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Fan Fiction: Her Pregnancy by Hiruni, based on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Chapter 4

Kushi Kumari Guptha had always been a woman of strong convictions with an easy disposition residing on firm moralistic high grounds.  She had a set of principles that never wavered from whims or fancies. She had a one track mind which hardly deviated from her goals and aspirations and nothing, absolutely nothing sapped her of her life's blood- her love for jest. Her ability to see a situation in the best of light and find the merest spark of hope in the most daunting of conditions was a speciality she had refined through the years. Her cheerful temperament was her birth right.

She was straightforward, firm in her beliefs and her spirit is absolutely unquenchable.  She found delight in even the small things life had to offer. Her enthusiasm was contagious; her cheerful nature effusive and heart warming. She was an absolute opposite to her husband's grim nature but at the same time so very similar to him in many ways. Like ying and yang they completed and complemented each other.

Kushi Kumari Guptha has faced many an ordeal in her life; maybe more than most people had to endure in a life time. Her unwavering courage and optimism had seen her through all most all of them. From a child of 9 years who saw the death of both parents in one night, to a young woman who was cheated into an almost-marriage to an already committed man and being forced into a marriage that was threatened upon by the very man she loved, to being on the verge of becoming a young widow of a three month old marriage, Kushi Kumari Guptha had endured a lot at a tender age of 22. Yet in each and every instance the positivity and courage she exuberated had been remarkable. 

Now as her husband carried her upstairs as if she weighed almost nothing, she wondered if it was the emptiness she felt inside her that made her husband lift her up so effortlessly. When he had finally rested her gently on the bed and straightened up to look at her, she wondered if he can see through her eyes into the vast empty space beneath her.

Never had she felt so desperately dispirited and hopelessly, helplessly numb inside her. It's as if a light bulb had snuffed out leaving everything dark and dreary. Never had she felt so aimless and passive. She had lost all sense of purpose in life. It was as if she would never be happy. Ever.


She looked up at him with expressionless eyes.

"How are you feeling?"

Kushi smiled with a gargantuan effort.

"I'm fine Arnav ji"

He nodded curtly in his usual mechanical manner although his deep brown eyes glimmered with anxiety.   Her efforts to smile had not gone amiss by him.

"I'm going to send Hari Prakash up with a tray of food. I'll be back in a few minutes"

He strode out of the room leaving Kushi alone for the time being. He knew she had recovered neither physically nor mentally and she needed all the attention in the world to revive her back to her old self.

Arnav paced back and forth in his study. He felt utterly clueless as to how to handle the delicateness of the situation or what to say to comfort her.  He needed a few moments to compose himself before going in front of her again. He had asked Di to remove all the bal gopal ji's (baby Lord Krishna) pictures Kushi had pasted over the walls of their bedroom before they returned back from the hospital. He knew any evidence of how much they had envisioned for the baby would crush her again and again each time she laid eyes on them. It was best to remove them before she returned.

As he walked back to the room he heard the distant clicking of cutlery. He was thankful she was having her meal without much complaint.

Kushi was sitting cross legged on the bed running a tentative spoon around a plate. He watched her nibbling the food as if there was no apparent taste in what she ate.

"Not hungry?" he asked as he sat down beside her.

"Did you eat?" she asked back.

"No. Not yet"

"Will you eat with me?"

He stared at her for a moment before nodding. "Ofcourse"

As they sat side by side slowly working their way into the tray of food, Arnav thought wildly of a subject to break the silence. Usually it was Kushi's errand as she never really ran out of words. But today she seemed transfixed by her own thoughts.

"The havan went well yesterday."

"I'm glad. I wish I didn't miss it" she said in a soft, expressionless voice not looking up from the plate. They lapsed back to silence. It was a companionable silence yet he was getting more and more desperate to make her talk.

"Di was telling me Anya was missing you yesterday. She thinks she likes to be in your arms more than hers"

Kushi's head snapped up, her countenance changing as he watched. And he realised what a bad idea it was to mention his 4 month old niece. Kushi gulped and gave a painful smile. The effort she put into smile almost killed him inside. She was in so much pain and he thoughtless spoke about a baby. He wanted to kickhimself for his idiocy.  

After the meal Kushi walked to the open French window and sat on the little ledge separating the long glass doors and the pool side. A gentle breeze hovered around and the air itself was serene and quite. It was a warm peaceful afternoon.

"It's a beautiful day" said arnav as he sat down beside her.

She nodded and smiled.

"Kushi how are you feeling now?" he inquired anxiously.

"Not too bad Arnav ji. I'm fine" She was indeed fine except for a dull sting on her lower abdomen. The doctor had warned that she would encounter slight cramps for a few days but this was nothing new to her considering she had to go through a similar kind of ache every month.  She was used to it. 

But the cramps were nothing compared to the dull burn in her heart. This time yesterday she was happily day dreaming of many things, and today everything lay crumpled at her feet, the dust from the wreckage only starting to settle. The fact that she had gotten so used to dreaming of her little one and all of a sudden there was nothing to even think about made her head spin and heart ache.

Arnav pulled her into a one arm hug as she rested her head on his shoulder. The playful breeze hummed around them and Kushi felt her body relaxing; his soothing presence so close to her making her feel ever so slightly better. He was her solace after all. All of a sudden she wanted to cry. She rubbed her eyes trying to stop the tears from appearing and doing it stealthily so Arnav wouldn't notice.

"Kushi?" Arnav slowly rubbed her soft cheek and dropped a kiss on her forehead. "You can cry all you want. I won't stop you." His voice was gentle and kind, the uncharacteristic softness itself moving her to tears.

How well he knew her!

As kushi buried her head against the crook of his neck and cried silently into his shirt he wondered desperately if there was anything he could do to help ease her pain even a little.  They sat outside for a long time silently drawing comfort from each other. When Kushi finally fell asleep, her head resting close to his heart he gently got up and carried her to the bed, settling her beneath the comforter.

He dropped a kiss on her head before striding out of the room. He needed to speak to Di.


Around mid evening when Kushi finally woke up she was startled to see naani ji, Anjali di and jiji sitting around her bed talking softly to each other.

"Ah look! Kushi bitiya is up. How are you feeling my dear? Did you have a nice nap?"

"Yes naani ji. Why did no one wake me up? I fell asleep"

"yes and it's good that you are getting some rest"

" Kushi ji! We are making halwa tomorrow and you must try the halwa I make. I don't think you've ever had halwa made by me. I'm sure I can beat both yours and Payal ji's halwa anytime" Anjali teased her as Kushi smiled back at her.

"oh  we'll see about that, right Kushi?" said payal putting on a mock affronted face. "By the way Kushi Amma and Buaji's going to visit us this evening. They called in the morning to ask after you but you weren't here and then they called again when you were asleep"

Kushi looked at her sister and a silent understanding passed between the sisters that their family already heard about the ordeal. Kushi was immensely glad. Repeating what happened and watching their faces would be the worst kind of torture she could go through.

The ladies kept a light hearted banter, determinedly staying away from anything that even closely related to the incidents that happened yesterday.

Suddenly Kushi wanted to see Anya. She was a beautiful baby with soft tufts of hair and pink little arms and feet. Anya's sweet face reminded her of both Anjali and Arnav. She hasn't seen her for the whole of day and she missed her.

"Anya? Oh! Umm..she's asleep actually. I'll bring her to you when she wakes up" Anajli said a little too quickly.

"Oh ok.. but di, she never sleeps at this time'"

Just then the door bell rang and Anjali jumped to her feet.

"That must be amma and buaji" cried Payal with pretend excitement as she and anjali rushed downstairs.

A few minutes later amma and bua  ji came in to her room closely followed by Payal and Anjali.

"Kusi!" cried amma as she walked across the room and pulled her into a hug and started to cry. "Oh Kushi how did this happen? This is so terrible! I knew we shouldn't have talked about the good news to Saritha. I'm sure it was the evil eye."

Bua ji joined her as she began to cry, sitting on the floor beside the bed, her hand pressed on her head in a tearful lament.

Anjali, Payal and naani looked at each other. All their afternoon's hard work of steering the conversation away from anything relating to what happened yesterday had just crashed to the floor.

Kushi felt as if someone had unwinded her as she watched her mother and bua ji sobbing, tears dripping down their faces. She was almost close to tears herself watching them cry.

"What is going on here?!" Arnav's voice reverberated through the room. He looked livid as he watched the spectacle unfolding before his eyes. Wonderful! Just what he wanted. Crying people around Kushi to make her even more depressed. He stopped himself from uttering one of his profound, signature remarks and took a deep breath to hang onto his temper. He can't yell at them. They were his in-laws after all.

"Please Aunty and buaji I'm requesting you all not to wail" he said in his customary deadpan voice although his tone was heated to the last syllable. "Kushi is fine. What she had to go through was not easy but crying around her won't do any good. So please stop. This is not the way to behave around some one ill."

"Chotte! Hold your tongue" said naani angrily.

"Arnav bituwa is right." said garima controlling her sobs with an immense effort.  "We are sorry."

"That's alright aunty" he said curtly before turning around and striding out of the room.

After her mother and bua ji had left Kushi sat on her bed, feeling nothing. It was as if she had numbed her feelings. She looked around the room and realised that apart from the usual decorations of stars, colourful lights and devi mayya's murthi, her posters of bal gobal ji was missing. Arnav must have removed them before she came back. She wondered what to make of this. She was glad he thought about ever minute detail of her life, what hurt her and what wouldn't, controlling and keeping away all factors that might upset her sense of mind.

But she wished everyone would not act around her as if nothing has happened. She wanted to cry; cry with them and let it all out, not pretend as if nothing has happened and things were exactly as how it was before. Things have changed and she needed to accept it and move on and so do the others. But it was going to be harder for her to accept when no one seems to want to accept it.

"Kushi ji! I brought juice for you" Anjali entered the room with a smile and placed a large glass full of mango juice beside the bedside table.

"Thank you Di, is Anya up yet?"

"What? Anya? Oh no. She's still sleeping. Now drink the juice Kushi ji and I'll bring you dinner in a while. You have your medicines and vitamin pills to take too."

That night as Kushi slowly changed into her white Kurtha and waited till Arnav came to bed, she wondered how fickle life is. A sense of melancholy was slowly settling inside her.

"Lets go to bed Kushi" Arnav's said as he emerged from the bathroom in his black tracks and white shirt.

Kushi settled beside Arnav as he reached with an arm and pulled her towards him. She buried her head on his chest as she inhaled his worldly fragrance.  If there was one thing in the world that would make her feel better it was being beside him.  Yet half and hour passed by and sleep still evaded her. She squirmed between his arms unable to fall asleep.

"Not sleepy?" Arnav asked in his husky voiced reserved for the nights.

Kushi shook her head.

"I have an idea" Arnav said, even in the dark she could hear the smile in his voice.

5 minutes later Arnav and Kushi gathered the two thick comforters, a few pillows and some sheets and walked outside into the warm night. The pool glimmered in the soft star light and the air tingled with fragrance of jasmines.

Arnav prepared a small den with sheets and pillows and settling between the walls, he extended an arm towards Kushi. She laughed for the first time that day as she took his hand and settling on his lap.

"One second Kushi" he squirmed a bit and lifted her off his lap for a while before settling her back again.

"Ok that's better" he said after a pause

Kushi let out an involuntary giggle as she leaned back against his chest.

"Remember? I promised I'd count stars with you one day. Arnav Singh Raizada never breaks a promise"

"You just said that to throw maami off guard when she was spying on us"

"No, I really did mean it"

"Really?" said Kushi rolling her eyes, smiling incredulously into the darkness.

"So you won't believe me?" He said in a mock affronted voice.

"Look a shooting star!" cried Kushi her old excitement returning to her momentarily.

"Yes I saw that" said Arnav covering both of them with the comforter and hugging her to his chest.

Her attention was caught by two bright specks of light. Her amma and babuji were looking at her, twinkling and blinking in unison. Just then another bright star right next her amma's shimmered and glimmered in the night sky. She wondered if it was their little baby. Is she looking at her mamma and papa?

 As Kushi looked back at the third bright star, she felt a wonderful sense of calmness washing over her. The feeling that she was watching her child was strangely comforting to her.

When Kushi finally fell asleep in Arnav's arms, comfortably cradled between him, the soft smile hovering on her lips remained for the night.


by Hiruni

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Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 6 Jul 2012

Romance - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Date: 6 Jul 2012

Arnav slaps Shyam for insulting Khushi

Shyam tells Anjali that Khushi has been making inappropriate advances towards him ever since they met. Payal confronts him for lying. She tells the family that he had claimed to be a bachelor and stayed as a paying guest in Madhumati's house and had got engaged to Khushi. Shyam demands proof of the engagement and when Khushi fails to provide it he accuses her of immorality. Arnav slaps him for insulting her and throws him out of the house.


Friday, 6 July 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 6th July written update

This episode begins with Shyam blaming Khushi for forcing him to divorce Anjali and trying to move closer with him. Payal loses her temper on Shyam’s words and reveals that Shyam deceived her family and got engaged with Khushi telling him as a bachelor.

Anjali gets shattered to hear all this. Shyam blames Payal and Khushi for trapping him.

Shyam tells that Khushi wants to destroy Arnav’s life. NK tells that Khushi told lies to him to win his trust. Khushi says Arnav to trust her and Arnav slaps Shyam which makes everyone shocked.

Arnav tells Shyam that this slap is for cheating Anjali and insulting his wife Khushi. Arnav holds Shyam's shirt collar in anger.

Shyam asks how dare is he to hold his shirt. Arnav tells Shyam that he might go to Jail if he (Arnav) shows his full strength.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Set Pics


Shyam denies the allegations made against him


Payal defends Khushi but Manorama tells her to keep quiet

 Nandkishore tells the family about Shyam's conspiracy


Anjali refuses to believe Khushi and Nandkishore's allegations

Shyam blames the alleged affair on Khushi


Well we last told you that Shyam will be thrown out of the house by Arnav after learning that he is his kidnapper .. After Shyam's revelation there will be a flow of emotions when it comes to the members of the family .. Specially Anjali out of all will be shattered the most and will end up losing her mental balance .. Yes guys you heard us right.


Well as we last saw Shyam's dirty truth is exposed by Khushi with the help of NK and Payal .. You will witness how everyone is shocked after learning this truth and Arnav will slap Shyam .. For the story to move further , Shyam's character will be away from the scene for a brief period after which he will be back with a bang .. Shyam will be shown asking for forgiveness but no one will seem to consider that.


We saw how Khushi saves Arnav and they come back home safely .. Khushi tells the family that Shyam had kidnapped Arnav to kill him and get hold of all his wealth and property .. Well guys you will see how Payal reveals Shyam's truth about him fooling Khushi and her family and got engaged by hiding that he was married and stayed with them .. Khushi will disclose every small detail about Shyam and eventually Arnav will also believe every word Khushi has got to say.

Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 5 Jul 2012


Romance - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?
Date: 5 Jul 2012
Anjali refuses to believe Khushi's allegations against Shyam

Shyam denies the allegations made against him and accuses Khushi of maligning his name. Payal defends Khushi but Manorama tells her to keep quiet. Nandkishore tells the family about Shyam's pen drive and the will. Shyam switches the pen drive with a fake locket. Anjali refuses to believe Khushi and Nandkishore's allegations against Shyam. Manorama tells the family that Khushi had asked Shyam to divorce Anjali and he had agreed. Shyam blames the alleged affair on Khushi.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 5th July written update

This episode begins with Shyam asking NK for the proof that he had kidnapped Arnav. NK tries telling everyone that Shyam is the real culprit, but Shyam puts blame on Khushi and asks Arnav if he saw him on kidnapper’s place.

NK tells everyone about the pendent where Shyam stored a soft copy of Arnav’s property. Shyam gives the pendant to him and NK tells that he has changed now.

NK tells Shyam about the password I Love U Khushi and Anjali says NK and Khushi to stop talking against Shyam as she doesn’t trust her words.

Manorama asks Khushi if she cares about family, then why she asked Shyam to give divorce to Anjali. Khushi tells that she just took only Shyam’s signature on Arnav’s property paper and not divorce.

Manorama tells Shyam that he also said Yes for divorce and Shyam tells Anjali that he said Yes because Khushi was torturing him.

Shyam to be thrown out of the Raizada house; Anjali to lose her mental balance

After 300 plus episodes of drama, the cat is finally out of the bag in 4 Lions Films and IMRC Entertainment’s Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (Star Plus). Shyam’s (Abhaas Mehta) true face is revealed to one and all in the Raizada family.

And what’s in store for viewers ahead? Well, Shyam will now be thrown out of the Raizada house by Arnav (Barun Sobti), and there will be a flow of emotions when it comes to all the members in the family. Anjali (Daljit Kaur Bhanot) will be shattered, and lose her mental balance. As the story moves ahead, she will go into a shell and will keep herself away from all relationships.

We also hear that Anjali will point a finger at Khushi (Sanaya Irani) for playing a blame game on her husband and this incident might disturb the equation between Arnav and Anjali. Also, Shyam’s character will be away from the scene for a brief period after which he will be back with a bang!!!

We tried contacting Abhaas Mehta, but he asked us to call later as he was busy shooting.

On the other hand, Daljit Kaur told us, “Anjali’s life is shattered and she will go through a lot in this emotional phase. Though everything about Shyam is out in the open, she will not understand what is happening and will be unclear about many facts. She will start to live a lonely life and the fact that she is pregnant will make situations tougher for her.”

When asked about Anjali getting cross at Khushi, Daljit said, “I don’t think Anjali will be in a situation where she will blame someone.”

Catch all the emotional outburst in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon this week.

Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? - 4 Jul 2012

Romance - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?
Date: 4 Jul 2012

Khushi reveals Shyam's true colours to the family

Khushi tells the family that Shyam had kidnapped Arnav to kill him and get hold of his wealth. Shyam denies her accusations. He taunts her for failing to prove her allegations with evidence. Anjali refuses to believe that Shyam is the culprit. Nandkishore arrives in time to support Khushi and reveal Shyam's true colours to the family.


How will Khushi make Rayzada family her truth in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

After battling with all odds and hurdles, Khushi (Sanaya Irani) finally kept the promise she had made to herself of bringing Arnav (Barun Sobti) home safely in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

As seen, before entering the house Khushi made it a point of telling Arnav the truth about his kidnapping. She took him by shock when she revealed Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) as the kidnapper. A shell shocked Arnav even cross checked Khushi if she had enough facts to prove Shyam wrong before all.

Last we only saw how the Rayzada family came to know of Arnav’s kidnapping when Mami blurted out the truth. Now it’s time for all to witness the major confrontation wherein Khushi will try and bring the truth about Shyam before all. However, as always Shyam will act smart and cook his story to prove himself innocent. One will see Shyam putting the whole blame on Khushi, while the latter will try hard to make all believe that Shyam has always been trying to hurt the family.

She will even reveal the fact about her engagement to Shyam and how he had kept her family under dark by hiding the truth about his wedding to Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot). Indeed the drama is going to be quite high as believing Khushi is going to be tough for all especially Anjali, who can never think anything wrong about Shyam.

Amidst the whole chaos, the only person who stands as a ray of hope is NK aka Karan Goddwani, Moreover, Arnav’s face off with Shyam after he hears him pointing out fingers at Khushi’s character will also give the show a new turn as predicting the track further is going to be very difficult. The track has now reached an open end from where the story can take any turn.

But we just hope that whatever it is, we get to see our Arnav and Khushi together!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 4th July written update

This episode begins with Manorama telling everyone that Arnav was kidnapped, which makes Anjali and Nani to get shocked.

Anjali asks Arnav if it is true and Khushi says yes. Manorama tells the family that she tried to tell everyone, but Khushi always stopped her. Khushi says to Payal that if she tells about Arnav’s kidnapping to anyone then Arnav’s life may be put in danger.

Manorama asks Arnav for the motive behind his kidnapping because the kidnapper did not demand any money. Khushi tells them that the kidnapper wanted only to kill Arnav.

Khushi tells Anjali that Shyam is the one who kidnapped Arnav. Family gets shocked on hearing this.

Anjali and Shyam ask Khushi that how she can blame him. Shyam asks Khushi why he is supposed to do it and Khushi replies that he wants Arnav’s property. Shyam tells Anjali that Khushi is telling lies. Shyam spoils Khushi’s all efforts.

NK feels happy to see Arnav and Khushi safe and Khushi says to NK to tell everyone that Shyam is the kidnapper. NK says Khushi is right as Shyam kidnapped Arnav. Shyam tells everyone that NK is telling lies.

IPKKND New Promo

NK will SUPPORT Arnav Khushi's BONDING

We last told you that Arnav is coming back home and a lot of misunderstandings need to be cleared about his kidnapping track .. News were abuzz that NK soon will be departing from the show .. When he last departed in February , fans were disappointed and thus when the makers got him back which marked the anniversary of show , his character has played a pivotal role in helping Khushi unearth the whereabouts of Arnav

Arnav SLAPS Shyam in Front of FAMILY

We last saw how Khushi falls in the trench .. Arnav saves Khushi and Khushi tells him that Shyam had kidnapped him .. Well guys now you will see a lot of interesting moments between Khushi Arnav and the family members .. In the upcoming episodes you will see how Manorama questions Arnav and asks him to reveal about his kidnappers identity .. Khushi gathers all the strength and tells the whole family the bitter truth of Shyam as to how he cheated her and played with her emotions.

Shyam defends himself after Khushi spills the beans

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

Arnav and Khushi were separated due to Shyam’s evil plan when he kidnapped Arnav. Khushi has been looking for Arnav and finally managed to find the place where he was kept captive. Will the distance they endured, bring them closer? 

When Arnav was away from her, Khushi realized how much she misses him and Arnav too realized that he feels deeply for her. But will this distance from each other bring them closer? Will they admit their feelings to each other?

Many of the other STAR Plus couples too have realized how much they miss each other after being apart. Pratigya was very worried about Krishna when he was arrested and imprisoned; she did everything she could to prove his innocence and bring him back home. When Jeevika had come to Mumbai, Viren could not accompany her due to his work but later he gave her a surprise visit and the two spent some romantic moments with each other. Naitik is so used to having Akshara help him with his daily chores that even when she goes to her maika, he misses her and keeps calling her up.

Often when you are close to a person, you realize their importance only when they are not around. You tend to miss the small arguments, the person’s habits and their presence around you.

Arnav says “I have missed Khushi a lot and I can’t wait to meet her. She has done a lot to look for me and has finally managed to find me. We have been apart from each other for too long.”

Khushi says “I am so happy that I have found Arnavji. I know that he has gone through a lot of hardships and now I just want him to be in front of me. I don’t want to leave his side for even a moment.”

As Arnav and Khushi are finally going to meet, will the time they spent away from each other, bring them closer? To find out, watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?, Monday to Friday 8 pm on STAR Plus.

Do you think distance makes the heart grow fonder? Do you think the distance will bring Arnav and Khushi closer?

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 3rd July written update









This episode begins with Arnav finding Khushi in an unconscious situation and tries to wake her up. Shyam is angry when he get to know that Arnav and Khushi have escaped from his hands.

Arnav gets shocked to see the blood running from Khushi's head. He is scared by thinking that Khushi is dead.

Arnav recalls his and Khushi’s memories and tells her to get up and puts her hands on his heart. Khushi feels his heartbeat and gets back to sense. Arnav feels happy to see that Khushi is alive and hugs her.

Arnav lifts Khushi in his arms and both share eye to eye contact. Arnav and Khushi reached home and Khushi tells Arnav that Shyam has kidnapped him. Arnav gets shocked to hear this.

Anjali is worried to see that Shyam is injured. Shyam recalls that how he hit his car by himself. Arnav asks Khushi if she has any proof against Shyam.

Khushi enters the house and everyone is shocked to see that Khushi is injured. Later Arnav enters and family is again shocked to see him injured also. Shyam gets scared to see that Arnav and Khushi is still alive.
Manorama tells everyone that Arnav was kidnapped which makes everyone shocked.

Karan Goddwani's role is still active!

Karan Goddwani's exit from the Star Plus show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? in February did not go down well the audiences and they were left flabbergasted with the Production House's decision to terminate his role.

However, fans prayers were answered when NK's marked his entry to celebrate the anniversary of the show. The rumours are again afloat of him exiting the show. NK has been pivotal in helping Khushi (Sanaya Irani ) unearth the whereabouts of Arnav (Barun Sobti) .

Fans expect NK to play a pivotal role in clearing all the misunderstandings that plague Khushi-Arnav's relationship and his exit from the show would be untimely and smack of indifferent attitude of the production house.

Tellybuzz spoke to Karan Goddwani who told us –"I don't know about the length of my role. News of my role ending is just a speculation. Only the production house knows the truth."

Another good news is in store for the fans. A high voltage drama awaits when Arnav and Khushi enter the Raizada Mansion. The long awaited confrontation between the family members is on the cards. Khushi however, will not be waging a lone battle – NK will don a serious role and tell the entire Raizada family the truth about Shyam and his satanic activities. Also, Arnav will stand by his lady love and the famous ASR temper will rise once again and Shyam will be slapped.

Will this lead to the rift between the Raizada siblings? Viewers will have to watch the upcoming episodes!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 2nd July 2012 Written Update

This episode begins with Shyam telling Khushi that Arnav is going to die. Shyam angrily tells Khushi that she has to lose Arnav because she has chosen him.

Khushi tells Shyam that she can do anything for Arnav because she loves her husband Arnav very much. Shyam gets angry on Khushi and tells her that he loves her too, so he can do anything to get her not bothering to kill Arnav.

Arnav sees Khushi and tries to reach her, but Shyam forcibly takes Khushi with him.

Arnav follows Shyam’s car and goons follows him. Shyam ties her legs and mouth and leaves her on the road.

Arnav gets shocked to see Khushi on the road and hardly stops his jeep to save Khushi. Khushi succeeds to open her ties. A kidnapper puts gun on Khushi to stop Arnav.

A goon beats Arnav and Khushi fells in a furrow in the process of saving herself. Arnav gets shocked to see Khushi is falling. Arnav fights with the goons and tries to search Khushi by calling her name.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Arnav & Khushi's ROMANCE in the JUNGLE

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is getting more and more interesting by the day and thus a lot of new drama is going to unfold .. Shyam finds out about Khushi's ploy against him .. Anjali tries to contact Shyam and Khushi but all in vain .. Arnav is not aware as to who is with Khushi and thus keeps following her .. In the process Arnav fights with the goons to save Khushi and himself and she tries to escape from there and ends up falling in the ditch.

Arnav saves Khushi's life

Love finally brings Arnav and Khushi together in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

It might have been a lot wait but has been certainly worth as love has finally found its way for Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

As updated last, Khushi had reached the hideout where Arnav was kept and she even smashed their plans by emptying the kerosene cans and filling them up with water. The real action is going to double up now as Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) will run away in a car along with Khushi.

Arnav will follow them and would in turn have to face a fierce encounter with the goons. Though there will be a lot of action involving Arnav and the goons and even Khushi’s life will get into danger but everything will end on a happy note with love winning over all odds.

Soon after the fight scene, Arnav and Khushi will head to the Rayzada house where we guess things would take a nasty turn. The drama is surely going to be high as we have already seen Anjali (Daljeet Bhanot) getting to know of Shyam and Khushi. She even confronted Payal (Deepali Pansare), who is most likely to spill out the whole truth.

Now the interesting thing to be seen is if Anjali and other family members pay a heed to Payal. Meanwhile, as Shyam has managed his escape from the place where Arnav took over the fight with the goons, chances of him manipulating Anjali and others at Rayzada house are really strong.

Well, for any good tale to move on some bad element is necessary and we think Shyam is undoubtedly the perfect baddie. But till the time we have Arnav-Khushi standing by each other in all thick and thin, we needn’t worry about someone like Shyam. Isn’t it?

Arnav FINALLY RETURNS HOME in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Well the wait to the most awaited track has finally come to an end .. Barun aka Arnav is finally back on the show and you will see how he enters the Raizada house in the upcoming episodes.. Hhmm isn't that a sigh of relief ?? Good moments are already here in this show .. Khushi will be successful in rescuing Arnav from the goons.

Arnav,Khushi to return home,Shyam to get exposed

The upcoming episode is filled with a lot of revelation, blaming drama in Star Plus Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND).

Present track showed that Arnav and Khushi have been struggling to escape from Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) and his goons. The upcoming track will show that Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) will get succeed to save themselves from them and return home.

The huge tension filled drama will unfold when Khushi gets back to the house in a hurting condition and the entire family starts to question her about why is she so disrupted. After a while, Arnav enters the house which make everyone to get surprised.

Family will get to know that Arnav was not in scotland but was kidnapped. Later the family will come to know that Shyam was the one who kidnapped Arnav and created all these problems for Arnav and Khushi.