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Small screen darling’s big expectations

“When I auditioned, I gave three different kinds of ‘look’ tests and everyone vouched for my look and said, ‘This is the character we are looking for.’ Getting the role was a huge challenge and clicking on the very first take brought about a feeling of exhilaration.

The serial is a big hit because its storyline is very close to reality. Men do have this quality of trying to overshadow a woman. Every common man can identify with the character I am portraying,” says Sobti.
“I’m not a trained actor. I just felt like going for an audition and so I turned up for this role,” adds Barun. Having said that, I really do not know what profession I would be pursuing if I was not an actor.”
He likes to be grounded; does not have any airs. “When I was struggling people from the industry did not give me any bhav. No one was keen on giving me a role. The same people now have a different attitude and those who hesitated to give me work are open to working with me. I know this vicious circle has to be experienced by one and all.”

He and Sanaya Irani, who plays Khushi, make a great on-screen pair. “Yes, both of us fit the characters. Khushi’s exuberant performance has made our pair click on screen. Both of us have worked sincerely. There is no doubt the serial’s spectacular because of the strong script. The story, scripting, and performances, all together have made this serial so impressive,” he adds.
Talking about his other interests, Barun says, “I like listening to music. Reading books too keeps me busy. But I am shooting 12 hours a day, I have no time to sleep. As and when I get time, I love to catch up on sleep. Also, since I am married, I need to set aside a little time for my wife. She is very co-operative and we share a great relationship.”

To his legions of female fans, he says, “I’m flattered but sorry, I am a happily married man.” Barun has also bagged a film role, will he quit TV if that clicks? “Yes, I’ve got a role in Main Aur Mr Riight. I play a wannabe actor. I’m not sure about my future so can’t say now whether I will continue working for the small screen or not. I take life as it comes. I am not 60 years old to bother about my future; I just like to go with the flow.”
And now, with the new twist in the show, the return of the wicked villian Shaam, will the lead characters get married or will there be more rona-dhona? “A story with twists and turns is a big hit. I know nothing about the future script, we shoot for the day,” he says.

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Arnav, Khushi stuck amid dadi, Shyam’s plans

It seems like happiness and sadness have become a part of the love birds Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani) in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

Whenever they come close to each other they have to be separated.

Present track shows that dadi used her all efforts to stop Arnav and Khushi’s remarriage. She almost succeeded to stop the remarriage by calling Khushi characterless and selfish in front of Khushi’s buaji.

Buaji could not bear Khushi’s insult and she decided not to accept any remarriage proposal of Khushi and Arnav. Dadi was happy after getting the success in her plans but her happiness soon vanished when Arnav convinced buaji to approve the remarriage.

He also told dadi that she will never succeed in her mission to seperate Khushi from him. Besides this, Arnav felt himself guilty and he became sad by recalling the pain which he had given to Khushi in the past under the influence of his misunderstandings.

Arnav believes that he is the responsible person for Khushi’s painful life.

Arnav is trying to make everything fine for his remarriage with Khushi but Shyam and dadi are busy in making their plans to separate them.

Let’s see how Arnav and Khushi complete their love story in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

How will Arnav and Khushi deal with the hardships in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon is giving the viewers some restless days, courtesy the dramatic twist in the tale as seen presently.

While on one hand all were glad of hearing Arnav (Barun Sobti) agreeing for remarrying Khushi (Sanaya Irani), the very next moment turned all gloomy. It is no more a surprise that the most missed character in the daily is back and of course, his return is going to be way more dangerous. With Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) coming back with a bang, fears are now lingering around the love birds Arnav and Khushi.

As seen, Shyam is keeping an eagle eye on the activities taking place inside Shantivan. He has now come to know of Arnav-Khushi’s remarriage and is hell bent on not letting that to happen. The way Dadiji (Swati Chitnis) barged into the Gupta house accusing Khushi being a characterless girl, it was pretty clear that she is very much a part of Shyam’s plans. The mastermind behind Dadi’s entry in the house is none other than Shyam, who has poisoned Dadi against Khushi, which is why she is so apprehensive of her.

However, Shyam’s first plan failed to yield any results as Arnav reconciled with Buaji and Garima making it clear to them that wedding is bound to happen. He even informs everyone at home that they will be leaving for the Gupta house with the Shagun for the wedding. Furthermore, realizing how he had made Khushi suffer to extremes in the past, Arnav will now seek apology from her.            

The drama quotient on the show is quite high as Garima too was seen a bit conscious of Dadi, which apparently connects the dreadful past here. With so many troubles around and Shyam at the helm of destroying things, let us see if Khushi and Arnav will be able to go through the wedding rites!

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Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 13th August 2012

Date: 13 Aug 2012

Khushi refuses to celebrate her wedding night without a proper wedding

Manorama becomes suspicious of Anjali's secretive behaviour. The Raizada family celebrates Janmashtami. Arnav gifts a dress to Khushi and tells her to wear it. He decorates their bedroom with flowers and candle lights for their wedding night. Khushi refuses to consummate their marriage without a proper wedding. Arnav builds a fire on the terrace and carries her around it to complete the marriage. He tells her that his love for her is more important than the customs. Dadi sees them together.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 13th August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Anjali receiving a text message. She’s reading and smiling and Manorama comes there. Anjali hides her phone. Manorama asks whose message it was. Anjali says it was just a forwarded message. Manorama then asks why did you take so much time in temple? Anjali says it’s Janmasthmi so there were lots of people in temple and I stayed to talk with a priest. Nani then calls Manorama so she leaves.
It’s night time. Khushi is pushing some bag in her room but it’s not moving because it’s stuck with something. Arnav is standing there and watching it. Arnav then goes and removes that thing and bag suddenly moves & Khushi falls down and her head crashes with floor. Arnav gives her a hand but she gets up on her own. Khushi is annoyed. Arnav says unbelievable.
Nani and Dadi are ready to do Kanah’s pooja and they call everyone. Whole family do Kanah’s pooja now. Arnav looks at Khushi and smiles. Khushi tries to ignore Arnav.

After pooja, Arnav and Khushi & Aakash and Payal take blessings from everyone. Nani then says she wants grand children now. Arnav whispers in Khushi’s ears that you always say that we should listen to elders, you’re listening what Nani is saying right?

Khushi is still annoyed with Arnav and she goes to the kitchen. Arnav follows her and says her let’s go. Nani comes there and takes Khushi with her.

Everyone is in living room now. Arnav says loudly, I am calling you since so long and asks her to come with him right now. Nani tells Khushi to go and check what Arnav wants to say.
Khushi now comes to their room and tells Arnav how can you shout at me like this in front of everyone? Arnav then throws a box and says gift for you. Khushi asks is this way to give a gift? Arnav says that’s how I give and then tells her to go and wear it without saying anything.
Khushi comes out and it’s some red dress. She’s hiding behind a door and Arnav sees her and stands up. Khushi then sees their bed decorated. Arnav asks her why are you standing there? Come here. Khushi says I don’t have dupatta. Arnav then shows her dupatta and asks are you coming here now or shall I come there? Khushi doesn’t come out so Arnav goes there. Song plays in background (Tumhi Dekho Na). Arnav holds her hand and calmly takes her to the bed. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav puts dupatta on her head now and Khushi looks like a bride. Song ends. They hug now and Rabba Ve plays in background. Arnav now carries her and puts her on the bed. Khushi’s heartbeat getting faster. Khushi then strikes that without saat-pheres marriage is not complete.

Khushi says, “No Arnav Ji, we can’t do this. Our marriage is incomplete. We didn’t take phere”. Arnav asks her to stop it. He says you’re living in my house being my wife and you say our marriage is incomplete. Khushi says all rituals matter a lot and we didn’t take phere. Arnav then takes her with him to take phere.

They come on terrace now. Arnav is breaking tables to gather wood and he gives fire.

Arnav says to Khushi now we have fire as well, let’s take phere which are very important to you. Khushi says we have to marry properly. Arnav doesn’t listen her and carries her and starts doing pherers. Khushi is still saying we have to marry properly with priest, mantra, etc.. Khushi then says last time too they didn’t marry properly and they are living together since 6 months. Dadi comes there and listens that.

Arnav is holding Khushi tight and doesn’t let her go down. Dadi leaves from there.

Khushi asks Arnav to leave her. Arnav puts her down. Khushi asks him what did you do? Dadi is not talking properly with me and now she saw me like this. Arnav says you’re my wife, you’re on my terrace, and I didn’t do anything that would look bad to Dadi. Khushi asks what if Dadi heard about pheres? Arnav asks what is this pheres? Are they greater than our feelings?
Khushi says if pheres don’t matter, If rituals don’t matter, Then what matters to you? Arnav loudly says, “I love you, damn it”. and suddenly there is a pin drop silence. Arnav leaves from there now.

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Date: 10 Aug 2012

Dadi criticizes Arnav for throwing Shyam out of the house

Khushi becomes flustered after Arnav tells her to get ready for their wedding night. She is teased by the family for wearing her dress inside out. Anjali lies to her family and goes out to meet someone in secret. Nani tells Khushi to prepare kheer for Janmashtami but she prepares jalebis instead. Dadi questions Arnav for throwing Shyam out of the house. He becomes enraged when she criticizes his mother. He blames his father for his mother's suicide.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 10th August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with everyone eating at dining table. Nani asks Khushi to give her water. Khushi puts water in glass that has milk already. Payal then goes to Khushi and asks her what is she doing. Dadi is staring at Khushi. She apologizes to Dadi. NK then sees Khushi’s dress and says I like your style. Arnav says in his mind, this girl is totally crazy. Nani asks Khushi why she wore dress the wrong way. Arnav asks ya Khushi why you seem lost today? Khushi then runs away from there.

Anjali is going temple. Arnav says her that he will also go with her. Anjali says she will go herself, Arnav asked that’s enough for her and driver is with her anyways. Arnav says okay.

Now Manorama sees Anajli and says give her 5 minutes and she will also go with her. But Anjali says it’s okay.

Payal, Manorama are decorating house for a janmasthmi function. Khushi is coming with flowers and Arnav pulls her and all flowers fall on them. Arnav then says he just came to remind her about their suhaag raat. He asks her if she is not scared. Khushi doesn’t say anything. Arnav says good so see you tonight and leaves. Khushi says, Devi ma now what will I do?

 Nani then asks Khushi to make sweets (kheer) for today. Khushi makes some other sweet (jalebi). Nani and Payal come there. Nani asks her, are you fine? why are you making jalebis? Nani is worried and asks her if everything is fine. Arnav comes there and asks what happened Khushi? You’re lost since morning, you didn’t tell me anything when I asked, something wrong? Khushi tells Nani that she will make kheer. Nani and Payal leave. Arnav laughs and leaves.

Outside, NK is telling Manorama he feels like eating non-veg today. Manorama says him are you crayz? asking about nonveg in this house.

Manorama wonders where is Anjali and then she calls her. Anjali is sitting in a restaurant and talking with someone. She doesn’t pick up the phone. Manorama then calls driver and asks where he is. Driver says he is waiting outside temple since 2 hours. Manorama then goes to inform Arnav about it.

Nani and Dadi are together. Nani says all preparations are done. Dadi says no, one thing is missing. Dadi again asks about Shyam and says she want answer right now.

Manorama comes to Arnav’s room and right then she gets call from Anjali. Anjali says she is coming home very soon. Arnav and Manorama hear Dadi shouting so they go there.

Dadi is saying to Nani that it’s been two days since she came and still Shyam didn’t come to meet her. Arnav comes there and says he won’t come either. Dadi asks why? Why Shyam is not living in this house with Anjali? Arnav says because I threw him out of this house. Nani asks Dadi to chill and says she will tell her everything but not now. But Dadi wants to know now only and she asks Arnav why. read full updates with pictures only at . Arnav says Anjali is the important person in his life and he can’t see someone hurting her. And Shyam made her very sad, betrayed her. Arnav says so it’s better if no one takes his name in this house especially in front of Anjali. Arnav leaves. Dadi follows Arnav but Nani stops her. Dadi says no, not today and says she won’t let Arnav go like this without answering. Dadi now comes to Arnav’s room and says, I can see you’re not same Arnav as what you used to be. Now you have grown up and you make decisions for this family. Arnav says time can teach you many things and I have learned how to take care of family very well. Dadi then asks so you were protecting Anjail by throwing Shyam out? Anjali is pregnant and she needs Shyam most right now. Dadi then says or you want her child to grow up without father just like you? Arnav says I grew up alone because my dad committed suicide and before that he made my mother to commit suicide as well. Arnav says he won’t let Shyam do anything like that with Anjali.

Dadi says your mother committed suicide because she was a weak woman. She never learned how to take care of kids and her family properly. Arnav says ENOUGH DADI JI and tells her not to say anything about his mother. He says he can’t hear anything against his mother from anyone including Dadi.

Dadi says again you’re taking a wrong side. You’re blaming the ones who has no fault just like last time. Arnav says STOP IT DADI JI. He asks her, why you keep bringing that incident back again and again which destroyed our family. Arnav asks don’t you want us to forget that? Dadi says no one can forget their past and run away. But we can change our future. Dadi says throwing out Shaym will surely affect our future. She says she doesn’t want Arnav to repeat mistake that he did before. Arnav says his decision was correct before as well and today too. He says last time mistake was his father’s and this time it’s Shyam’s. Arnav says Shyam will never come back to this house.

Nani comes there and asks them to stop fighting. Nani says Anjali has came back and asks Dadi to end this conversation here for Anjali. Nani says they did so much to make Anjali smile again and asks Arnav to stop fighting as well. Dadi leaves from there.

Arnav, Khushi and cast of IPKKND on 65th Indian Independence Day

Shyam is back to spoil Arnav and Khushi’s re-marriage

Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) re-marriage function is going to happen in a very dramatic way with the reentry of Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It was last seen that Arnav threw Shyam out of the Raizada house after knowing the real face of him.

But Shyam had decided to not to go away from Arnav and Khushi’s life until he destroys their happiness completely.

The last episode has finally made the reentry of Shyam in the show.

It was shown that Shyam was keeping an eye on the Raizada house’s each moment through a cctv camera.

Shyam has been watching the entire scene of the family clash on the matter of Arnav and Khushi’s remarriage and Khushi’s love confession to Arnav.

This time Shyam has returned with new dreadful plans against Arnav and Khushi.

He vowed that he will never let Arnav and Khushi be united together as long as he is alive.

Watch Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th August 2012


Date: 9 Aug 2012

Khushi feels that her wedding is incomplete without ceremonial customs

Anjali and Arnav decide to leave their tragic past behind and move on with their lives. Payal is pleased with Arnav for defending Khushi. Khushi teases Arnav with his naked baby photo. He chases her around the room to get the photo from her but they end up jumping on the cot and breaking it. Dadi asks Manorama about Shyam but Nandkishore interrupts her. Khushi tells Arnav that their wedding is incomplete without fulfilling the ceremonial customs. He tells her to be ready for their wedding night.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 9th August 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Anjali looking at childhood photos and crying. Arnav comes there and Anjali hides the album. Arnav tells her you always told me don’t let your past ruin your future and for so many past years you told me to forget past and now you forgot your own words. He asks her to forget everything that happened. Anjali says they will have to forget their past thinking it as a bad dream. They both decide not to look back in past in things which make them sad. They hug each other.

Khushi and Payal are sitting together. Khushi says she feels like Dadi is very upset with her. Payal says you didn’t do anything intentionally. Dadi is just too strict with you. Khushi says you’re my sister so you will take my side but Dadi ji.. since she came she has issues with her. Payal says you saw that but you didn’t see Arnav fighting for you, how he said Khushi is my wife and she can go and do whatever she wants. Khushi is smiling and says she never saw him like that before either. Payal says you’re very luck that you got husband like Arnav. Khushi is smiling, she gets up and starts walking. Title song plays in background.
She comes to their room now. Arnav asks what happened.. do you want to say something or what? And she just hugs him. She then tells him to forgive her. Arnav says you don’t need to be sorry. Khushi says she is saying sorry for some other reason.. and says she saw him without clothes. Arnav says excuse me? And Khushi shows him his childhood picture. Arnav tries to snatch that picture but Khushi doesn’t give and starts running. Arnav follows her and then they fall on bed and bed breaks.
They both start laughing. Khushi tells him she never saw him laughing like this before. Arnav says bed never broken like before either and he takes photo away.

Dadi is in living room and thinking about what Arnav just told her. Manorama comes there listening music and dancing. Dadi stops her and says don’t you have any manners? Manorama says she is listening bhajans. Dadi then asks where is Shaym. Manorama says no one is here with that name. Dadi stares at her. Manorama tries to change topic but Dadi tells her not to change topic. Manorama doesn’t know what to do and NK comes there and says, ‘Yo! Masi ji. What’s up?’. He sees Dadi ji and shuts and says she is very scary. read full updates with pictures only at . Dadi ji says him don’t you know you don’t interfere when two elders are talking? NK says I am not ‘chote’.. I am NK. And when did chote said ‘beach mein’ (interfered). He says beach is in Mumbai not here. Manorama whispers to him.. do something else.. Dadi asks him to leave Manorama alone for some time so she can talk with her. NK tries to change topic and says you talk so sweet and asks her to teach him as well. She says him a fool and leaves.
Everyone is gathered in living room. NK is asking about Radha-Kishan. Aakash says they used to love each other but couldn’t marry. Nani says their love was great and says they never took saat-phere. Khushi then strikes that her and Arnav didn’t take saat-phere either and says meaning they didn’t get married. Payal says without phere marriage is not complete. Nani says only after pheres they are called husband-wife. Khushi is blanked out.
Some people come with new bed. Servant says Arnav’s room bed is broken so this is new bed for them. Manorama says what did they do like that that bed broke? Were they playing cricket or not. Everyone is laughing. Khushi hides her face and Arnav pretends as if he’s talking on phone. Anjali gets a call and she leaves from there. Khushi gets up and starts walking but Arnav is standing in her way. Arnav blinks his eye seeing her. Khushi then leaves from there.

Arnav back on phone and Khushi comes there. She tries to talk but Arnav stays busy on phone. Khushi says only she cares about everything and says what she will do now.. they didn’t even do pheres. Arnav then asks her what happened. Khushi tells him that they are living like husband and wife. Arnav says that’s because we are husband and wife. Khushi says no we aren’t and says she realized today that they never married. Arnav asks how you realized that all of a sudden? Khushi says they didn’t do pheres and they didn’t do anything that husband-wife suppose to do. Arnav says ya.. you’re right. He then asks her what they are supposed to do. Khushi tells him all the events and in end she says ‘suhag raat’ (honeymoon). Arnav stops her right there and says exactly.. you’re so smart.

Arnav asks her again what did you say in end? Khushi says honeymoon. Arnav says we will have to do all that but how about starting from backwards? We will do honeymoon first. He starts going closer to her but Khushi goes back. Arnav asks what happened.. you changed your mind? Khushi says no.. they have to do all the traditional stuff.. Arnav tells her let’s do it.. he won’t eat her and goes closer to her. and says it’s a deal.. it’s our ‘suhag raat’ tomorrow night. Khushi says no.. I was just talking about pheres.

Khushi starts walking. Arnav says her tomorrow night and Khushi leaves.
A Courier comes for Arnav. Before dadi goes to get it.. Arnav comes and takes it. It’s a big bag. Dadi says Arnav Singh Raizada.. he don’t even use his father’s name in his name.

Arnav comes to his room and Khushi is sleeping. She wakes up now. Arnav reminds her about their ‘suhag raat’ tonight and leaves. Khushi’s heart beat starts beating and she says what has happened to her.
 Aakash sees Arnav and asks him.. is there anything special today.. you seem very happy. Arnav says nothing.. just a good day.
In kitchen, Payal asks Khushi what happened? Khushi says.. phere.. suhag raat.. Payal tells her what are you saying? Payal asks without phere how suhag raat is possible? You were asking yesterday about phere… today about suhag raat. Khushi says she is just asking. Payal then says she was scared before her suhag raat. Khushi asks why were you scared? Payal says like you didn’t scare before yours and she goes away. Khushi says you don’t know how scared I am.

Khushi to face the wrath of family in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Nobody can forget how six months back Khushi (Sanaya Irani) had all her lovely dreams shattered when Arnav (Barun Sobti) forced her into the contract wedding for six months in Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

After witnessing Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) embracing Khushi on the terrace, Arnav assumed Khushi as a home wrecker and made her marry him by force. Everything went a great deal of changes for the two in these six months. With Shyam’s real face coming out in open, all the misunderstandings got cleared and our love birds headed towards a new journey exploring their love.

But then came the contract clause, which disturbed Khushi but thanks to Arnav, he handled that very smartly. However, the happiness didn’t live for long as Arnav’s dadi (Swati Chitnis) made her entry in their lives. She has been apprehensive of Khushi right from the first day and is not willing to accept her as Arnav’s wife. Khushi on the other end thinks of her wedding with Arnav being incomplete because of the pheras not taken. However, as Arnav doesn’t believe in rituals, plans to take their wedding to the next level.

Khushi protests and justifies the reason behind; a furious Arnav, who is worried of Khushi not considering the wedding complete one, again acts hastily and forcibly tries to complete the pheras on the terrace. Their act gets witnessed by Dadi and Khushi again feels scared, they get into an argument post which Arnav ends up confessing his love for Khushi in his own ASR style.

This brings a smile on Khushi’s face but as we know troubles can’t stay away from her for long. Buzz states that in the coming episodes, Dadi will create an issue of the wedding and Khushi will yet again be subjected to humiliation.

Buaji too will land up in RM and in her outburst will slap Khushi. But the good part is that unlike the past, this time Arnav will be there to support her and by all chances, a remarriage will fix the things between them.

So stay tuned to your favorite show!

14th August [SBS] - Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani

Arnav's real love confession to Khushi

Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) love life is going through many twists in the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus.

It is being shown that Khushi wanted to complete her marriage with Arnav by performing all custom wedding rituals.
Showing his witty side, Arnav told her to start the wedding rituals from their wedding night this braught a lovely twist in Khushi's behavior in the family and she starts feeling uncomfortable to be with Arnav Singh Raizada.

When, Arnav wanted to get close to Khushi seeing her in a beautiful dress. Khushi stoped Arnav at that moment by telling they cannot get close without completing their wedding rounds.

Khushi’s words made Arnav angry. He forcibly starts to take rounds by burning a furniture. Khushi is shocked to see dadi there and feared by thinking if dadi heard about seven rounds matter.

Arnav tells Khushi that she is his wife and no ritual is important for her. Khushi asked Arnav that if rituals are not the matter then what is important for him.

Arnav angrily stated her that he loves her which made Khushi shocked and happy.

However, Arnav earlier has confessed Khushi about his love when he was kidnapped. But this time, he actually expressed his feelings to Khushi.

Shyam's advantage with Dadi's entry in Arnav Khushi's life

The upcoming episodes of IPKKND will bring a lot of dramatic twists, revelations in Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) life in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It is already being shown that Dadi’s entry has revealed the past life of Arnav Singh Raizada. Khushi’s life is also disturbed by dadi’s entry. Dadi is not ready to accept Khushi as Arnav’s wife.

Dadi is also trying to stop Khushi's involvement in the family issues. Dadi’s anger for the innocent Khushi is still mysterious to everyone.

On the other hand, Dadi is also trying to force Arnav to bring the son-in-law Shyam back in the Raizada house. When Arnav refused to bring Shyam back, dadi reminded him that he has repeated the same mistake that he had commited once in his past.

Dadi also blamed Arnav that he is supporting the wrong one instead of the good one and the good one is being punished without any fault.

Dadi’s words and her concern for Shyam arises a doubt about Dadi’s entry and her rude behaviour for Khushi. Dadi's entry in the Raizada house might be an advantage to Shyam. Dadi's efforts may help Shyam to make a new trap for love birds Arnav and Khushi.

As an evil trap for Arnav and Khushi, Shyam might have poisoned dadi’s mind about Khushi that she is a homewrecker and selfish.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

STAR Plus salutes its young heroes on International Youth Day!

STAR Plus' young achievers have gone the extra mile to make a difference to others' lives. They have supported their partners, made their parents proud and even risked their lives to save their loved ones. Let’s celebrate their spirit this International Youth Day!

A self-made business tycoon, Arnav has gone through life’s hardships and come out a winner. Even though he lost his mother and father at the young age of fourteen, Arnav was not deterred from achieving triumph in life. He has successfully made a name for himself in his business. He is also a protective brother and son, and will do anything to protect his sister and family. Hats-off to this young achiever who always comes out a winner!

Khushi is a vivacious and charming person, and also a caring and devoted wife. She took the brave step of rescuing Arnav from Shyam and even endangered her own life to save him. She fought Shyam’s wickedness with courage and exposed his true nature in front of the Raizada family. Even when she lost the trust of the whole family, she did not lose hope and won it back by standing for what was right. We salute her courage and never say die attitude!

Let us salute the dynamism and zing abundant in our STAR Plus characters. They have brought about a change in the way society thinks and for this they can be termed as youth icons.

Do you agree, they are truly youth icons? STAR Plus wishes everyone a Happy International Youth Day and encourages the youth to bring about a positive change!

Arnav, Khushi’s remarriage to be soon

Dadi’s (Swati Chitnis) entry has created a turmoil in Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) happiness in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

Dadi sternly refuses to accept Khushi as the daughter in law of the family. She has been now trying to insult Khushi.

Khushi is able to face all the challenges of dadi because of her husband Arnav’s support. Arnav (Barun Sobti) is supporting her in every possible way whenever she needs a helping hand.

The upcoming episode will show that Dadi will raise a question on the validity of Arnav and Khushi’s marriage.

Dadi will inform all the family members that Arnav and Khushi did not perform the proper wedding rituals. So, Khushi and Arnav has no right to stay in the same room.

Dadi’s decision will create a huge drama in the present track. Arnav who has been trying to win Khushi’s love will never want to leave Khushi at any cost.

So, Arnav might lead to remarriage process to protect Khushi’s dignity after Dadi's question on validity of their wedding.

Khushi afraid of Arnav's flirty behavior

Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi’s (Sanaya Irani) married life is getting interesting day by day in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon (IPKKND) on Star Plus.

It is being shown that Arnav and Khushi are enjoying each other's company by having support and care for each other.

Khushi always used to get problems one or other way almost every time. Now once again Khushi has gotten into one other problem this time. Even though, it sounds like a problem for Khushi but it is not exacly one but an interesting fun filled with love and romance.

Recent episode showed that Khushi came to know from Nani that wedding rituals play a vital role in strengthening the marriage bond.

Khushi realized that though she and Arnav are living as husband and wife but they haven’t done any ritual.

Khushi then explained Arnav about how the rituals are very important in a married life. They can never be a fully married couple without completing the wedding rituals.

Playing his witty self, Arnav advised Khushi that they will surely complete all the rituals but it will started from their wedding night.

Khushi, who had not expected such a response from Arnav, is very scared while Arnav is full on flirty mood and teasing her by talking about the wedding night.

Even though Arnav’s flirty side scares Khushi but their actions bring them closer.