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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 15th June Written Update

The episode begins with Anjali giving money to Khushi and Khushi thanks her. Shyam follows Khushi and sees Khushi giving money to a man. Khushi tells to the person to bring her news about Arnav and tells him that the money given is half the money and that she will give the rest on completion of the work.

Khushi turns and gets shocked to see Shyam. Shyam asked Khushi about the man and the  money. Shyam tells her that he has heard the conversation between her and the man.

Khushi tries to ignore him but Shyam forces her to tell. Then Khushi tells that she wants everything that Arnav owns and that she wants to destroy him. Khushi tells everything was going along fine but then Arnav got kidnapped.

Shyam gets shocked and asks how. Khushi tells him that she does not know anything but just wants to take revenge on Arnav.

Shyam beats the kidnapper and throws his phone into Arnav’s room. Arnav gets the phone and makes a call to Khushi. Shyam tells himself that this will be a good test for Khushi and waits for her to tell him about the phone.

Arnav says sorry to her and Khushi hears train sounds and temple bells through the phone. Khushi tells Arnav that Shyam is the kidnapper but Arnav does not hear because the kidnapper comes there.

Khushi thinks that Arnav heard her talk and then she gets a call from advocate. Instruction of Shyam, Advocate tells that she has to sign on the paper in the absence of Arnav.

Anjali asks Khushi whether she gave money to the school. Khushi says yes and leaves. Shyam thinks to himself that now he will see Khishi go to the advocate’s office or go in search of Arnav.

Pics from the Soccer Game

SBS: Barun Sobti plays the Gold Charity Soccer Match

Friday, 15 June 2012

I bought three cars at one time: Barun Sobti

Girls go crazy for his dashing looks and killing smile. Yes…we are talking about Barun Sobti, the heartthrob, who garnered immense fan following as Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? on Star Plus. In spite of being married in real life, his list of female followers is growing with each passing day. Barun is a good friend of mine and as a guest editor at I decided to take his interview and learn about his financial fundas. Excerpts:

How important is money to you? Umm… very important (laughs)

Are you an impulsive buyer? No, I am not. I buy whatever I like without being reckless.

What are the investments you have made? I don’t make any.

What is your most expensive purchase? My most expensive purchase was buying three cars at one time.Three Honda City cars. One for myself, one for my father and one for my wife.

Do you feel financially secure? No, not at all. We TV actors have no right to feel financially secure.

Who handles your expenses? Myself.

What was your first salary?
Rs 6600.

Anjali ACCUSES Shyam of LYING in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

We saw Nandkishore helps Khushi with the investigation as Manorama sprains her ankle .. Anjali receives a call from a travel agency about Shyam's travel plans.. When Anjali questions him he lies to her about planning a vacation trip for the two of them.

Khushi & NK's SNEAK PEAK ACT in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Well we last saw that Khushi sneaks into Shyam's room and opens the briefcase and finds Arnav's passport and boarding pass.. She brings it with her to the puja to show NK and realizes that if Shyam checks the briefcase he will know its gone missing .. You will witness how Shyam falls in Khushi's trap.

Barun Sobti to Play The Gold Charity Soccer

TV stars to play soccer to raise funds

A host of TV actors - Arjun Bijlani, Jay Soni, Manav Gohil and Mohit Malhotra - are set to play The Gold Charity Soccer Match here Saturday to support the junior artists

To be held at Ritambara Grounds here, the charity football match is being organised by White Leaf Entertainment Media Pvt Ltd. The match will be played between the celebrity team against members of the Federation of Western India Cine Employees (FWICE).

Other actors in the team include Aashish Sharma, Barun Sobti, Karan Mehra, Kushal Punjabi, Kushal Tondon, Raj Singh Arora, Vivian D'sena and Vikaas Kalantri as part of the team, while Karan Wahi is their captain. The proceeds of the match will go towards supporting the FWICE members who require monetary help for emergencies, said a press statement.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 14th June Written Update

The episode begins with Khushi getting the key and opening Shyam’s briefcase. Khushi gets shocked to see Arnav’s passport in Shyam’s briefcase. Khushi shows Arnav’s passport to NK and tells him that now it is clear that Shyam kidnapped Arnav.

NK consoles Khushi and tells her not to rush otherwise things will get spoilt. Shyam tells Anjali that he has to get some papers from the briefcase. Khushi tells NK that she should have brought her passport with her.

Khushi recalls how Shyam had hidden the clue of Arnav’s kidnapping. NK makes a sign telling Khushi to go up, and then Khushi goes up. Shyam gets a call and NK follows him.

NK gets shocked to see that Shyam is about to see Khusi and so he calls Khushi. Khushi sees Shyam and backs out from the place and wonders how she can stop Shyam.

Khushi pretends to sprain her feet. Shyam stops when he hears Khushi’s voice and NK asks Khushi what happened. Khushi secretly hands over the passport to NK and signals to him to take it to Shyam’s room.

NK goes and puts a passport in Shyam’s bag and Khushi tries to make Shyam busy with her pretended foot sprain. Khushi holds Shyam’s hands and he feels happy when she does this.

Khushi feels relaxed when she sees that NK is back, but at the same time Shyam follows in the same direction. NK hides again in Shyam’s room.

Shyam talks on phone about Arnav’s passport and seeing the right time NK gets out from his room. NK tells Khushi that SK travels is a small company. Khushi tells NK that she has to find out all the plans of Shyam.

Khushi says Anjali that she needs Rs. 2 lakh and Shyam gets shocked to hear it and begins to doubt Khushi.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 13th June Written Update

The episode begins with NK saying sorry to Shyam for taking his kurta and shoes without his permission. Shyam asks NK about his date and NK tells him that it has been cancelled.

NK removes his shoes and shows Shyam the red color stain on the shoes. Khushi silently listens to Shyam and NK’s conversation.

Shyam gets shocked to see the red colored stain and snatches from NK. NK says to Shyam that he has cleaned the shoes, but Shyam angrily says that he hasn’t done.

NK and Khushi secretly watch Shyam when he washes the bloodstain from the shoes. Khushi asks NK to believe her at least now as she was telling the truth.

NK accepts and tells Khushi that she should not tell everything in a hurry when Shyam is present. Khushi tells him that she was in a confused state of mind and was not sure what to do as her only focus is to get Arnav back.

NK and Khushi keep an eye on Shyam's activities in his room. Shyam tells Anjali that he is going to the court. Anjali tells that he is telling lies because he is going to travel agency.

Shyam tells Anjali that he forgot to tell her that he is planning to go on a vacation with her. Anjali feels happy and tells Shyam to come for Raksh pooja.

Khushi tells Manorama that she told NK about Arnav’s kidnapping. During pooja, Khushi asks NK that whether he had checked Shyam’s briefcase. NK tells her that it can be opened only by key and not by the code.

Khushi tells NK that she is going to look for the key. Khushi comes to Shyam’s room and searches for the key. Khushi finds the key under the mat and thanks god.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 12th June Written Update - NK knew Shyam

The episode begins with Khushi sitting down to pick up her chunari and gets shocked to see the red color on Shyam shoes. Shyam gets a call and leaves.

Anjali calls Shyam for dinner and seeing the right time Khushi enters into Shyam’s room. Khushi checks his shoes and gets shocked to see it is blood in real.

Suddenly Shyam’s phone rings and he comes back to take it. Mean time Khushi hides the blood sample and runs from his room in hurry.

Shyam ask Khushi what she is doing in his room. Khushi tells him that she does not want to talk to him and leaves him angrily. Shyam is stunned to see that his shoes wardrobe is open.

Khushi gets to know that the blood group is O negative and asks Anjali that what is Arnav’s blood group. Anjali tells her that Arnav’s blood group is O negative.

Khushi realizes that Shyam kidnapped Arnav and goes into his room to talk him. Khushi thinks Shyam is in the room and tells him that she has known that he kidnapped Arnav.

Khushi holds his collar and gets shocked to see NK in place of Shyam. NK asks Khushi about the whole matter. Khushi tells  NK about how Arnav got kidnapped and tells that Shyam is behind this.

NK says to her that he can not believe that Shyam did all this. Khushi shows NK  Shyam's shoes and shows the blood to him.

NK tells Khushi that it may be another person's blood. Khushi tells him that he is not believing because he only sees the good side of Shyam.

Khushi & Shyam to UNITE in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Barun's interview with Fuze - Write Up and Link

Written Update

Reporter: Do you have an official website?

Barun: I have an official website? I don't…no no

R: How does it feel to be international famous? Through a tremendous and a brilliant acting as Arnav Raizada in IPKKND

B: uh! Nice I guess (in a husky tone)

R: Do you ever have any goose bumps? When you go out and people run up to you

B:  That happens, I mean that happens to every actor I guess

R: Any memorable moments?

B: There are lots, as I am not a kind of person who reacts very well to the situations

R: How is it working with Kavi Shastri?

B: Oh brillent. Kavi is like a brother. We just hit it of for the first time we met in fact. And one thin that makes me happy that he is a very good comedian so he keeps me entertained all the time.

R: Any good memorable moment you want to share from the sets?

B: not much, I was very focused actually, we were just working we are shooting at 6.30 its tough shooting in the heat and a very wrong time in nasik. And its good fun

R: Whats one word you would like to describe yourself?

B: One word to describe me? I am a simple guy.

R: there is lot of female fans out there, they think you are more than simple, we will leave it at that

B: even my vibes are like that.

R: Laughs…the vibes are right that's 100% true. Where does the cast like to hang out after shoots?

B: what? after the shoot? Oh Home. Home is the only place for me. (something about his wife he said not very clear) We are way too comfortable in the house right now. So we stop going off and hang around in the house and that's all we want.

R: Do you have a FB? Because a lot of people would like to send friend request.

B: Do I have a who?

R: A FB id?


R: So you are not on any social networking sites?

B: No I am not.

R: Do you feel there is a negative impact with using social networking ids?

B: well there were no connectivity when there were no social networking sites. I mean people always appreciate work so…no I have a big no.

R: Are you mr right in this moive?

B: I am who?

R: Are you mr right in this moive?

B: uuu…I don't know actually, I don't have any permission on any thing on that part. But actually the charecter is interesting to play. Couple of months back and the question I come across are you looking forward to you. I said its intersating I am looking forward to see the scenes that I have just done. And I would say that it was interesting and I had fun.

R: is there any role that you could think off perhaps you could play as post to a different actor in a good positive way?

B: The role that saif ali khan played in omkara. That's pretty interesting

R: Any special dialogue? Ek dialogue bol do from the film

B: oh no no no no I am very bad.

R: Do you have any plans to to go us, london, spain, france, Sydney anywhere?

B: Ya. But if my producers let me go…I would love to go these places..but very short of time right now.

R: Do you have any favourite films Bollywood or any Hollywood that you could be watching over and over again?

B: I infact love Jo jeeta wohi sikandar…I watch it atleast 20 times…and I think that is the only film I can watch entire life.

R: Is there anything you would like to do differently in your life? Something you have done but you would like to do it in a different way.

B: Nothing nothing. There is nothing which I wanna change.

R: How do you cope with your schedule and juggling between films and shows and personal life?

B: Well you can cut life out. There is just the show and film.

R: lol biwi ko bhi naraz kar rahe ho right?

B: typical juggling between the two.

R: Thank you so much Barun. Can you quickly give a message to Fuse?

B: to the listeners?

R: ya

B: I hope they get good reception as I got a hard time listening to you. Thanks for listening. Keep watching the show

R: cool thank you so much Barun appreciated.

B: Bye.

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No One's Concerned About Arnav Being Kidnapped

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kyam Naam Doon 11 June Written Update - Shyam Exposed

The episode begins with kidnappers beating Arnav but Arnav succeeds in freeing himself. Arnav fights with goons and tries to reach the kidnapper’s boss.

But the kidnapper holds Arnav and covers his face and beats him badly. The kidnapper’s boss recalls how Shyam got Arnav’s signed paper from Khushi and then hid it.

Finally the kidnapper’s boss face is shown to be Shyam. Shyam recalls how he kidnapped Arnav from the airport.

 Shyam recalls that how he told kidnapper to send message to Khushi from Arnav’s phone about Arnav’s reaching London.

Shyam recalls all moments about Arnav’s kidnapping and then Khushi threatening where he told Khushi not to inform anyone about Arnav’s kidnapping.

Anjali, Payal and Nani try to cheer Khushi up by wearing pants and shirts. Khushi leaves for the temple and say sorry to devi maiyya for her deeds.

Khushi requests her for Arnav's safe return. Khushi asks Devi maiyya to show way to find Arnav. Shyam tells Anajali that he is very happy today. Khushi comes back from the temple and gives prasad to Anjali.

Khushi is about to give Prasad to Shyam but suddenly Chunari falls on the floor. Khushi sits to take chunari and is shocked to her shoes.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - UK/US Promo

Shyam's DIRTY SECRET EXPOSED as a KIDNAPPER in Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Khushi & Mami SEE Arnav Finally in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - IPKKND 11th June Promo

Daljeet Aka Anjali (IPKKND) Interview

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 8th June 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with the Kidnapper threatening Khushi by pointing out the gun on her head. Suddenly, Manorama sees red chili and throws on the kidnapper’s eyes.

Manormara hits the kidnapper and Khushi takes her away from the kidnapper’s home. Khushi hugs Manorama for saving her and Manorama asks her about the next plan.

Khushi tells Manorama that first they have to find out the place where they have hidden Arnav. Khushi and Manorama reach the place, but suddenly the kidnapper also comes there.

Kidnapper tells to his other gang member that their boss has come. Khushi tells Manorama that Arnav will be kept here only.

On the other side, Arnav whose eyes and hands were tied and covered with black ribbon, tries to open the door.

The kidnapper's boss reaches the place and Khushi tries to see his face, but failed to see him. Kidnapper tells his boss that the girls are following them. So they have to shift Arnav to some other place.

Arnav hears them and realizes that Khushi is searching for him. Suddenly, Arnav and Khushi feel each other's presence.

Kidnapper comes to take Arnav and Arnav starts fighting with them. Later, kidnapper covers Arnav’s face with hanky and he gets fainted.

Khushi and Manorama get shocked to see Arnav unconscious and Khushi follows the van. Arnav gets back to sense and sees the kidnapper’s boss in front of him. He wakes up and starts attacking him.

Arnav tries to see the face of the kidnapper’s boss, but the kidnapper holds him.

Daljeet Bhanot quits Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Daljeet Kaur Bhanot aka Anjali of Star Plus' hit show 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon' has decided to quit.

Daljeet is currently serving a notice period and will continue to do so until the of 10th July, 2012. Sources suggest that there were multiple reasons which prompted Daljeet to quit 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon'.
The production house was trying their best to convince Daljeet not to quit 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon'. However it seems that the actress has already made up her mind. Sources inform that Daljeet is dissatisfied with the progress of her role in the show.

It is also heard that Daljeet is unhappy as the story is not coming out the way it was promised to her during narrations. Initially the show was titled 'Didi Ki Sauten' wherein Daljeet's character was supposed to be the lead.

But with the change in the title, of the show her role also shifted from the main lead to a parallel lead. Sources further inform that the actress has bagged a pivotal role in a new show.
When contacted, Daljeet Kaur Bhanot, simply refused to comment. 

It's celebration time on the sets of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

IMRC Entertainment and 4 Lion Films’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus) recently celebrated the completion of one year with a cake cutting ceremony on the sets. The entire unit had initially decided to party, but the tight schedule of shoot did not allow them to do that. Instead, they managed to make some special arrangement on the sets. The entrance of the studio looked as if a wedding or reception party shoot was going on. Arrangement for cakes and food was also made.

On the day, only Sanaya Irani (Khushi) and Barun Sobti (Arnav) were to shoot but the entire cast came to the set to celebrate the moment. Abhaas Mehta, Daljeet Kaur Bhanot, Dipali Pansare, Akshay Dogra, Jayshree T, Utkarsha Naik, Abha Parmar came over especially for the cake cutting.

Later at night, after pack-up the younger lot met at Barun Sobti’s place and partied till the wee hours of the morning.

Here’s wishing the entire team all the very best...