Friday, 27 July 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND): 26th July written update

This episode (26th July 2012) begins with Arnav asking Khushi about telling a lie to him. Khushi tells Arnav that she wants to stay with Buaji and that's why she had told a lie and apologize him for this.

Khushi tells him that everything will be fine in 13 days. Anjali is talking to herself alone in the room and Manorama is scared to see her. So she asks Payal to sleep with her.

Nani tells Arnav that his marriage will be completing in 6 months after 13 days.

Arnav realizes that Khushi left him because the marriage contract is over. Arnav decides to win Khushi’s heart again and make her as his wife forever using his tricks.

Khushi says to herself that she will not be Arnav’s wife after 13 days.

Khushi is shocked to know that Arnav has taken her house rent from the house owner.

Manorama gets a blank call and is wondering whom that could be.

Manorama informs Nani about Anjali talking to herself. Nani calls Anjali and she tells that she is in hospital for a medical checkup.

Khushi shouts at Arnav for giving her house rent to the house owner because she does not want him to give rent. So Arnav gets the money back from the house owenr. But this time, she still shouts at him to take the money back from house owner.

Khushi explains to Arnav that she has the capability to manage everything on her own. But Arnav thinks that she will surely need him for help.


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