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IPKKND Telly Chakkar - July 2012

Arnav and Khushi share their fan moments


Well we have witnessed a lot of ups and downs between Arnav and Khushi .. We will finally get to see romantic moments between them and definitely their most awaited Rabba Ve moments .. In the upcoming episodes Khushi will try investigating Anjali's sudden disappearance .. On the other hand once she's back home , Arnav will call her to the room .. Naughty Arnav will try to make Khushi smile and laugh and will tease her ..

Arnav Singh Raizada romances with Khushi

Shenaz Treasurywala receives hate mails from Barun's female fans

Shenaz Treasurywala, the VJ-turned-actress feels her life is in danger, thanks to her co-star Barun Sobti's female fans. She is working hard on the sets of her new film Main Aur Mr. Right, helmed by Adeeb Rais - but when she is free, the actress keeps a constant watch behind her back.

Before Barun Sobti signed the film, there was strong buzz that he might leave his TV show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? to be free for his Bollywood project.

The actor allegedly has a very big fan following and as a result his fans targeted Shenaz for venting their ire.

Shenaz said, "I have received hate mails from his crazy fans accusing me of taking Barun away from them! They are upset about him leaving his TV show. But in fact, he has not exited the show."

The actress is now scared about her wellbeing. She said, "These girls are mad. They can go to any extend for Barun. They are madly in love with him and they hate me."

While stating that Barun Sobti is a happily married man, she added, "He is so sweet. In fact, I too want a guy for myself who will take care of me just like Barun does for his wife."

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 2nd August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Aakash coming back from Mumbai. Payal tries to pick his bag up but Aakash says it’s okay, I will do it. NK is telling Aakash that you came back on time of Rakhi and then he says now only Arnav is missing. At the same time Arnav comes with Khushi and NK says here’s an evil comes.

Manorama asks Khushi why you came so fast? I told you there is no need to rush. Khushi says Buaji is fine now. Payal asks for real? Nani says they met Buaji yesterday in hospital and she’s fine.

NK stops everyone and says let’s focus now. He says this is the first time he is going to celebrate Rakshabandhan. He says they should something super cool for Anjali. And he says he has thought of something but Arnav says he has already decided what to do and Arnav leaves from there. Khushi asks Nani where’s Anjali. Nani says she’s resting in her room. Everyone leaves now. NK says finally I got it, it’s Rakesh Bandhan and says India is great.. anything happens here.

Khushi now comes to Anjali’s room. She gives her a dhaga (rakhi) which has blessings of Devi ma to protect her child. Khushi says she will tie.. but Anjali says she will do herself. Khushi then sees Rakhis in Anjali’s hand and she says she wishes she also had a brother. Khushi then tells Anjali that she hopes her brothers also did something special for her. Anjali says she doesn’t want anything special, she only wants them to spend some time with her, especially Arnav.

Khushi now comes to her room and she’s putting clothes away. She sees a kurta which Anjali gave to Arnav and she remembers how Arnav said he doesn’t wear all this. All brothers are in a room, Khushi comes there and tells everyone to go and get ready. Arnav and Aakash leave but she stops NK and says she has a brilliant idea to make Anjali happy. She then tells him what is it so NK can go to Arnav and tell him as he wouldn’t listen to Khushi.

NK goes to Arnav and says he has a brilliant idea and Anjali will get very happy from it. Arnav asks really? He says really. NK comes to Khushi and signals her it worked. Everyone is in living room and everyone thumbs up to everyone, saying idea worked.

It’s dark now. Anjali is coming down with Nani. She asks where is everyone and asks her what are you hiding from me? Nani says nothing and as soon as they come downstairs, lights turn on. Anajli sees a decorated area, a mandir, and gets happy. Khushi comes out and she is a saaree. Manorama shows her something and says Rakhi surprise part 2.

Aakash and NK comes out in a kurta. Anajli sees them and smiles. NK wishes Anajli a happy Rakesh bandhan. Aakash wishes her happy raksha bandhan. Anajli says today her brothers are looking dashing. She says this mandir also looks so cool and says she can’t believe it. Manorama says bigger surprise is still left. read full updates with pictures only at . NK tells her see the surprise. and Arnav comes out in a white grayish kurta. She gets shocked and everyone is smiling. Anjali can’t believe it. Khushi tells Payal see how happy Anjali is. Anjali asks Arnav.. is this really you? Arnav says not sure and then gives her a hug. He says you gave me gift (kurta) and I gave surprise to you. Anjali then strikes that she gave him this kurta years ago. Arnav asks do I look that bad that you’re crying? Anjali says she is thinking if mum was here then.. Arnav says you’re there na.. that’s enough for me. Arnav asks why everyone is looking at him.. his bros also wore kurta. Anajli says Arnav is looking most handsome. NK says this is not fair, look at me. Arnav asks her to tie Rakhi fast as he is not feeling comfortable. Anjali asks whose idea was it to wear Kurta. Before he says anything, Khushi quickly says NK’s.

Everyone is doing aarti (prayer) now. Anjali then does Aarti of all her brothers and tie them a rakhi. NK turns on his camera. While she’s tying Rakhi to Aranv, in background in song it says “I see a mother in you”. NK takes a photo and Anjali says she will keep this photo with her forever and says she still can’t believe he wore a kurta. She asks how you wore this kurta. Arnav says just like that. NK takes family photo then.

Anjali is on the side and she gets a call but she doesn’t pick it up.

Arnav is in his room, waiting for some packages. Servant comes there with packages. Servant asks why don’t you change clothes. Arnav says you do your work. Arnav then tells him to send Khushi. Servant goes to Khushi. Khushi tells him she will go after giving something to Anajli.

Khushi goes inside Anjali’s room and she doesn’t see her. Khushi searches but can’t find. She then calls Anjali but her phone is in her room. She wonders where is Anjali and episode ends.

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Though I am the elder sister, NK bhai and Chhotey have always been protective towards me. I am very close to them and especially to Chhotey as he has always played a big brother’s role in my life. Since my parents’ death, Chhotey and NK bhai are the only family I have. Chhotey has been a mother and father figure to me. Even when he was kidnapped, I was so scared and the feeling of losing him killed me completely. There are no words to describe what I feel about the bond we share except that it's very special and an important part of my life.


Anjali di is the only sister I have. I love her a lot and I will do anything to keep her happy. After my parents’ death, the only thing that kept me going in life are my sister and brother. They are the only family I have now. The thought of something bad happening to them sends shivers down my spine. I love my sister and she is the best.

Arnav to change his dress style for Anjali

Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot) are very sweet siblings and Arnav cannot see the sadness on his sister’s face in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

Present track shows that Anjali got very hurt to know that both Arnav and Khushi lied to her about buaji’s health.

Anjali feels that her chhote (Arnav) is getting away from her. The upcoming episode will show that Arnav will plan a special surprise for Anjali, which not only brings a smile on her face but also removes sorrow of her life.

Arnav, who always seen in his business man look will now for the first time wear kurta and pajama to make Anjali happy on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan.

Anjali will be surprised and happy to see because it was her wish to see her chhote in a different look. There will be Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) mind behind in changing Arnav’s look.

It is supposed that all misunderstandings between Arnav and Anjali will also be resolved on this Raksha Bandhan.

Arnav and Anjali's Raksha Bandhan

STAR Plus characters celebrate sibling bonds

With a smirk, Arnav from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon said, "Di is the most important person in my life. No one can ever replace her.  I wish that she gives her life a fresh start. I want to always see her happy. On this Raksha Bandhan, I promise her that I would always be there to take care of her and protect her from all the evils."

Arnav and Khushi plan surprise Raksha Bandhan for Anjali

As Raksha Bandhan will be arriving on August 2, there will be loads of masti and dhamaka on the sets of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. The festival of Raksha Bandhan was celebrated in a great way and this year too Arnav and Khushi are leaving no stone unturned to make Anjali (Arnav’s sister) happy.

Arnav Singh Raizada (Barun Sobti) and Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot) share a special brother-sister bond as their care and love for each other is immense.

The upcoming sequences will be related to Raksha Bandhan as Arnav and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) will be coming together so that they can bring happiness in the life of Anjali who’s bit depressed when she came to know about her husband Shyam’s evil side.
It is heard that Arnab will bring loads of exciting gifts for his sister in order to bring smiles on Anjali’s face.

When Anjali will not be there in the house, Khushi and Arnav will make all the arrangements and Anjali will surely be more than happy to see those wonderful surprises.

The audiences will certainly see a happy environment in their favorite serial ‘IPKKND’ as not only will Anjali forget about the sadness but she’ll be in all smiles with his brother and family. Anjali may also forgive Khushi too.

Daljit Kaur Bhanot aka Anjali says, “Anjali is in a sad mood and thus I want her to smile on the Raksha Bandhan day. This year’s Raksha Bandhan will also be special to me. The shooting for this sequence starts from today.”

Well in the upcoming episodes before the Raksha Bandhan sequence, the audience will get to see that Khushi comes to know that she has to accept the terms and conditions of the developers. If she’ll go again to the Raizada house, then only the rent of her father’s house will be reduced. Only when Khushi rushes to the developer’s office does she know that he is none other than her husband Arnab. Arnab orders her to return back home, otherwise their house will be demolished and they’ll come on road. Khushi challenges him to do whatever he can but denies returning back home with him. But Raksha Bandhan is nearing and thus the day is always special for Anjali and Arnab. One can see Khushi joining Arnab and helping in planning surprises for his sister Anjali.

Shyam may also make a comeback in the serial soon.

There will be huge fun and happiness back on the sets of  Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon after a long time with Raizada family members coming together and rejoicing Raksha Bandhan day. The upcoming twists and turns will surely entertain the audiences of IPKKND. Tune into the serial IPKKND at 8.00 pm (evening) and repeat telecast at 1.30 pm (afternoon).

TV's favourite brother-sister jodi

Barun Sobti and Daljeet Kaur Bhanot
Characters: Arnav Singh Raizada and Anjali

Show: Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Tele-tale: Arnav (Barun) who is an arrogant business tycoon has only one weakness and that is his crippled sister Anjali (Daljeet). Their relationship is built on love and trust. Brother speaks: "I am very protective about her and she always reminds me of my real sister. She is the sweetest and most ideal sister one can have. We share a great rapport while shooting on the sets. But I don't play any pranks on her as I feel she is too delicate and fragile to handle it," laughs Barun Sobti.

Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 1 Aug 2012

Date: 1 Aug 2012

Arnav vows to get Khushi back before the end of the contract marriage

Madhumati and Garima take Shashi to the hospital for check up. Anjali runs into Madhumati in the hospital and learns that she is not sick. She gets upset on realizing that Khushi and Arnav had lied to her. Arnav orders Khushi to vacate the Gupta house with her family when she refuses to return to Shantivan. Khushi pretends to be sick to avoid going to Shantivan with him. Arnav finds out that she is lying and threatens to tell her family about their contract marriage.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 1st August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Khushi saying so you did all this Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada. She calls him and asks how can he do this and tells him she didn’t even have tea since morning. Arnav asks if you didn’t make yours then how will you make for me? Khushi says him don’t even dare to come here and Arnav comes out of her home. He says too late and Khushi turns back and sees him. Arnav asks her how it feels without electricity, water. He asks what will you do and how will you make food if electricity and water don’t come back by evening.

Khushi says don’t worry about it and says she will manage. Arnav says I know that you will manage this much. He then asks won’t you scare tonight without lights? and says he won’t be there tonight to hold her hand. Khushi says she will make food using little water that she has and she will do the candles in night. She asks him not to worry about all that. He says you’re stubborn so you will do it but why are you making your parents and buaji suffer? He asks her to go to Raizada house with him.

Anjali is at hospital. She is leaving and Khushi’s Buaji sees her. Anjali asks her if everything is fine. Buaji says everything is fine and she came here because of Khushi’s father. Anjali seems shocked seeing Buaji absolutely fine. They then go to have tea.

Back to Khushi’s house. Arnav drops container in which Khushi took out water to make food. He says now you don’t even have a little water. Khushi gets mad and says she won’t give up this easily and she goes to get water from outside.

She comes back and Arnav comes in her way. She asks him to move. Arnav says what if you can’t open door. She sees door locked and Arnav shows her keys.

Arnav says he’s landlord and he can close door whenever he wants. Khushi gets angry and goes to him and in that she drops water containers. Arnav says without water and electricity may be you can work out but what if you can’t open door and says your family must be coming back. He then wipes out water around her neck. read full update with pictures only at Arnav tells Khushi you know why I am doing this. Khushi says I told you everything will be fine in few days. Arnav says leave future but today your life can be destroyed. Khushi asks why are you doing this? Arnav says you know it very well. He says you still have time..come back to me before your family come on road. Khushi doesn’t say anything. Arnav says fine if that’s what you want then get ready to leave this house in an hour. Khushi still doesn’t say anything. Arnav looks at the locked door and leaves.

Back to hospital. Anjali asks Buaji how is she feeling now. Buaji says what happened to her? She is absolutely fine and says little pain in head and body is always there as she is old. Anjali now asks about her blood pressure. Buaji says it’s absolutely fine. Buaji then asks how is her child. Anjali again asks about blood pressure. Buaji says it’s absolutely fine. Anjali gets lost in thoughts. Buaji asks her what happened. Anjali says nothing and then Buaji leaves.

Anjali remembers how Khushi said that Buaji is not fine and how Arnav asked her if he could stay at Buaji’s house. She starts crying and says Chote you again lied to me and Khushi as well. Why you two are doing this? Why? Now my Chote is not mine anymore.

Arnav starts his car and Khushi comes in his way. He says what the and gets out of car. He says have you gone mad? if I was late even a one second then.. Khushi says you were right.. I can’t see my family on road and won’t see then on street either. She says that’s why she is ready to go back to his house. Arnav asks her to say it again. Khushi tells him to come back after 2 hours to pick her up. Arnav says my name is Arnav Singh Raizada.. don’t forget that. Khushi says so? He says so he is always right. Khushi starts walking. Arnav whisper that he will take her back to his house before contract ends and he leaves. Khushi says it won’t happen.. I won’t go back before contract ends.

Arnav comes back to Khushi’s house and he says finally he will take Khushi back to his house. No one opens door. He calls at their home number and Khushi is sleeping. He calls to Khushi’s number now and she picks up. Arnav asks where is everyone. Khushi says she is at hospital with everyone. Arnav says you told me to come back after 2 hours. Khushi says I know but what I can do.. I had to go with them. Arnav says okay and hangs up. And Khushi then sees him in front of her. Arnav asks how dare you to lie to me and he holds her hand and tells her to go. Khushi says I can’t go with you. Arnav asks what you mean and he pulls her hand. Khushi drpos her shawl and Arnav sees her leg fractured. Arnav asks what happened. Khushi says she fell down and says she can’t go with him. She says she can’t even put her leg on ground. Arnav asks her to look at him. Khushi says she needs to rest. Arnav says I see and starts walking.

Arnav then kicks the door and pretends as if he got hurt. Khushi stands up right away and runs to him and asks him what happened. Arnav looks at her and asks your leg had got hurt right? Khushi says yes but but.. Arnav then carries her and says he will take her home like this and asks her to stop her drama. Khushi says for real she got fractured and doctor said she can’t walk around.. Arnav says for 10 days right? Arnav then puts her down. He says you can’t lie to me. And says you’re doing all this because of contract right?

He says you want to stay here for remaining 10 days right so you can be free from our..? He asks you will just let our marriage end like this? Khushi says what marriage? What we did wasn’t marriage. It was a deal. Now deal will be done in 10 days and everything else will be.. Arnav says done as well. He asks is this all that easy for you? Khushi says all this has nothing to do with Khushi. She says you know very well why I am doing this so it’s better if we don’t discuss. Arnav says sure let everything end.. Buaji and your parents must be coming back now.. we will tell them everything and we will get witnesses for divorce as well. Khushi says you can’t do this. Arnav says why? What would you say to them? You would have lied to them right just like how you lied to me and my family to come here? Arnav says for a change let’s tell truth to everyone. Khushi says how can she tell them everything and asks what do you want? Arnav says come back to home with me. Khushi says fine.. I will come with you but after 10 days when deal is done… Arnav says he doesn’t care about after 10 days.. he cares about present. He says he will come back in morning to pick her up.

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Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 31 Jul 2012

Date: 31 Jul 2012

Arnav becomes Khushi's new landlord

Arnav sneaks into the Gupta house at night and orders Khushi to go to sleep. Khushi pays the house rent but the landlord tells her that a new developer has bought the house and is demanding maintenance fee. She goes to the developer's office and learns that Arnav is her new landlord. He threatens to demolish the house when she refuses to return to Shantivan. He slaps an employee for demeaning Khushi. Anjali makes rakhi for Arnav. Arnav cuts water and electricity supply to the Gupta house.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 31st July 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Arnav coming to Khushi’s house. Khushi says him you scared me and asks from where did you come? Arnav says from the window. Khushi says you did that much work just to make me work? Arnav asks her to stop calling him. Khushi says no it’s my duty.. what if you need anything. Arnav says go to sleep. Khushi gets happy and Arnav is trying to talk with her but she has already slept. Arnav says what the.. and then he puts all plates and everything away. He carries Khushi and takes her to her bed. Khushi holds his tshirt and doesn’t let him go. Arnav takes her hand away from tshirt but this time she holds his hand and Arnav then sleeps on her bed as well.

It’s morning now. Khushi has her legs on Arnav and her hand on his neck. Arnav opens his eyes first and says don’t know how she sleeps. She doesn’t sleep like this at home then how come here. Khushi opens her eyes and gets shocked and she gets up right away. Arnav asks why you sleep like this here? Khushi says that’s how she sleeps and asks him why he has any problem when Khushi doesn’t say anything when Arnav sleeps holding her hand. Arnav says excuse me when do I sleep holding your hand? N he sees him holding her hand and he says, I guess this is my habit.

Khushi now asks how she came here? Arnav says obviously I brought you here. He says he’s leaving now and reminds her 24 hours is not done. Khushi asks what she has to do now. He tells her to sleep.

At Raizada house, Anjali asks a servant about Arnav. He says he went to Khushi’s house last night.

Khushi is sleeping and Arnav calls her. He asks why you took so much time? 3 minutes are still left. He then orders her to open the door. Arnav’s driver is outside door and he gives her 24,000 rupees. Khushi gets happy and says she earned on her own.. but Arnav hangs up. Khushi says Arnav is not that bad either. Her landlord comes now and Khushi gives him 24,000 rupees. He says where are other 24,000 rupees? He says new developers have came and they charge extra money. He asks her to pay 24,000 more else new people are ready to pay and take this home. Khushi says if you scare from talking with new developers then she will talk.

Khushi is now at new developers office and she asks how can they increase their rent like this? A lady tells her that boss said if you want to decrease your rent then you will have to go his home. Khushi gets angry and she goes inside and asks how dare you to say like this. It’s Arnav who is the boss. She gets shocked seeing him. Arnav sends everyone outside. Khushi asks him what are you trying to prove by doing all this? Arnav says I think this is good deal.. you just have to come to Raizada house and everything will be fine. He says if you want to reduce the rent then you will have to come to my house else he will have no other option but to break her house. Khushi agrees in end.

Arnav says fine and tells her to go home and he will pick her up. Khushi now says she is not going to come and Arnav can do whatever he wants. She says she will wait for bulldozer. Arnav tries to talk but she shuts him. Arnav smiles and Khushi asks him not to smile. Arnav says he knows what is going to happen in few hours and that’s why he is smiling. Khushi says first let’s talk about what’s going to happen now and she starts throwing all his files and papers. Arnav is still smiling. Khushi starts walking and her dupatta gets stuck in a machine. She says what the and turns back and looks at him angrily and then realizes it’s stuck in machine. Arnav opens door for her and she leaves.

In office everyone is talking that they understand boss asking her to come his house as she is so hot. Anyone would say that and they laugh. Arnav sees that and goes there. He slaps the guy who said that. He says her name is not item.. her name is Khushi… she is my wife. He says if you talk like this about any girl in future, then you won’t be seen in this office anymore.

At Raizada house, Nani and Anjali are preparing for Raksha Bandhan. Nani tells Anjali not to leave Arnav this time and take gift from him. Anjali says she doesn’t want anything from him… as long as he is with her.. she is happy. Nani says Buaji is not fine that’s why Arnav has went there. NK comes there and asks to make friendship belts for him too. Anjali says this is rakhi not friendship belt. NK says you know my hindi is not that good. Nani says at least because of you Anjali smiled finally. Anjali gets a call from someone but she doesn’t pick up. She says don’t know who keeps calling her.. sometimes credit card people.. sometimes loan people.

Khushi is sleeping and dreaming about what Arnav said. She suddenly gets up and says he just scares her.. where is bulldoze? Her mother is worried as there is no water in her house. Khushi says may be there was less rain this time that’s why less water supply this time.

Buaji says if water don’t come then how they will make food? Khushi’s mother says her to pack her stuff as it’s not good to stay at her mother house for this long. Buaji, and Khushi’s parent leave to go to doctor.

Khushi turns on the TV and suddenly lights go off. She goes to check something.. Her neighbor sees her and asks what are you doing? Khushi says she will fix and electricity will be back right away. Her neighbor but everything is fine at her home. Khushi then asks about water.. and that’s fine at her neighbor house too. Khushi remembers about what Arnav said and says so you did all this Mr. Arnav Singh Raziada.


Well we last saw how Khushi irritates Arnav by continuously calling him and doesn't let him sleep ..Arnav sneaks into the Gupta house at night and orders Khushi to go to sleep..Arnav carries her in his arms and put her on the bed and she holds on to him and passes out..Arnav is unable to leave and eventually holds her hand and sleeps there too ..Hhmm , you will see how Khushi fills water from the hand pump and takes it home ..Just then she will see a lock on the door ..Arnav will lock the house and keep the key with himself and inform her that she needs to empty the house because its under his possession now ..

Khushi to come back to Arnav’s house

Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) unique love story has now become a challenge for both of them where no one wants to accept their defeat in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It is being shown that Khushi left Arnav’s house by thinking that Anjali and Arnav are upset because of her.

Arnav used various tricks to get Khushi back in his life. First, he tried playing the role of a romantic husband to impress Khushi, but it didn't work for him.

Then, he changed himself into real ASR avatar. Currently, he is using Khushi’s house as a way to get Khushi back.

Arnav has now taken over the builder’s company to create more problems for Khushi. But, Khushi has decided not to give up soon.

The upcoming episode will show that Arnav will threaten Khushi that he will destroy her house if she will not fulfill his condition.

Khushi will try to face all the problems but later she will fail to resolve them.

Khushi loves her family very much so she will return Arnav’s house only for the sake of her family’s happiness.

Family too forces Khushi to get back to Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Khushi (Sanaya Irani) was all happy that finally she had managed to earn the rent amount of Rs. 24,000 without seeking any favor from Arnav (Barun Sobti) for the same in Star Plus’ Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

However, it just lived a short while as Khushi got to know of the rent getting increased because of a new developer taking the charge of it. A fuming Khushi then visits the developer’s office only to be informed by one of his staffs that if she wishes to get the amount reduced; she will have to stay with the developer.

This indeed was enough to burn Khushi with extreme anger but she got more shocked after getting to know of Arnav being the developer. Well, the fight of getting Khushi back has become all the more interesting as instead of winning her with love, Arnav is going the hate path.

As seen last, Khushi refuses to give up to his command. Arnav on the other end threatens her to demolish the house, which he has already started on with. The supply of electricity and water has already been cut and now Arnav will not even let Khushi enter the house.

It is surely going to hurt Khushi a lot and one might get to see her venting out her anger on him. Moreover, with the family also pestering Khushi to get back to her sasural, the forthcoming events will take up a new turn. No one in Khushi’s family is aware as to what all has happened in the Rayzada house; so far they all have been thinking that Khushi had come to visit them causally. However, they don’t want her to stay in the house for long as this is not advisable to married girls.

Let’s see what will in fact force Khushi to leave with Arnav!

Arnav PUTS Khushi & Family IN A CHAWL

We last saw how Khushi will win the deal against Arnav and earn 24,000 rs .. You will witness how she pays the rent and eventually will learn that the rent has been hiked and become double .. Arnav on the other hand is adamant of taking Khushi back home .. Thus he will take over the builders company just to take full control of the situation .. A new twist is going to take place soon .. Arnav and Khushi have been trying to bring a smile on Anjali's face ever since Shyam's exit ..

Arnav to make things more troublesome for Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

The love tale of Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) from Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is indeed a different one and one can see the recent episodes vouching of the same.

As seen, Khushi is miffed with Arnav as she thinks that he still doesn’t trust her and their relation holds no value for him. Moreover, she even feels that all the problems faced by Arnav, Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot) and the other family members are because of her and she is just trying to bring peace in their lives by staying away from them.

However, Arnav, who is not very expert in expressing his true feelings, is trying hard to get Khushi back in his life. He is seen coming up with various tact of winning over her. First he tried playing the lovey-dovey husband but seeing that it wasn’t making any impact on her, he turned back into his real ASR mode.

Currently he is using the Gupta house as a way of getting on to Khushi. In the coming episodes Arnav will try hard to make things all the more difficult for Khushi. Now that Khushi is aware of Arnav taking over the builder’s company, she will not give it up before him. Arnav will threaten her of demolishing the house if his conditions are not met.

This won’t scare Khushi and she will decide to confront his acts. However, later she will be left with no other option other than returning back with Arnav as she won’t agree of letting her family suffer because of this.

Let’s see what Arnav actually has planned for the house and Khushi!

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On the set of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon