turn of events the dreadful past of the Raizada’s seems to be knocking on their doors again. In the coming episodes Arnav will find himself slowly getting drenched with the formidable memories of the past. Khushi being the caring, supportive wife will stand by him throughout, while Arnav being a allegiant husband will protect her from the wrath of his own Daadi.

It is quite significant that for the first time in the serial both the two leading protagonists are holding on to each other strongly in spite of all the major twists & turns.. The audience saw them fighting, quarreling, arguing, as well as romancing earlier. But it will be interesting to see how the CV’s present this caring and protective couple to the audience who would stand with each other firmly forming a Perfect Husband-Wife picture.

The long awaited Redemption track is also on roll through this Track. A unique way towards redemption is shown through the current track. The one who distressed his wife is not letting anyone insult her anymore, the one who had never supported her is now standing strong beside her against all odds, the one who was adamant about not caring for her is now nurturing her with love, care, trust day in and day out. This proves that true Redemption can be felt through one’s act but not through words only. This redemption in ‘Arnav Singh Raizada’s’ style is really different from other general ‘ghissa-pitta’ formulas for redemption followed in various other shows.’ASR & his wife KKGSR’ are a unique couple so indeed the redemption track involving them ought to be ‘Zara Hatke’.

But with the Past slowly approaching, it is kind of presenting warning bells to the undying, selfless love between Arnav and Khushi. Khushi is shown complaining that sometimes she just can’t relate to her beloved husband, while on the other hand with Daadi’s entry seems like Arnav Singh Raizada has once again closed himself in a ‘Shell’.

Khushi feels she is unaware of Arnav’s past, but the amusing reality is that she is not familiar with her own past as well. The destruction caused by the ‘Blast from The Past’ is going to be a bombshell for Khushi as soon as it hits Arnav, as suggested by the initial promos of the show which clearly stated that Arnav Khushi’s painful, dreadful past is connected.

Daadi’s entry has added a bit of Saas-Bahu element in the show which would surely help to boost the TRPs of the show. A distressing grand mother-in-law along with the combination of a loving and protective husband is something that always works with the viewers who are majorly women!

Watch how Arnav Singh Raizada protects his beloved wife Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada at every stage against anyone & everyone!!!

We wish all the luck to the IPKKND Team!!! Stay Tuned to Fuze for more Updates on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus. Get Star Plus today on your hindi dish tv package.


Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 7th August 2012

 Date: 7 Aug 2012

Arnav goes against Dadi to support Khushi

Nani introduces Payal and Khushi to Dadi. She tells Khushi to receive Dadi's blessings but Dadi rebuffs her. Khushi questions Arnav about the strained relationship between Dadi and him. Dadi questions Nani for not informing her about Anjali's pregnancy, Shyam's disappearance and Arnav's marriage. Nani criticizes her for deserting the family after a tragic incident in the past. Arnav forbids Dadi to talk about his father in his house. He supports Khushi when Dadi forbids her to enter her room.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 7th August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Arnav and Nani coming back to home. Arnav sees dadi and he also remembers about her mother’s incident. He goes to her and takes blessings from her. Dadi gives him a hug. Nani tells her so you made us go all around and search for you. Dadi says what to do if you were searching on wrong plac and then they hug. Nani then tells her that Manorama should have introduced you to everyone and she says there are two new members in their family. She introduced Payal first and then she says this is Khushi bitiya. Manorama hides behind NK. Dadi says yes and she welcomed me very well. Nani then asks Khushi to take blessings from Dadi. Nani also tells Arnav to come with Khushi. Dadi then asks Arnav? Nani says this is your bahu.. Arnav’s wife. Dadi is in a shock and she looks at Manorama who is hiding behind NK. Arnav and Khushi take blessings from Dadi together but she only puts her hand on Arnav’s head. Dadi leaves from there.

Nani tells Arnav not to get disappointed or sad and says she will talk with her.

Nani comes to Dadi’s room and asks her what happened that you’re that angry. You came after long time and you should be happy. Dadi says happy for what? and asks her how did she let all this happen. Anjali is going to be mother and no one is saying where Shyam is. Arnav got married but when where.. no one is answering. And that girl whom she thought a servant came out to be Arnav’s wife. Nani asks why are you asking so many questions all of a sudden? Why are you worrying about everyone so much? You left us and went to Aashram. we tried so much to meet you but after that incident, you didn’t even look our face. Dadi says don’t talk about that night.. It reminds me of that woman’s face. Dadi asks but what all that I asked has to do with that incident? Nani says everything has happened because of that night.. if that incident didn’t happen then kids would be with Dadi and not with Nani. She says Dadi didn’t even look back to kids for 15 years. Nani says everything happened because of incident.

Khushis is thinking about how Dadi said servant to her and how she behaved with her. Khushi enters her room and sees Arnav lost in some thoughts. She goes to him and asks him what happened? Why are you so (quiet)? May be Dadi didn’t like me.. or unintentionally I said her something. She says may be Dadi didn’t know about our marriage that’s why.. Arnav says to Khushi.. Dadi is not upset because of our marriage or you. He says whether someone knows or not… I know very well.. the way we got married.. there was no mistake of yours.. I forced you.. so don’t blame yourself for all this. He says Dadi is just like this.. she always sees things the way she wants.. she doesn’t accept the truth.. and she wants everyone to look everything the way she does.. and if someone doesn’t look like her way then for her.. that person is wrong. Khushi asks Arnav is there any other issue? So much hate and anger in your eyes. You can’t be angry because of what happened outside. She says she feels there is something else as him or Anjali never talked about Dadi before. Khushi tells him that he can tell her whatever it is. She says sometimes I feel like.. I don’t know anything about you. Arnav leaves from there.

Khushi says, in her mind, sometimes I feel like am very close to you and on the other hand it feels like am still an outside person.

Back to Dadi’s room. Dadi says whatever it is.. you could at least let me know about Arnav’s marriage. Wouldn’t I wish to come to Arnav’s marriage as well? Nani says but she didn’t know about his marriage either. Dadi asks what are you saying? Arnav got married and you had no clue? How is this possible? Arnav comes there and says because I didn’t tell anyone. Because no one was present at my wedding. Dadi asks her what are you doing? You got married and didn’t tell anyone? Blessings are way too far.. you didn’t even take anyone’s permission? What kind of decisions are you making Arnav? Arnav says so now you came to ask me all this? I came so many times to meet you but you didn’t even see my face and today you want answers.. why should I tell you? Dadi says she deserves to question him because she is his Dadi.. his father’s mother. As soon as she takes his father’s name.. Arnav turns his face.

Dadi says the way you’re answering me.. I see your father inside you. Arnav asks her to stop and says he is not like him and he will never become like him. Arnav tells Dadi that he respects her but he doesn’t like anyone taking his dad’s name in this house. Dadi asks him what are you saying about your dad? Arnav repeats.. I don’t like anyone taking his name in this house.

Payal is telling Khushi what if your first impression wasn’t good.. when dadi comes to know you, I am sure she will like you. NK comes there and says exactly.. first impression is not last impression even though you threw water on her face. NK and Payal say if she knew about your marriage since before then she wouldn’t say anything like this. Khushi says she should go and apologize her.

Back to Dadi’s room. Nani tells Arnav to forget all past stuff and move on. Dadi tells to Arnav that I am just telling you that.. and Khushi is entering her room. Dadi sees her and signals her to stop right there. She continues talking with Arnav but Arnav goes to Khushi and stands beside her and asks Dadi to tell now. Dadi says when I am telling something, listen to me until I am done. What should I take meaning of this? You walking away like this? Arnav says, ‘WHERE MY WIFE CAN’T COME, I DON’T THINK THERE IS ANY PLACE OF MINE’. He says he will listen from there. Khushi is looking at him. Dadi says if it’s like that then I don’t want to tell anything. Arnav says as you wish.

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Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani - Why do they click as a jodi?

Television has seen lot many onscreen couples that became a hit pair overnight and the jodi of Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, jointly produced by IMRC Entertainment and 4 Lions Films, is one of them. The duo has cast a magical spell on the audience. And as per their fans, both Barun and Sanaya make for a special jodi just because they keep their chemistry simple and this makes their characters very relatable. The couple also won the Best Jodi Award at The Eleventh Indian Telly Awards.

So what is the ‘X-Factor’ in Barun and Sanaya that makes them click as a jodi? Well, if you ask us, it is their simplicity and subtleness in which they play their roles that make them a pair worth watching over and over again.

So what do the co-actors of Sanaya and Barun have to say about this?
Daljit Kaur Bhanot, who essays the role of Anjali, said, “Barun and Sanaya are a good looking couple and this works in their favour. Also, they have a very good off screen rapport and this reflects on screen. Above everything, both are extremely talented and put in their best.”

Abhaas Mehta, who essays the antagonist Shyam in the show opined, “They excel as a couple because of their compatibility. Be it Sanaya and Barun or Barun and me, or Barun, me and Akshay (Dogra) or me and Daljit, we are close knit when it comes to a personal bond of chemistry off screen. And when we know each other so much, the scenes between us have to be really good.”

And what does Barun have to say about this sparkling chemistry? “I really do not know why we click as a couple (smiles). If we are doing well today, then I would attribute that to the compatibility that we have. If any adjustments need to be made in a scene, we know what we have to do without even talking about it. And I know how Sanaya would enact a particular scene and what her reaction time would be and the same holds good with her.”

So what is it that Sanaya is very good at? “Well, she is very good in emotional scenes”, said Barun. And after a pause, he added, “We are pathetic when it comes to a romantic sequence (laughs).”

Well, come on Barun you must be joking, as your fans wait with bated breath for the romance on screen.

Barun does not stop at that and gives his reasoning, “It’s because either me or Sanaya usually end up laughing when we are doing a close scene. And when Sanaya starts to laugh, nobody can stop her from laughing”. (Well, that makes us laugh too!!).

We caught up with producer Rajesh Chaddha (IMRC Entertainment) to know more about Barun and Sanaya and he obliged by telling us, “They say jodis are made in heaven, but this one was made on our sets. They both are endearing personalities and there was an instant chemistry between them. Both look good, perform well and are genuinely nice and simple people. And the kind of characters they were given to play just nailed it. Sanaya in real is equally chirpy and a chatterbox. Barun is very Arnav kind of a man with few words but determined. The whole set enjoys their scenes – right from the guard outside to lightmen to co-actors. We have been blessed!! Long live their jodi (smiles).”

Co-producer Gul Khan (4 Lions Films) echoed the same sentiment saying, “They have a great chemistry and they both are very hard working.”

We certainly agree to whatever has been said. All we can say is that their fans are waiting for Arnav and Khushi’s love story to hit the pinnacle of success…

God bless their jodi!!

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Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 6 Aug 2012

Date: 6 Aug 2012

Arnav's grandmother visits Shantivan

Arnav's grandmother visits Shantivan. Khushi accidentally pours dirty water on her. Dadi assumes that she is a servant and insults her. Khushi tries to clear the misunderstanding but Dadi forbids her to enter her room. She scolds Manorama for letting Khushi decorate the temple and orders her to clean the puja room. Manorama obeys Dadi's orders out of fear. Anjali gets emotional on seeing Dadi after many years. Dadi inquires about Shyam. Arnav and Nani are shocked to see her in Shantivan.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 6th August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with worried Manorama. She is scared of dadi ji and wonders what if she comes here with Arnav. NK asks but whose dadi ji? Manorama says everyone’s.

NK asks but why are you so scared? Manorama says dadi ji is very strict, she only likes pure hindi, she likes everything clean. Manorama says she wants her to stay happy wherever she is but she doesn’t want dadi ji to come here. And right then an elder lady is entering Raizada house with her bags.

Khushi is going outside to give water to plants. She sees a lizard on door and she gets scared. She screams and she drops water container. And right then Dadi ji enters and she gets wet. She stares at Khushi.

Khushi apologizes her. Everyone comes there. Khushi tells NK that lizard.. NK points at Dadi ji and says this is not a lizard. Manorama sees Dadi ji and drops her phone and says Ddddadi ji.

Dadi asks where is Arnav, Nani, and Anjali. Manorama tells her they have gone outside. Then NK introduces to himself saying, I am Nand Kishore you can call me NK too and offers her his hand. But Dadi is not interested. Khushi then tries to pick dadi’s bags but she slips and she holds dadi ji’s shoulder. Dadi again stares at Khushi and asks Manorama, Servents don’t know their limits in this house? Everyone is in a shock. Dadi then says she will go to get fresh and tells her to send her bags. She is leaving and then turns back and stares at Khushi and finally leaves. read full updates with pictures only at . NK tells Manorama that this is not right, you didn’t say anything when Dadi said a servant to Khushi. Manorama says how would she say that Arnav married Khushi without telling anyone and all that. She says Dadi ji wouldn’t leave her if she had said that and says let Nani come and she will tell as she is Dadi’s best friend. Manorama then tells Payal to get milk for Dadi.

In kitchen, Payal tells Khushi that she didn’t even know Arnav has a dadi. Khushi says she didn’t know either. Payal says she looks very strict and asks why she lives so far from her family and she didn’t even attend their marriage. Payal says she felt bad that Dadi said servant to her. Khushi says you heard what Manorama said right.. it doesn’t matter. Payal then tells Khushi to get milk to Dadi and tell her she is bahu. Payal gets call and leaves. Khushi says to herself, this is a good idea and says she will ask why she was away as well. Khushi then says there is so much that she doesn’t know about Arnav, who she loves so much.

Khushi now comes to Dadi’s room. Dadi is praying and Khushi knocks the door. Dadi doesn’t answer so she just goes inside. Before she puts her leg inside her room, she signals her to stop and tells her to leave. Dadi ji then goes and closes the door.

Now Manorama goes to Dadi ji with milk. She is about to clash with her on the stairs. Dadi ji says don’t you know I don’t take anything from servants? She then sees Khushi in mandir area in their house. Khushi is putting diya in a thaal and Dadi ji snatches the thaal away from Khushi. Dadi says to Manorama don’t you know servants are not allowed in mandir area and her (Khushi) was touching all the pooja’s stuff. NK and Payal come there. NK requests Dadi ji not to say stuff like this about Khushi but Dadi stops NK and tells Manorama to go and wash that thaal and only after that she will do the prayer. Manorama leaves from there.

Dadi ji then signals Khushi to go away from there. Khushi is going and someone rings the door. She goes to open the door. It’s Anjali, she looks at Khushi and asks her what happened? And she heard Dadi ji’s voice. She goes inside and sees her. Anjali remembers about how her mother was shot and she gets emotional. She runs to dadi and hugs her. Anjali says, after these many years, after that night… Dadi says she didn’t even know Anjali is pregnant. They hug again.

Anjali asks where were you? I and Arnav tried so hard to meet you. Dadi then asks about Shyam.

Anjali has nothing to say.. and she starts crying. She then leaves from there. Dadi is confused and looks at everyone and leaves.
Dadi comes to Anjali’s room. Anjali is crying. She asks why are you crying and where is Shyam? Anjali says everything went wrong.. nothing is fine.. why did you leave? Anjali says she missed her so much and hugs her again. Dadi says now your dadi has came back.. everything will be fine. Anjali asks for real? Dadi says yes.

Dadi and Anjali are coming downstairs. At the same time, Arnav and Nani come back. Arnav is telling Nani that he will inform police and they see Dadi with Anjali. Arnav and Nani are shocked.

Offscreen Pics - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SBS - 7th of August 2012 - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon New Promo - 7th August 2012 (Dadi Entry)


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Jasuben becomes Arnav Singh Raizada's grandmother

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Fan Fiction: Her Pregnancy by Hiruni, based on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Chapter 6

Khushi sat down on an upturned flower pot beside the pool side, her eyes trained unfocusedly on a butterfly flitting across from one bush to the other; its progression leisurely and impulsive. She was once fondly called butterfly- thiththaliya by her Bua ji. But was she a thithalliya any more?

"what goes around comes around" the words seemed to echo in her ears.

Too many emotions have bubbled up to the surface for her to take fully control of the reins. She wished she could shut all things off and run away. But that was not an option. She had a husband and a family to take care of; responsibilities and duties to be fulfilled.

Wasn't it the destiny of a woman to keep smiling and go on with life as if nothing happened even though her heart ached and bled every moment?  Why did she react like that to Arnav? Hadn't they talked about their past and gotten over it? Given each other word of oath that they would put everything behind and let what happened in the past remain where it is, in the past?  So what was the reason for her to lash out at him now?

Khushi's eyes filled with involuntary tears. Never had she felt more angered, hurt, frustrated and more than anything, confused by her own thoughts.

Everything was happening so fast. They had gotten married a little over 7 months back, after a gruelling 4 months of marriage everything was reconciled and her husband's love attained. Although they are still trying to rebuild their lives around the enormous changes, things had never been more peaceful or life more agreeable.

 Anjali di had taken the news of her conniving husband really well, but there was still a haze of pain and hurt. Yet she had delivered a healthy baby girl keeping her preoccupied with lesser chances of a break down from the shock she received.

It wasn't perfect but Khushi had thought her life was nearly so. She had never felt happier or more blessed in her life. The fact that after everything she went through in her initial phase in marriage, the knowledge that her husband's life revolved solely around her gave her a renewed sense of euphoria, a sense of power and feminine satisfaction.

 All the pain she had to go through was buried in a deep dark welt in her heart, sincerely expecting never to resurface.

Two months back she had found out she was pregnant. She had been ecstatic; one of her most cherished and well preserved dreams was finally coming true.

Yet things have been moving so fast, life a hectic blur that she hadn't found even a moment to stop and catch her breath.

Wasn't there a famous saying that said one need to analyse feelings and have a little inner chat with one's self once in a while? Is she acquainted with her feelings of late? Was this the reason for the sudden distressing reaction to Arnav?

A volcano of bottled up emotions brimmed to the surface, over flowing from the corners of her eyes in tears.  And once started she couldn't stop.

Arnav watched her from behind the slits of the hall way leading to the pool side, her shoulders hunched and shaking as she always did when she tried to hold back her tears.

She had asked for privacy and he in no way was going to go against her wishes. He had already done enough damage as it is with his overbearing nature.

Yet the one thing that rankled and scorched his heart resumed eating his insides, churning pain and anguish in rapid succession.

Khushi had not forgiven him fully; her heart still harboured old resentments and prejudices.

 Sure they loved each other, had a wonderful relationship of a husband and wife but beneath everything there still remained bitterness of the past; when prodded, came blazing to the surface in her heart.  Was he over analysing her words? He had to admit he was paranoid about how Khushi really felt about him.  Was he reading too much into her reaction?

Arnav turned swiftly around and walked out. When he was mentally disturbed he did gardening. When he cannot do gardening he consumed himself in work until he dropped. 


Arnav was at a loss of what to say or do as days turned to weeks and observed no improvement in Khushi's stature. She smiled and talked as usual but the growing distance between them spoke volumes. She was shunning him out of her life, her thoughts and her feelings. There was once a time when Khushi was like an open book telling him everything that popped into her head and shared all her little worries and problems like he was her best comrade. She had always waited with bated breath until he returned each day from work to indulge him with everything that happened to her that day.

The new silent Khushi was something he couldn't fathom. She firmly steered conversation away from anything related to what happened and kept a determinedly straight face at all times. He could no longer see the million facial expressions flit across her face. She had a permanently cheerful expression plastered on her face that didn't reach her eyes. But every night when she thought he had fallen asleep, he heard her crying into the pillow, her quiet attempts to muffle her sobs reverberating inside his ear drums.

He was all the more confused-unable to understand her or decipher her silences and her tears; the paranoia of her still harbouring feelings of dislike towards him kept on growing stronger by the day. 

 Earlier he has his own ways of making her gloomy moods lift up. One quick grab and a full night of passionate love-making would cure all the blues off her. Now he was hesitant to even touch her. Moreover he didn't even know if she still felt any physically discomfiture after the miscarriage and he certainly wasn't the type to discuss any female related problems with his wife or with anyone else for that matter.

He had almost made up his mind not to have any children at all. What he saw on that day at his office, with Khushi unconscious on the floor had thrown him in to a fit of horror. He was in no way going to make his delicate Khushi go through such pain ever again. The very thought made his insides writhe. So no children. It would be better to adopt. And it would be a good social service too.

His lack of communication had been the single most prominent flaw in his adult life.  His inability to put words into his feelings had strained many of his personal relationships.  And looks like he was on his way to do the same to his married life too.

Each day Arnav paced restlessly around his room, worked on his garden and devoted himself to work; each moment feeling incompetent and useless; feeling less of himself for not being able to understand his wife.


Kushi bittiya, can I have a word with you?

"Ji naani ji!"

Naani sat down beside Khushi and took her hand in hers. She could very well understand what she felt. Sometimes only a woman could understood the pain another woman went through. It was an unspoken bond only the womanhood shared. There was no point in hiding feelings. A loss once suffered will always remain as a part within us that was lost.

Settling on her bed more comfortably, with Laxmi firmly tucked under her other hand; she squeezed Kushi's hand and gave her a gentle encouraging smile.

"Kushi bittiya I'm going to come straight out and tell you without going on any round about way. There is no need for you to hide your feelings from anyone. If you want to cry, cry your heart out. If you want to talk, all of us are here; you can talk your heart out. The best way to heal is to face your pain. Don't shy away from it. Now is the time to confront what you are going through and you yourself must do so. We are always here for you, you know that right?"

Kushi nodded, unable to speak, her throat constricted from gulping down the urge to cry. Maybe it was all those scattered and confused hormones in her body that's triggering this, but tears seemed to well up faster than usual these days. Emotions she couldn't explain or put into coherent words bubbled to surface like a snake gearing up for attack.

Before she knew it she was sobbing her heart out with her head resting on naani ji motherly lap.

Naani ji continued to caress her head silently pouring in her love and affection- her protective reassurance of a supportive woman over flowing from her to her youngest grand daughter-in-law; a mother-to-be who had suffered a loss and most of all, just like many, a woman who endured everything in silence.

 As a mother of two children, a grand mother of three grand children and now a great grand mother, Divyani Raizada prided herself in knowing all the aspects of being a woman in its truest form. She had gone through ordeals, happiness and deep joys womanhood had to offer and she had survived and enjoyed the ride and returned to tell the stories. If there was anyone who can help Kushi bitiya in her trying, testing time, it was her.


by Hiruni

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Dadi’s sudden entry will bring interesting twists in Khushi’s life

Arnav (Barun Sobti) is trying hard to reestablish a good relationship between his sister Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot) and his wife Khushi (Sanaya Irani) in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

In the present tracks, Arnav is getting success in bringing smile on Anjali and Khushi’s faces. Anjali has also developed a soft corner for Khushi.

With all Arnav’s efforts, happiness entered again in the Raizada house but now, it seems like it will not last long.

In the upcoming episode, Arnav’s dadi Subhadra Singh (Swati Chitnis) will make her entry in the Raizada house.

Dadi’s sudden entry in the house will bring interesting twists in Khushi’s life. Dadi will also inquire about Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) that will again make Anjali sad.

Inspite of this, Arnav will still keep trying to win Khushi with his love and caring.

Dadi can bring Arnav and Khushi together forever?

Shyam's truth revelation has been created a turmoil in all relationships in the Raizada house in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

Sweet and smiley Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot) turned towards sorrow and lost her happiness.

Akash and Payal are also facing ups and downs in their married life.

The major effect was seen between Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani).

Arnav, who was earlier trying to get rid of this forceful wedding from Khushi, is now trying to get back to her after knowing the truth of Shyam.

On the other hand, Khushi is making ways to step out from Arnav’s life.

However, the Rakshabandhan brought a love and caring back in all relationships. Anjali developed a soft corner for Khushi. Arnav and Khushi also shared some close moments.

As we all know that happiness around the house means a calm before the storm. It has already seen that Anjali is keep on meeting with a mysterious person.

Now, Arnav’s Dadi is going to make her entry.

Let us see if she can bring Arnav and Khushi together forever or she will become a way for Shyam's comeback in their lives.

Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 3 Aug 2012

Date: 3 Aug 2012

Arnav's grandmother goes missing from an ashram

Khushi sees Anjali talking to someone outside the house and becomes suspicious. Arnav finds out that it was Khushi's idea to make him wear traditional clothes on raksha bandhan to please Anjali. Anjali thanks her. Khushi gets emotinal when Arnav gifts her a pearl necklace and some of her favourite things. Nani informs Arnav that his grandmother, Subadra Devi is missing from the ashram. The two of them go in search of her. Manorama tells Akash that Subadra was mentally affected a few years back.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3rd August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Khushi searching for Anajli. Nani comes there and asks her what you are searching for? Khushi says no one and Nani leaves. Khushi then says to herself, so many problems are going on and she doesn’t want to bother anyone else so she will find Anjali herself and if she can’t find then she will tell everyone.

Khushi goes outside to find Anjali. She says Anjali just did prayer so she wouldn’t go to temple either. She then thinks about calling Arnav but she doesn’t have her phone

At home, Arnav is wondering why Khushi still didn’t come. He calls her. A servant comes there with her phone. Arnav asks him where is Khushi, I told you to tell her to come here right? Servant says he did tell her but don’t know where did she go. Arnav says in his mind, if Khushi ran again from house then I swear…

Khushi then sees Anjali beside a tree. Anjali seems to be talking with someone. Khushi says Anjali di and goes there. She says thank God I found you, do you know how tensed I was. Khushi then looks around and asks her what is she doing here? Anjali says nothing and asks Khushi what is she doing there. Khushi says I was searching for you that’s why I came here. They then go home. Khushi looks behind at the tree and wonders with whom Anjail was talking and we see a shadow on tree there.

Back to home. Khushi says thank God no one found anything. She asks her but where did Anjali go all of a sudden? Arnav comes there in an angry mood. He says, Khushi what the hell where were you? Khushi says I was here only. Khushi says I heard you wanted to change this kurta and you’re still in kurta and shouting at me? Arnav asks her to stop her nonsense and tells her to come to their room. Khushi says you go, am coming behind you.

In their room. It’s dark. Arnav tells Khushi to be careful. They argue now why Anajli got so happy today. Arnav says why would anyone get happy seeing me in this stupid kurta. Khushi says you wouldn’t get idea like this in your next two lives and in that she tells him that idea was hers.

Khushi tries to go away from there. Arnav stops her and asks why do you think I still have this kurta on? He says he knew it was her idea. He says whenever he turns he feels like this pajama would fall down but still he has it on.. he asks her do you know why? He goes closer to her and kisses her on forehead and says that’s why.. to see smile on your face. He then turns on the lights. read full updates with pictures only at Khushi then sees gifts that she packed at Buaji’s house. She goes oh my.. I forgot something to put inside or what and will you make me pack everything again? He tells her to open gifts and check. She opens one gift and it’s ‘chane’ inside. Arnav is smiling at her. She then sees Salman Khan’s poster and gets happy. She signals Arnav very good. She then sees Jalebis, gol gappas, and a jewelry box. She looks at Arnav and then opens it. It’s same chain that Arnav gave her before. She gets emotional. Arnav comes closer to her again and wipes her ears and they hug each other.

It’s morning now and Khushi is in her bed. She opens her eyes and sees Arnav sitting right there and looking at her. She gets up. Rabba ve plays in background and they two are looking at each other. Arnav then goes closer to her and Nani knocks their door.

Arnav opens the door and asks her what happened. Nani says it’s urgent that’s why she came. She tells him to go with her and she leaves. Arnav tells Khushi, we are not done talking yet and leaves. Khushi says it felt like as if I stopped breathing.

Nani looks very worried. Arnav comes there and asks her what happened. Nani tells him she got call from an Aashram and they said Subitra devi is not there, she has disappeared since 2 days. Arnav says why they didn’t call us when she was missing since 2 days. Nani says 14 years ago.. they shouldn’t have left her there. Arnav tells her not to worry and he will find her. He goes to change.

In Aakash’s room. Aakash asks Manorama if Arnav called her from Aashram. They reveal that she is Arnav’s dadi then. Payal comes there and asks if anyone is coming.

Payal asks Aakash if anything has happened or what? Arnav and Nani left in hurry and Manorama also looks worried. But Aakash doesn’t tell her anything.

Anjali is sitting in a temple area in their home. Khushi comes there and gives her a pooja’s thaal. She then gives her red roses. Khushi tells Anjali whatever happened in last few days.. Anjali says she doesn’t want to talk about past. She says she has seen because of past how much Arnav has changed. Anjali says she wants a new beginning. Anajli then thanks her and says as soon as she saw Arnav in a kurta.. it was Khushi behind that. Anjali then leaves from there. Khushi looks at Devi Ma and smiles.

Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 2 Aug 2012

Date: 2 Aug 2012

Arnav and Anjali celebrate raksha bandhan

Arnav brings Khushi back to Shantivan. Akash returns home from his business trip to Mumbai. Anjali tells Khushi that she wants Arnav to spend sometime with her on raksha bandhan. The Raizada family plans a surprise for Anjali. Arnav wears the traditional clothes that Anjali had gifted him for the occasion to please her. Anjali ties rakhi to Arnav, Akash and Nandkishore. She receives a call from someone and hides it from the family. Khushi finds her room empty and goes in search of her.

Team of '‎Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon' celebrates Friendship Day