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Arnav and Khushi to Get Hot? Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Promo

Barun Sobti Birthday Tribute

Hello Everyone,

What we want to do:As you may know, it's Barun's birthday in August, so everyone here at TeamBARUN are planning to wish him in a special way, and in which you too can also participate.

What you can do: Drop us an email at and we'll choose 30 people to appear on the video.

More details to follow.We're very excited for this!

*Screen Caps* An Epic Hug - Arnav and Khushi

An Epic Hug - Arnav and Khushi

Arnav and Khushi, lovers unite to separate again in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

This week has been full of real entertainment for the lovers of Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon as the reunion of Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) left all hearts drooling over.

Yesterday’s episode was a sheer delight wherein one got to see the passionate and protective lover in Arnav. The way he took over the fierce fight with the kidnapper, proved his immense love and authority over Khushi whereby which he just can’t let anyone else harm her an inch. Their escapade from the clutches of the goons must have left many hearts pounding with fear and anxiety.

The whole sequence was executed quite perfectly with both the leads being at their acting best. Indeed it was a delightful episode to watch and we are sure that you all must be eagerly waiting for the coming episodes, sure to bring in various twists and turns. Talking of the tale ahead, the much talked about Arnav-Khushi consummation is most likely not to take place given the circumstances the two are in at the moment.

Furthermore, sources even claim that as the kidnappers are hell bent on tracing them, Arnav might agree to get back to them just in order to save Khushi from their hands. Well, we know this would disappoint all a bit but for the story to move forward in the right manner, it is must that all misunderstandings are wiped out. And guess this is what the CVs are planning of at the moment, building of unbreakable trust between Arnav and Khushi is the need of the hour, which will only be possible once Arnav gets to know her genuine concern for him.

Hope we will soon get to see their love story making a new start with trust and understanding playing a vital role!

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 1 June 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Arnav asking Khushi how she knew that he is in trouble. Khushi recalls his love confession and was about to tell, but suddenly hear someone coming there.

Arnav asks Khushi to come down. Kidnapper asks Khushi why she followed him and tries to misbehave with her. Khushi tries to save herself from the kidnapper.

Arnav gets heated up and enters the room by breaking the window. Arnav starts hitting the kidnaper for misbehaving with Khushi. Khushi feels that the kidnapper was about to faint and tries to stop Arnav.

Khushi and Arnav hug each other after a great relief. Both, Arnav and Khushi recall their romantic moments. Suddenly, they hear some noise and try to escape from the spot to save themselves from the goons.

Arnav and Khushi hide themselves behind a wall. Khushi screams seeing Arnav’s hand badly injured and Arnav shuts her mouth, but goon’s hear the noise and starts searching for them.

Arnav and Khushi hide behind a box where they both wrap together sharing eye locks very passionately to each other.

Arnav and Khushi again run towards the forest and Arnav gets hurt by a thorn which prickles his foot. Arnav gets up and Khushi tries to remove the thorn and gets hurt in hand.

Arnav asks Khushi to take off her hand as he doesn’t want her to get bleeding in her hand. Khushi says that he too is hurting himself for her.

On the other side, Payal asks Aaksh to choose a sari for her office party. Aakash tells every colors suit at her well.

Fan Fiction: Her Pregnancy by Hiruni, based on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Chapter 2

"Kushi! look at me. Kushi shhh" he pulled her in to his arms in a fierce hug.

 Arnav was at a loss of words. His mind was in an icy state of calm anguish and he didn't have much energy to utter words. Kushi continued to rock back and forth in his arms, her breathing uneven although no sound escaped her. He didn't know why he was hushing her when she wasn't crying. Maybe it was his own subconscious attempt at trying to control his internal weeping.

More than his own bitter disappointment, what was hard for him to bear was Kushi's. He knew she had weaved many a wonderful dream and having to helplessly watch them getting grounded to dust was harder for him than anything else.

Everything was his fault. Every single ordeal she had to face in her life is on accounts of him. The miseries she had to go through on accounts of that scoundrel right from the day he met her in lucknow to her lost hopes of a dream wedding, to all the sufferings she endured during the initial days of their marriage are due to his follies.

He had failed her miserably yet again. All the promises he had given her have fallen short of ever being full filled. He had failed to make her happy. He had failed to keep her smiling. He felt delirious and light headed. He wanted to carry her off somewhere and wrap her in his arms and keep her away from anything ever touching her again.

He didn't know for how long he had held her, enveloped by silence, each drawing comfort from the other. The mere feel of her against his thudding heart made him feel better. She was her salvage; his one source of energy. He still had her beside him.

Dr Segal's knock on the door cut through the silence. "Mr Raizada? Mrs Raizada? I would like to talk to both of you"

Arnav slowly let go of Kushi as he looked at the Doctor and nodded.

Dr Segal entered the room and sat down heavily on the bedside chair. He cleared his throat and began.

"Naturally miscarriages are hard to bear but it's is not an uncommon phenomena. Most women go through this ordeal more than once in their life time. Now Mrs Raizada I have been following your pregnancy for the past two months and I had specifically asked you to eat well and look into your nutrition diet"

Kushi nodded slowly, twiddling unconsciously with the frills of the bed sheet. 

"I had also asked you to take plenty of rest" Kushi looked away unable to meet the doctor's eyes. For the first time she felt her eyes welling up. It was her fault. She did not pay heed to his cautions, went right ahead and did everything he had asked her not to do.

"Mrs Raizada it's essential that a pregnant woman is stayed put and keeps her legs up.  The nature has given you the time off to rest and let your body get accustomed to the changes it's going to undertake. You must understand this and take advantage of it."

It was as if he had known she disobeyed him. Kushi nodded silently; unable to speak. She determinedly avoided Arnav's eyes.

"Now I must ask both of you to take precautions on a few matters. I discourage on another pregnancy for the next three months. Another pregnancy too soon might result in another miscarriage and even more serious health problems."

Kushi's heart thumped fearfully. Had she permanently injured herself?

" did this happen doctor? Is there something wrong with me? Or has something happened in me?" Kushi's tried to keep the edge off her voice. She got to know. She must know.

"No there's nothing wrong with you as far as your tests have revealed. We still need to clarify on a few other tests but rest assured there's nothing wrong."

Kushi simply nodded.

"Now Im prescribing you some iron replenishing tablets along side the usual vitamin supplements since you lost quite a bit of blood. Make sure you take them regularly" He peered at her over his horn rimmed glasses.

"I want you to sit down and take a good long rest atleast 4 to 5 hours each day day and no it doesn't count on your sleeping at night. No running up and down the stairs. No opening and closing of windows, that sort of thing'do you understand?" He asked her sternly.

"Yes doctor". Kushi said meekly.

"You are free to go home today but I would advice staying the night and leaving tomorrow just in case."

"Just in case? Is there anything we should worry about?" Arnav asked hurriedly.

"No no its just a precaution. There could be more bleeding or cramps around lower abdomen. Nothing serious. But staying is entirely your choice."

"we'll stay the night" Arnav said firmly.

"But Arnav ji there's going to be the havan'"

"I don't care about the Havan. There are other people who can look after it. You are staying here till tomorrow" He barked, his nostrils flared and a muscle throbbed dangerous at his jaw.

Kushi knew the warning signals when she saw them. It would be suicidal to argue with him now especially when it came to health related issues.

Arnav turned around and advanced on her the moment the doctor left the room.

"Kushi? You were working for this havan you were planning weren't you? How could you when you know quite well you should be resting?"

" ji..." her stammer feebly. The arrival of the rest of the family didn't stop him from giving her one of his signature frowns and turning away.

"Kushi bitiya!" naani was the first to hug her and kiss her head in sympathetic affection. The rest of the clan slowly gathered around her muttering their sympathies and kind words. Everything they said escaped her notice except for him. She wanted to talk to him, hold his hand and apologize to him for being careless and stubborn, cry on his shoulder and gain his warmth. She wouldn't be able to bear his wrath. He was the one source of comfort she had of which her existence depended. She wished the rest of the family would leave them alone.

"Patti sadi..mera matlab Koosi bitiya..we had warned you not to work too hard. This would never have happened if you listened to us. But you never seem to listen to what the elders say do you? You just go on doing whatever that pops into your head. What should we do'"

"Manorama! Whats the need to bring this up now? Kushi bittiya is ill and she needs our support and kindness right now. Not reprimands. Had you helped them more in the preparations yes maybe this could have been avoided" naani said angrily. This effectively shut off manorama maami's monologue yet the sticky silence that penetrated the room refused to dissolve.

Kushi looked up to see Arnav's heated gaze piercing her.

He only started to speak when they were again lone in the room.

"I knew it. Kushi how could you? I asked you, I pleaded with you, I said it in every possible way to make you take better care of yourself" he didn't look angry. He looked disappointed. And shattered.

Kushi felt an overwhelming sensation settle inside her. Her insides ached in anguish. She could take anything but not this Arnav ji. He could yell at her. Shake her hard. Push her, bruise her. But not be disappointed with her. It was the worst possible way for her to feel on an already horrifying day.

"please Arnav ji. Im so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I disregarded everyone's words'Im so sorry.."Kushi's voice broke. She was near to tears but she tried her utmost to control them. There was no space for tears. It was her fault and she will bear every punishment with silence.

"yes you bloody well should be sorry. What if something happened to you? What if I had lost you? Do you have any freaking idea what I went through when I saw you on my office floor in a pool of.." he stopped short unable to continue, his insides shrivelling in horror as images of his Kushi from the afternoon flooded his brain.

He took a deep breath to calm himself when the phone rang. Averting her eyes he picked it up.

"Make it quick Aman" he snapped into the phone.

"Im sorry sir. Im just checking to see if madam is alright. Everyone at office is still waiting and no has left for home in the hopes that we'll hear from you about her. Everyone's worried"

"She..she's fine Aman" Arnav could bear to put words on what he and Kushi went through that afternoon.  It was best they left it there.

"Oh Im so very glad sir. Everyone's so fond of madam so they were naturally very worried. Some of the girls were hysterical here. She looked mighty tired when she came in with the file. She told us she came in the bus because she couldn't find a rickshaw.  So I assumed I thought she must have been tired from coming in the bus. Rush hours sir. Buses get crowded at that time. I never expected Madam to fall this sick sir'"

Aman's blabber was instantly tuned off as Arnav stared at his wife sitting on the pristine white bed clutching a sheet as she looked at him with her large tear filled eyes. She came in the bus? She strained herself by traveling in those rattling contraptions on an excuse of four wheels to get him few pieces of paper? His heart flooded with remorse and affection for the tiny creature in front of her.

"She's fine Aman. Tell everyone to go home." He said a few brisk words before cutting Aman in mid sentence as he snapped close his phone.

 Arnav turned to Kushi with a purposeful air.

"You came in the bus? Why the hell didn't you come in one of the vehicles at home? Why am I paying for all those cars if you don't use them?"

His eyes glimmered strangely. Kushi shivered involuntarily. He was still angry and disappointed with her. She burst into tears unable to take his voice any longer.

"All the vehicles were out. I tried to find a taxi but I couldn't for a long time. I walked everywhere in the hopes of finding a rickshaw. But it was important for you to have the papers immediately so I decided not to wait for a rickshaw any longer and took the bus. I'm so sorry Arnav ji..please don't be mad at me! I can't bear it when you are mad at me!" Kushi sobbed, tears now pouring down her face thick and fast.

He stared at her wife, his shoulders slumped, hands balled tightly into fists. He was doing it again wasn't he? The one thing he would continue to regret for the rest of his life; the one thing he had nightmares almost every night- misunderstanding and judging her without listening to the entire story.  He felt like hurting himself for further hurting his already fragile wife with his unkind words. There she was trying her best to help him and he was reprimanding her when what she needed the most were his kind words.

He walked across to her in two long strides before pulling her in a bone crushing hug. "Shh enough crying. Im not mad at you. Far from it. I love you and I can never stay mad at you. You know that right?"

Kushi nodded like a small child against his shoulder.

"I'm sorry" she whispered.

"I should be the one to say sorry. I should have taken better care of you. I was caught up with my business work and neglected you. I wish I could be a better husband to you Kushi. I always seem to let you down"

Kushi broke away from his arms and stared at him with reproachful tear filled eyes.

"What did you just say? You are the best husband in the world. Please Arnav ji tell me the truth am I making you feel that way?"

"No Kushi you don't." He gently pulled her again towards him, his precious bundle; tightening her against the beating of his heart. He sometimes wondered if he really deserved her.

She felt herself relaxing against him, his heady masculine scent calming her down, his strong familiar 'Arnavji' presence reassuring her of his nearness, his protective arms around her.

She clutched at his shirt resting her head against his chest. She knew there would be troubled times. But she also knew that he would always be next to her, guiding her and helping her on. She sighed softly against him as she closed her eyes to the gentle rhythm of his thudding heart.


by Hiruni

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*NEW VERSION* The Consummation Promo of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 4th of ...

Arnav to be kidnapped again?

Khushi ( Sanaya Irani), who has been frantically searching for her missing husband Arnav ( Barun Sobti) in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus, will finally find him. But the kidnappers will trick her and take him away and her search will start all over again. Meanwhile, actor Karan Godwani, who received a lot of appreciation in the past for his comic character Nand Kishore, will make a comeback in the show. With Arnav being kidnapped, his entry will be pivotal in helping Khushi in the search for her husband, along with Mamiji. After a week, the lovebirds will finally meet and successfully escape. 
But reports talking about a love scene between Arnav and Khushi are perhaps untrue. Channel sources claim that there is no such plan as of now. Guess, the love-hate relationship will continue in the show.

via Hindustan-Times (Mumbai)

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 31 May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Khushi telling Manorama that she has checked in all medical shops, but could not get any information. Khushi hears a man refusing to give money to the shop keeper.

Khushi turns to see him and notices a tattoo on his hand. Khushi realizes that the man was in the airport where she got the CD.

Khushi follows him, but he watches Khushi and hits her head. Khushi comes back in sense seeing her in unknown place.

Suddenly, Khushi feels that Arnav is present there and Arnav too feels Khushi as they are in parted in the same place.

Arnav and Khushi try to find out each other. Khushi calls his name and Arnav gets surprised to hear. He calls back Khushi through the window.

Both, Arnav and Khushi manage to see each other through the window. Arnav holds Khushi’s hand and gets emotional. Khushi tells Arnav that finally she found him. Arnav feels happy and relaxed.

Khushi asks Arnav why he said lie that he is fine while in trouble. Arnav says to Khushi that let him break the window first and will tell later.

Kidnapper asks Khushi to have dinner. Khushi refuses and kidnapper threatens that he will hit her if she refuses.

Arnav gets shocked to hear a man's voice in Khushi’s room and sneaks through the window. Arnav asks Khushi what is the need to bring here if they want to hit her.

Khushi smiles and Arnav ask her the reason for her smile. Khushi says that she missed him.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 30 May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Khushi removing her anklet and bangles following Shyam silently. Shyam gives a moneybag to some people and goes with them in the room.

Khushi watches Shyam through window and sees Shyam threatening a man for deceiving him.

Suddenly, Khushi’s slips and falls down. Shyam suspects that someone is watching him, so he asks the man to find it.

Khushi hides herself in a shop while goons search for her. Seeing the right time, Khushi comes out, but a goon catches her and takes her to Shyam.

Shyam gets shocked to see Khushi and asks what she was doing here. Khushi thinks not to tell him about Arnav’s missing. Khushi asks Shyam what he was doing here and whom he was threatening.

Khushi tells that he is not playing the evil game now as he didn’t ask her about the papers. Shyam says to Khushi that he was just asking the contractor about the new house work. Shyam says to Khushi in evil style, so Khushi leaves him angrily.

At home, the postman brings a parcel for Arnav. Manorama and Khushi hesitate to receive the package, so Anjali gets it.

Anjali tells Khushi that it is diabetic medicine for Arnav which is only available in some shops of Delhi. Manoroma tells Khushi that the kidnapper will also buy diabetic tablets for Arnav.

Manorama and Khushi start inquiring about tablets in medical shops. On the other side, a goon asks Arnav to have medicine.

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Love blooms for Arnav and Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

It’s been almost a year that the ardent fans of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon have been eagerly waiting for the love track to develop between Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani).

Though their gestures keep vouching for the love they have for one another but confession of the same never really took place. But as they say sometimes distances make love make its presence felt and this is what has happened with Arnav and Khushi. Staying away from Arnav made Khushi vulnerable and she for the first time was seen questioning her feeling for a person like Arnav, who has always left her in tears.

Now that Khushi too has sensed her feelings for Arnav and is hell bent on getting him out of the danger, the viewers are in store for some most awaited moments between the love birds. As per a source, Khushi will start suspecting Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) and will doubt him over Arnav’s kidnapping. She then will keep a track of Shyam’s acts and will soon reach the place where Arnav has been kept. As heard from reliable sources the two will successfully flee away from there.

Moreover, the escapade will lead to some cozy and romantic moments between the love birds. More likely, they are said to be consummating their marriage thereby taking it to the next level.

This indeed has been the most hoped-for sequence but we just hope that before the track, one is made aware if Arnav knows about Khushi being innocent or not. And if he has come to know of Khushi’s innocence, their love tale surely needs to get a new start with those itsy-bitsy romantic moments of theirs.

Khushi and Arnav finally to meet in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Here comes another of the shocker, but we would say that it’s quite an interesting one, as Khushi (Sanaya Irani) too has got kidnapped and is being kept at the same place where Arnav (Barun Sobti) has been in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

Yes, as seen of late, Khushi has been trying hard to trace Arnav under the intuition that he is in some sort of danger. Sensing her tactics, Manorama Mami aka Utkarsha Naik too got suspicious of her and while following her acts came to know of Arnav being missing. Now both Mamiji and Khushi are tracing Arnav and as per the latest update Khushi will get through the place.

However, here’s a twist in tale as Khushi will reach the spot once she too gets kidnapped. While watching an eagle eye on Shyam (Abhaas Mehta), Khushi will make him suspicious and he in turn will abduct her and keep her in a cell next to Arnav. Well, though they would be in prison but the lovers will finally get to see each other after a long wait.   

Now the real question arises as to how the track will move ahead? Knowing that Shyam is the mastermind behind all these happenings, it might be possible that Khushi has deliberately planned of her kidnapping so that she can at least get to know of Arnav’s hideaway. Moreover, with Mamiji also being involved in the rescue game, there are chances that she will prove the key of helping Khushi and Arnav sneak out of the place. 

A lot of twists and turns are indeed in store for the viewers and now that Barun is back to shoots, the IPKKND lovers are surely going to have a gala time!

Let’s hope that Arnav and Khushi will soon reach home all safe and sound!

Khushi SPIES on Shyam in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Khushi GETS KIDNAPPED in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Khushi INVESTIGATES about Arnav in Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Fan Fiction: Her Pregnancy by Hiruni, based on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Chapter 1

"Kushi ji, Please try to take things a bit easy. It's not good for you to be stressing yourself like this".

"Common di we need to get this last bit of flower decorations arranged near the poolside and we'll be done! Besides I would like to help as mush as possible especially because this havan is very important to you and Arnav ji"

"I know. But you have been working all of last week and this week for this havan. There's enough people to help get everything done. Please Kushi ji you have to be especially careful during the first trimester"

"Di, if we don't get these done by noon today, we'll never get ready for the havan tonight. Besides it's not like pregnant women have to sit on bed doing nothing' we have to be active. Are you suggesting that I sleep all day?". Kushi said with a smile as she sat down with a plop besides Payal.

"Kushi we are not telling you to sleep all day you silly girl. We are asking not to strain yourself. Running up and down the stairs, lifting those heavy boxes when Arnav ji and Akash were both standing right next to you. What were you thinking? They could have lifted them for you"

"I'm perfectly capable of lifting boxes on my own. Thank you very much jiji" said Kushi rolling her eyes.

"Chotte's going to blow up a blood vessel if he sees you working one more time. You know how paranoid he is"

"Arnav ji's paranoid about everything when it comes to Kushi" Payal pinched Kushi with a grin.

"Haha funny. Don't let me get started on you and Aka.."

Kushi's retort was cut short as Naani's voice floated from her room.

"I'll go and see" said Kushi as she jumped up from the living room sofa and rushed upstairs to naani's room before anyone could stop her.

"Ye Kushi bi na'" Payal shook her head to Anjali.

"I wish we didn't give all the servants a break this week. It was thoughtless of me. I should have waited till the havan was over" Anjali's eyes followed Kushi worriedly up the stairs.

"It's alright Di. We are all here to help with the preparations and we have been working hard. It's you and Arnav ji's parent's death anniversary. It's best that everything's done by family members. Kushi was saying the same thing last night. We are happy to work all day long to make sure everything goes perfect tonight".

"Yes but not on the cost of Kushi ji's health"

Kushi was on the landing of the flight of stairs when an unusual punch of pain from the back of her spine throbbed through her body. A light unsettling feeling cemented in her as she took the next flight more slowly. A chill was penetrating her body. She decided to ignore the second punch of pain as she walked with less spring in her step towards Naani ji's bedroom.

"Arre Kushi Bittiya, why did you come all the way? I was calling Anjali Bittiya or Payal Bitiya'"

"That's alright Naani ji" Kushi smiled cheerfully. "Is there anything you needed to be done?"

"I just wanted one of them to check on all the things needed for the havan tonight".

"No problem naani ji we have already double and triple checked on all things needed. Everything is ready".

"Ah that's very good of you' now" naani paused as she surveyed Kushi closely. "You look tired Bitiya. Go and have a nap if you are feeling tired. You have been working hard for the past few days. Did you have lunch?"

In a bit Naani ji'I was just about to.." her voice was drowned by the shrill ring of the telephone.

"Kushi bitiya let someone else do work for a change" said naani ji as Kushi turned to walk out of the room to pick up the phone.

"I.. I know naani ji. I'm a bit fidgety. It's just that I want this havan to be perfect tonight..because this is an important day for all of you and'"

"Bitiya" Naani ji walked up to her and took Kushi's hands in hers. "You are such a good Bahu and we are very fortunate to have you in this family but don't forget that you are going to be a mother soon and it's essential that you take good care of your self. Your health and your baby's health come before everything else"

Kushi nodded mutely as she trained her eyes on the soles of naani ji's feet. She had been feeling a tad bit tired from all the work she had been doing for the past few days. But she wanted everything to be perfect, for the sake of Arnav ji, for the sake of Anjali di and the beloved family. Arnav had been constantly putting his foot down each time he had seen her running around with errands but he had been very busy; more than busy lately with the new take over of a company which was to be hugely profitable to AR and had not been around much to see her working.

She was especially advised to eat and rest well. Doctors had also advised her to look into her dietary schedules due to her delicate figure.

Ever since then her husband had been fussing whenever possible (although he had been significantly held back on this particular front with his ever increasing workload). One would think she was terminally ill and not just pregnant, judging by the constant reminders of food, vitamin pills and other what-nots.

Just last night he had drawn her to him and kissing her softly on the cheek had almost pleaded with her to take more care of herself. His deep brown eyes had searched her face in concern and Kushi was hit with a bout of guilt.

"Kushi, do you know how happy you have made me? Ever since the day you entered my life I was a changed man. You have no idea how much you mean to me. If something happens to you because of this pregnancy I will never forgive myself"

She had in return hugged him tight and reassured him she would take plenty of rest and proceeded to break the promise the very next day by working for the havan.

She hated disobeying her husband, he was her world. For her, all things and everything revolved around him. "Last day. Todays's last day and I swear I will not budge an inch from my room after today" Kushi resolved to herself with conviction.

Her inner monologue was rudely interrupted by a loud exclamation from downstairs. She exchanged a worried glance with naani ji as they both hurried down stairs to find a distressed looking Anjali Di being consoled by an even more distressed looking payal.

"Naani! I just received a call from Subhani maami.  Vipraksh maama had passed away" Anjali burst into tears.

"Oh my goodness! How did this happen?" cried naani ji.

"Cardiac failure. Sudden attack. There wasn't any time. Oh naani! This is terrible news. What should we do?" whispered a grief stricken Anjali.

"We have to inform Chotte and Akaash. And we must go to Subhani. She needs us the most right now"

"I, I'll inform them. Someone must stay here. I'll stay at home. You all go and I'll join you later" Kushi said.

"Teek hai. We must leave right now. Kushi bittiya look after yourself. If something happens let one of us know immediately"

"Haan naani ji. Don't worry about me. I'll manage everything" She gulped. Her pain in the back had increased in it's intervals. The sudden stress of the news, Kushi thought.

A little while later after she watched the others leave, Kushi hurried to the phone to dial AR to inform her husband about the ill news. But before she could reach for the receiver, it rang of it's own.

Kushi picked it up wondering what other horrific news that might be waiting on the other end.

"Hello Kushi madam? This is Aman calling and it's very urgent"

"yes Aman what is the matter" She could feel thin  beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. She ignored the clammy feeling around the region of her abdomen as she gripped the receiver nervously. Hai devi mayyaiya what was the matter now?

"Maam, Sir had left a very important file and I think it's back at your home. He's at a critical meeting now with the CEOs of the merger company and It's essential that we have that file with us. Sir wanted to call you but the discussions are at a critical stage and we would suffer millions of dollars in loss if we wouldn't secure this merger. Maam, is there a possibility you can bring this document file to AR right now?"

"Ofcourse Aman tell me what this file looks like and I'll reach there as soon as possible"

Aproximatly 30 seconds later Kushi rushed upstairs to her and Arnav's bedroom and hurried across the room to Arnav's working desk.

"Where is this file, where is this file" muttered Kushi as she rummaged around in desperation.

She suddenly gasped and straitened up. Not because she fund the file but because the pain in her back had intensified.  She took a deep breath.

"Come Kushi. Don't be a wimp. Arnav ji needs the file. Don't let a little pain mar you down. Search, search. Hai devi mayyia help me" she cried.

Right on cue she spotted the dratted file on their bedside table.

"There it is!" Kushi pounced on it triumphantly. "Ok I have to get this to AR as soon as possible"

She hurried downstairs to realise all the household vehicles are out.

"Oh well I'll just have to use an auto"

Kushi walked out into the sweltering heat and looked about. "where are these dratted auto's when you need them" she muttered to herself as she looked about. "Why is Devi mayyia hell bent on making it tough for me today"

At the end of 15 miniutes Kushi was in tears. Her back was still aching. She was sweating profusely, the putrid fumes of Delhi traffic wafted into her lungs and her feet ached. More than anything she was desperate to get to AR. She had walked around a block to find a rickshaw but to no avail.

She was reminded that she was standing outside a bus stand when a bus came honking to a stop beside her. "Hey I can take a bus. Why didn't I think of that before?" mentally chiding herself at her stupidity she looked at the sign outside the bus honking near her.

"well look at that! Devi mayya isn't being that difficult after all! This bus would take me right near AR. Wait wait! Im getting in!" Kushi yelled with all her might as she ran towards the bus and got in.

The bus was crowded and she found no seat to sit down for the rest of the journey. By the time she stood outside AR doors she thought she was going to faint with tiredness. "I made it!" Kushi cried jubilantly as she hurried inside the office.

"Kushi madam! You look very pale. Do you need a glass of water?" A helpful looking girl working at the exact spot Kushi had worked more than a year before offered. "No no I..I'm fine. Thank you. I need to find my husband"

Kushi quickly walked upstairs to find Arnav's cabin empty as she expected. "He must be in the conference room. Wonder where Aman ji is"

Just then Aman walked in with a relieved smile on his face. "Kushi madam. You are just in time!"

"here you go Aman ji. I hope this is the file you wanted me to bring"

"Yes yes this is the one! Thank you very much! You just helped AR gain access to a million dollar worthy deal. Our global expansion will be even more fixated" he cried as he snatched it from her hand and disappeared into conference room without further conversation.

She smiled faintly to herself. "Aman ji sounded like an over excited Easter bunny!" But next moment her smile vanished as it was replaced by a painful grimace.  Kushi clutched at the desk and reached for the glass of water. She never made it as she felt her legs give away and she sat down heavily on the ground. Panting she tried to get up but her knees refused to budge and next thing she knew the brown desk legs infront of her began to swim around her'.


Arnav walked in to his office half an hour later, elated with the proceedings of the meeting. He knew a good deal when he saw one and this would be phenomenal for the growth of AR. Aman had informed him earlier that Kushi brought the much needed file he left at home. He wanted to run towards her and give her a bear hug for helping him today. She probably had no idea of the enormity of what she helped on.

 Kushi; his little wife. His little tigress with her never ending spirit and unquenchable energy' he thought fondly. She was the only person he wanted to see right now after this enormous success of the company.  After everything they had gone through together, she was the only person he wanted to share in his success with.

"He entered the cabin to find it empty. That's strange. Aman said he left her here" Arnav thought feeling a pang of disappointed. Maybe she's waiting outside. He must find her.

And then he stopped short.

He was struck dumb for a moment, his whole countenance spinning in a wild over drive as he saw the sight in front of her. He had found her alright.

She was lying in a dead faint on the ground beside his desk surrounded by a puddle of blood, the redness giving stark contrast on the white tiled floor.

He felt his knees giving away as he clutched the desk for support. Words failed him as he stared at her limp form.

"Kushi" he whispered, his world slipping away from him.


"How are you feeling now Mrs Raizada" An unfamiliar voice greeted her.

She opened her eyes slowly, the bright fluorescent light hurting her clamped pupils. She felt clammy, light headed and oddly empty. What happened to her?

"What happened? Why am I in a hospital?" her voice came as a croak, weak and unyielding to her commands.

"How do you feel Mrs Raizada? Any light headedness or feelings of nausea?"

" Im feeling fine. A little fatigued but I feel f..fine. What happened to me?" A sudden fear gripped her body. The emptiness inside her was growing as she spoke.

"What happened to me?" she repeated sharply, her voice camouflaging the terror that engulfed her. Some how she knew it before the doctor answered.

"I'm sorry Mrs Raizada. You suffered a miscarriage. These things are common in the first few months of pregnancy. Don't loose heart. Your husband is outside, waiting desperately to know if you had gained consciousness. I would like to speak to both of you."

Kushi nodded blankly. Her mind has gone into an icy numbness. She felt as if she was falling into a dark abyss. From a very far away place she felt tears smarting in the corners of her eyes. But she held them, refusing to let them spill from her eyes.

She wanted to see him first. Even before she let the agony wash over her, she wanted to see him.


Arnav walked inside the room to see his wife propped on a mountain of pillows. She looked fine although her glazed eyes that looked straight ahead into the wall told him a different story.

She slowly turned her head to stare at him. Her face was poised; there was no trace of tears. She held his gaze steadfast for several seconds before her countenance contorted.

He was instantly sitting by her side engulfing her into his arms; burying his head in her hair, both gaining comfort from each other.

"We lost our baby, Arnav" Kushi whispered brokenly.

by Hiruni

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 29 May 2012 - Screen Caps

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 29 May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Khushi and Manorama watching CCTV footage. Khushi notices Arnav is going outside from the airport with some people.

Khushi assumes that peon is entering the office. So asks Manorama to go away from here. Manorama and Khushi hide themselves from the peon’s eyes and come outside. But Khushi goes back to the office.

Khushi takes CCTV footage and comes out. Suddenly, the CD slips from Khushi’s hand and the peon comes inside the room at that time.

Khushi hides herself and runs away with CCTV footage. Manorama and Khushi comes back to home. Khushi tells Mami that the detective told her that the kidnapper will ask for money. So Manorma brings her all jewelers.

Khushi tells Manorama that kidnapper did not demand for money. On the other side, Arnav imagines Khushi is near him and recalls his love hate moments with Khushi.

Manorama enquires the watch man about him. Khushi asks Manorama, how she thinks that a watchman can kidnap Arnav.

Manorama tells her that kidnapper’s motive is something else as they have not demanded for money.

Khushi suspects Shyam and checks his mobile phone for any clue. Khushi gets shocked to see Shyam had taken 5 lakh rupees from the bank. She wonders why Shyam needs so huge amount.

Khushi notices Shyam and hides herself. At the time, Shyam received a call and tells him that he will come to meet at 8 PM at that place.

Akshay Dogra's Funny Tweets on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

I am curious - a question to all; Apart from/alongside 'arnav-khushi' what else would you all like to see on #ipkknd?

Wow, aman's suddenly quite popular, ha ha... ok.. so as i see it while arnav and akash romance their respective wives in the living room
the rest of the family goes into a flashback of their origins...and suddenly lo behold aman walks in! breaking the whole family's daze...
ok here are some fictional facts : 1. Aman is a fully functional robot who does all our business work. Its true. thats why only phone calls.
2. the whole prakash family works for the raizada's, there's actually a guy called prakash prakash... but he has dreams to be a postman.
Fact # 3 : Laxmi can actually talk, she's just waiting for the right moment to spill all the secrets of the raizada family.Not just shyams;)
4. raheem chacha was an undercover guard, he was doing the back ground checks on the prakash family.
5. when akash and arnav were about 9 both attended knitting classes at the polytechnic near their house.
nani/dadi was scared both boys might need a skill for future life, cos they werent the brightest students, today they stitch a mean scarf!
 The knitting classes actually helped arnav and akash to build the huge fashion empire. BTW, AR group also sells silk stockings for goats!
the craze never caught on tho... lakshmi wears them from time to time during her walks with nani/dadi
One Last Fact for tonight - AR group once delivered a specially made to order dress with words 'im a woman and proud of it',
 to a man named 'osama bin laden',it is rumoured he was killed before he could come out of the closet. AR Group was however paid fully!
 Well, in tv land one day equals 200 episodes, so anjali got pregnant just yesterday that's why she doesn't look pregnant
Guys, anjali is a holy girl, who do you think the father will be... The lord almighty himself.. true if we were living in biblical times
But, it's Shyam 'jijaji' for sure!
 Alright, this was fun! But, gotta sleep now... So have a good one folks night or day whatever it is for you all :) much love, goodnight!

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - New Promo

SBB - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th of May 2012

SBS - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 29th of May 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 28 May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with the Airport manager refusing Khushi to show CCTV footage asking Khushi to leave. Khushi notices a security card and hides it.

Shyam suspects on Khushi’s behavior feels relaxed seeing the papers are safe.

Manorma calls Arnav’s phone and gets Hindi messages from the mobile operator. Manorama realizes that if Arnav is in Scotland then the message should be in English. But, seeing the message in Hindi, she confirms that Arnav is in India and not in Scotland.

Manorama tells Khushi about it and informs Khushi that they will start their mission to search Arnav in night 12:00 AM.

Manorama dresses herself in black dress and Khushi gets shocked to see her. Manorama tells Khushi that she has seen how detectives work in English movies.

Manorama and Khushi reach the airport office. Manorama helps Khushi to enter the gate.

Manorama gets keys from peon using her filmy tricks and enters the office. Manorama was about to throw paint at the camera, but Khushi stopped her by saying that the camera can capture them.

Then, Kushi hiding herself from camera cuts the wire. Manorama and Khushi search Arnav in CCTV videos by playing the CDs. Then, Manorama notices Arnav while Khushi gets emotional to see Arnav.

BIG SURPRISE in Arnav Khushi's Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

SBS - 28th of May 2012 - Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Arnav Childhood Picture

Barun Sobti on the set of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - 28th of May 2012

Monday, 28 May 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - SBS - 28th of May 2012 - Arnav is Back!

Arnav and Khushi to consummate in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Consummation sequences in television are quite a rage when it comes to viewers’ expectation, especially for the extravagant manner in which they are shot!! And who can forget the hype and publicity attached to the intimate scenes shown between the lead couple of Bade Acche Lagte Hain (Sony Entertainment Television)?

Well, such a high-point awaits the fans of 4 Lions and Panglosean Entertainment’s Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus. The inside news is that the track wherein Arnav (Barun Sobti) is kidnapped is likely to come to an end, with Khushi (Sanaya Irani) getting successful in tracing him. And what’s more? As per reliable sources, Arnav and Khushi will have some intimate moments soon after Khushi finds her husband.

We hear that the creative team is planning a consummation sequence right in the jungle between Arnav and Khushi. The duo will get cozy in a hut and take their relationship to the next phase.

We tried contacting the leads of the show, Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani but they remained unavailable.

Then we contacted Abhaas Mehta, who plays Shyam, who said, “I am not aware of Khushi saving Arnav. As of now, I am shooting scenes wherein Khushi starts to suspect Shyam and follows him.”

Get ready viewers, as you will get to see some breezy romance between the lead pair!!

Khushi to get shot in Iss Pyar ko Kya Naam Doon?

The story of ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?’  is heading towards major drama wherein Khushi will be suspicious of Shyam and his actions, and eventually figure out that he is responsible for Arnav’s disappearance .Hence she will follow Shyam to get a lead on Arnav but unfortunately luck will not favour her as he will come to know of her plan. Khushi will be trapped and in the process of saving Arnav she will get shot. She will be badly injured but Arnav will come to her rescue and will save her from Shyam. After all, he is Khushi’s hero.

Mamiji stands by Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

We always love when two totally opposite poles get together for a common cause and this is what exactly happening in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

As seen, Khushi (Sanaya Irani) has found a helping hand in none other than the Hello Hi Bye-Bye Mamiji (Utkarsha Naik) aka Manorama. So far the viewers got to see how Khushi had got suspicious about Arnav (Barun Sobti) being in some sort of danger. Though the family believed Arnav being at Scotland but Khushi made it a point to see if he really boarded any flight to the country or not.

To her dismay, her fears stood alive and she got assured about Arnav not being in Scotland either. This further made her file for a missing report but the fright of family getting to know about the same stopped her from doing so. And eventually she tried to hire some private detectives for the same; sadly here too money stood as a barrier.

Meanwhile, Mamiji who had started doubting her acts came to know of her visit to the detectives. Though she showed her reluctance initially in accepting about Arnav being missing but coming episodes we will get to see both Khushi and Mami hunting for Arnav.

Now this is going to be an interesting track to see as the otherwise taunting and a bit shrewd towards Khushi, Mami will give her full support to her in searching for Arnav.

Let’s see how they’ll end up tracing out Arnav. Will Shyam’s (Abhaas Mehta) truth come before Mamiji or the creep still has some time to count for his execution?

Guess only time has the answer! Keep watching the show and enjoy! 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) 25 May 2012 Written Update

The episode begins with Khushi watering her plants and thinking in dilemma whether she should go back to detective or not. Khushi promises herself that she will find Arnav at any cost.

At the dining table, Manorama asked Khushi where was she yesterday in the morning. Khushi hesitantly tells her that she went to Azad Nagar market to buy something. Manorama asks Khushi to show the things she bought.

Khushi maintains silence and Monorama tells everyone that Khushi went to Chandni Chowk rather than Azad Nager. The whole family gets shocked and asks Khushi why she went.

Manroma tells them that Khushi went to meet Prathvi. Suddenly, Khushi stops her and says that she went to Prathvi Khadhi Bhandar to buy gifts for Arnav.

Anjali asks what she bought and Khushi tells that she did not get anything. Anjali says Khushi to take her along with when she goes for shopping.

Khushi comes in Monorama’s room and tells her that she went to Prathvi detective agencies because Arnav is in danger. Manorama says to Khushi that she became crazy because a few days back Arnav called and said that he is fine.

Khushi shows Manorama the messages which Arnav have written when he reached London, but he said that he is Scotland. Khushi asks Manorama to give 24 hours as she will prove that Arnav is in danger.

Khushi recalls the moment of an airport when Arnav leaves and goes to the airport. On the other side, Manorama also tries to find out about Arnav. Airport manger refuses to give the airport CCTV camera footage to Khushi.