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Fan Fiction: Her Pregnancy by Hiruni, based on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Chapter 9


She lay panting, jailed to the wall, clutching at his shoulders as her heart raced nineteenth to the dozen. Her whole of body throbbed with current after current of electrifying sensations as she felt herself vibrating in intensity of after shocks she had never experienced before. After weeks and weeks of restlessness and disquiet she was finally feeling alive; blood pumping through her body buzzing with new found excitement.  It was as if tangles deep within her got loosened and uncoiled, free from restrictions.

"That was quick" she heard him growl in to her ear. She gave a satisfied smirk as she purred into his neck. "Does that boost your ego?"

He carried her bodily to the bed as she latched on to him in anticipation, making sure not to slip off him even for a second. There was no mistake in that crazed animalistic glint in his eye. She was in for a ride and it has only just started. 

He roughly laid her down on the bed as she unbuttoned his shirt with trembling hands which they had not taken off earlier in their hurry.

It had always mesmerised her to near insanity, seeing his beautifully sculpted torso, his rippling bulging forearms, that long scrumptious looking neck, the inviting hard pecks, broad muscled shoulders and back that thinned down to a trim waistline and then yonder south to the region of enchantment. 

But the astounding intensity of his caramel gaze, those contorted stern jaw muscles, brows that filled with lines of intelligence, high aristocratic nose, gaunt sombre cheek bones made her yet again lose herself in the perfection of this man as she ran a fluttering hand over his stubble covered jaw.

She felt dominated and intimidated by his over whelming presence, yet excited and rejuvenated as she watched him lower himself on her; the weight of his heated body plastered on to her, pleasantly soothing to her own buzzing nerve ends.  There was no need for him to enter her. He was already there; their first tryst proving to be too blissful to be even considered pulling out. 

There was no stopping of his hands and mouth as it worked its way to completely and astutely paralyse her with frenzied need. His roughness sprung from the wild urgency for her, made it even more thrilling; the sense of femininity in her increased to it's hilt as she felt herself shuddering yet again with the tell tale tremors of ecstasy.

With every stimulating knead on her body, with every suck and every nimble from his mouth, with every scandalously wonderful admonition on her most intimate of regions, with every fearsomely blissful thrust in to her; she felt enraptured, heavily bestowed  and felt perfectly attuned to his every movement.

She wrapped her legs more firmly around his hips to absorb the thrusts and turned around hard and fast so that she was lying above him. It is said, most of the power in a woman's body lay in her thighs and it's proven right.

Arnav looked momentarily taken back by her surprising display of strength but then smirked in his signature style as she straddled herself to him and began that age old rhythm of her body, instilled to each woman as a birth right as she bent down over him and kissed and caressed his chest, neck, any where she can lay her mouth and hands on.

He massaged her hips and held it in place tight, feeling her shearing and tightening around him as she grinded her hips back and forth.

With an easy twist he rolled her again onto her back before plunging harder and faster into her; their bodies dancing in sync with each other. 

Her moans were growing higher as if to cheer him on, her muscles around his manhood tightening and clamping around him in wet heat and his own release was near. But he needed to come with her, do the leap together and receive her ecstasy with his own.

"Ahh Arnav" screamed Khushi as she broke down on him, pulsating around him in mind numbing tremors and latched onto his shoulders in dire bliss, trying hard not to pass out in her own ecstasy as she reached her climax, her finger nails digging into his flesh and he exploded into her womb.

A few minutes passed in absolute silence except for the sounds of laboured breathing and deep heavy moans still issuing from Khushi.

"Bravo" he muttered teasingly as Khushi tried her utmost to stop the intense trembles still wracking her body. He pulled her to a hug, rubbing her neck and kissing her softly trying to calm her down from the aftermath of their heavy lovemaking session.

"Are you ok? Khushi?" he was a little worried. She had closed her eyes and was still breathing in deeply. He could see a pulse literally jumping on the side of her neck.

She opened her eyes and smiled as she looked up at him, now peering over her anxiously. "I'm fine. Actually more than fine." Her smile widened in to a grin as her eyes sparkled brilliantly.

"Thank goodness. I thought for a moment you passed out" he said smirking as he pulled out from her and rolled onto her side.

She punched him playfully on the shoulder "don't give too much credit to yourself Mr. Raizada"

"Really? Prey tell me who else is there to give credit to?"

She punched him again and pulled a sheet around her. "Oh chup" she said while trying her best to hide the permanent smile that seem to bubble inside her. When she had collected herself, she rolled onto his chest and looked as his solemn face.

"What are you thinking?" Khushi asked coyly as she drew patterns on his abs.

He was silent for a moment.

"I want to ask you something". He wished he was better at wording his feelings.  How was he going to voice his thoughts?

"Arnav? What is it?" Khushi said gently coxing him on.

More silence. He looked straight up into the ceiling as he pondered over something.

Khushi got off him and sat up on the bed to better tackle the problem. He had something in his mind and knowing how difficult it is for him to express his feelings; she needed to get it out of him.

"Arnav, is there something bothering you?" she took his hand and caressed it gently. "You know you can tell me anything right?"

He looked at her with his melting deep brown eyes and sighed softly before sitting up himself.

"I was wondering..." he hesitated. "Khushi, am I a good husband to you?"

She let out a surprised gasp at this unexpected question. She had thought this was something to do with their earlier squabble. She had said some unpardonable things to him and she thought he was still seething underneath; and rightfully so. 

"I mean how we began things weren't too promising. I had wronged you on countless occasions.." he felt his throat constricting but ploughed on nevertheless.

"..I mean I don't even know why you forgave me after everything I did." He took a deep breath and kept on. "Do you still feel resentful? I mean were you forced to stay with me because of all the social stigma? I need you to answer me truthfully because well.. I can take it. After all I deserve to be hated."

Her heart constricted as she looked at his face. After months of happy marriage, he's still insecure about how she felt about him! He had asked for her forgiveness and she had readily given it to him but he was still unsure. She felt her heart exploding with sorrow at how things would have been if their beginning wasn't as rocky as it had been and affection for him flooded her heart.  She was going to clear the air and end this uncertainty once and for all.

She took his hand in both hers and pressed it to her lips. "Arnav ji, I have absolutely no ill feelings against you."

He didn't look convinced. She raked her brain to think of something to make him believe her. She felt an empty feeling of sadness that the man who loved her so deeply still didn't believe that she loved him back with the same amount of intensity.

Khushi cleared her voice. "Can I tell you something? Do you know that I always feel your presence wherever you are around? That I dreamt about you every single night from the very first day I met you? That you occupied my thoughts each living moment? Deep down I always knew you were to be my soul mate."

She took a deep breath as tears started to prickle the corners of her eye lids. Why was she becoming emotional now? She needed her man to know exactly how she felt about him and she needed to keep her wits about her for that.

"The day I realised what a gem of a person you are, was when you bought all those pigeons to a little girl you didn't even know. Yes I was there although you didn't see me."

"I had always wondered why you kept your best to yourself. Why you refused to show your wonderful heart to the outside world except on those rare glimpses. Arnav ji I fell in love with you a long time back, I still love you more than ever and will love you forever.  Yes I love you. There I said it." Khushi was crying now, tears falling down her face in to the pristine white bed sheet wound around her.

"All those things you said you did in the past hold no meaning for me. I fell in love with you, the kadoose Arnav Singh Raizada, the whole package, and I will continue to love you for who you are."

Arnav stared at her as her tear filled eyes sparkled with earnest sincerity. So she didn't hold any grudges against him? He felt his heart lightning and expanding as if a balloon was rapidly filling inside him. He tried to digest what she said. She loved him too?

Khushi climbed into his lap and rested her head against the crook of his neck. "Arnav ji I don't want you to ever think like this again. You'll see the worst of me then." she laughed through her tears at her own words. "And I didn't mean what I said in the afternoon. It was terrible of me and I am so sorry. Will you forgive me?"

He gently laid her down on the bed and captured her lips with a kiss, trying to channel all the unsaid thoughts, feelings, his love for her and he knew in that instance that she understood. After all soul mates didn't need to voice their thoughts to understand each other. As they deepened the kiss to seal their acceptance of each other he felt new found delights, a happiness he had never felt before course through his veins, blazing him in fiery contentment; his heart filling with joy as her words reverberated inside his head. He finally felt belonged!

As he kissed her face, her swan like neck her, pretty hands, her pink little feet, her whole of body in reverence, moving over her in absolute gentleness and worship, he knew he was at last where he always wanted to belong; in her arms as an absolute believer of her love for him.

And Khushi knew she had finally and whole heartedly gained her Arnav ji for herself, the restraints and barriers between them wrenched out, leaving only their love and understanding for each other. As they joined in heart and soul, they rejoiced in the union with the consummation of their new and ultimate pinnacle of happiness in each other.

 As he made love to her, more gently, more passionately, more tenderly than he had ever done before, she felt herself reaching levels of bliss she had never encountered and he filled her up with all the love he had to offer, literally as well as figuratively. She went spiralling towards sensations never touched in her as waves of wonderment crashed over her, reaching higher, demanding more, holding onto it, letting slip but continuing to tighten, flying off as if floating, holding on as they reached higher and higher and then succumbing to the epitomes of rapture as their hearts, souls and bodies united in one and they finally lay sated in each other's arms.


by Hiruni

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