Saturday, 28 December 2013

TeamBARUN crowned IndiasOnline Choice's #BestIndFanClub

We are very delighted to announce that with the support of all of you we were able to win the category of best Indian Fanclub at the India's online choice awards. The admins would like to thank each and everyone of you for not only voting for us, but your constant love and support, as we've said many times we're not able to do what we do without you all. It is just humbling to win such an honor when many other amazing and much bigger fanclubs for many Bollywood stars were nominated, so you all deserve a massive round of applause, it's not just us who won but the whole fandom! 

Other winners included Shahrukh Khan, Shreya Ghoshal and Drashti Dhami and to say the least we are honoured to be included in such esteemed company. Finally, we'd like to say thank you to the man himself Barun Sobti for supporting us from day one and being such a great role model, who drives us to be the best fanclub we can. We would also like to thank Astrus Talents who have always treated us with the utmost respect and professionalism, and for replying to countless SMS, Direct Messages and E-mails even on non working days, We once again accept both Barun Sobti and Astrus Talents lovely congratulations as recieved below: 

Congratulations! We wish you all the very best for the coming years and Keep doing the good works!!! Barun Sobti is aware about TeamBARUN crowned IndiasOnline Choice's #BestIndFanClub, He was very happy. We couldn't get you his comments as he was very busy with narration. Barun Sobti is really glad to know that he supported by so many people who love and respect him. 
- Astrus Talent 

We have also been informed that a press release regarding the award will be published within the next few weeks. 

Once again thank you, and we know 2014 is going to be a big year for Barun, and we hope we will be able to retain the same respect and standards you have come to know from us. 

We love you all!

Press Release by 2nd Annual iOchoice Awards

Date: December 28 , 2013

Announcing the winners of the 2nd Annual iOchoice Awards.

The i'Ochoice (India's online choice) Awards - Honoring the best of social media in India!

These are an annual award recognition that honors India's best popular short-form content creators on the micro-blogging website Twitter and Facebook. Here, Social Media users nominate nominees in each award category. The idea is to recognize famous content creators in social media & let the Fans vote for best in each #Category.   These are the only social media recognition in India that lets fans vote via just a tweet in real time !

The awards were created in 2012 by tech entrepreneurs Nitin Bhatt (@nitBhatt) & his team,  They invited Indian Twitter account holders to nominate the best twitters in general categories such as Activists, Leaders, Actors, Musicians,  Dancers, news, food, and design etc . Site gathered around 25,000 tweets in 2012. Since than the idea of online polling using just tweets or Facebook updates have been picking up slowly by Indian social media users.

This year response has been overwhelming with 65,000 tweets/FB posts in social media . Site lets user vote just one vote per category hence holding the integrity of the polling system.

This unique polling mechanism lets users vote with just a tweet or re-tweet without even visiting the Awards website , Such polls have been used before during MTV awards, American football superbowl and few other events with twitters technology help!

iOchoice team says that Idea is supported by twitter and they are in constant touch with the company on new ideas in polling area. The team is looking forward to take it to next step in future.

iOchoice congratulates all the Winners & their Fans!

Here’s the list of the 2013 winners - iOchoice Top Social Media Accounts 

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Barun Sobti is NOT doing a show with Star Plus!

With posting an article regarding Barun Sobti potentially staring in a new show which says Barun Sobti and Gurmeet Choudhary to play lead roles in 4 Lions's next for Star Plus.

We got in touch with Astrus Talent, They said, “No, Nothing has been officially confirmed.” Furthermore a source from Star Plus stated that “It's utter rubbish.”  

So, the news is untrue as Astrus Talent reported a few days ago Barun Sobti is busy with his films.

We wish you delight, On this festive occasion with the ground covered white. Thank you for making this year brilliantly bright, Your support and devotion made our days and our nights. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from TeamBARUN.

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Monday, 23 December 2013

A Chit Chat with Astrus Talents!

We recently had a chance to speak to Astrus Talents, who provided us with the following comments.

How everything is going with the rebranding MQE?
Astrus Talents Management is doing great.

Your plans for the future with Astrus Talents?
 With talents we plan to give them bigger and better platforms and We have already started doing that.

Your reaction on Barun Sobti coming third in #SexyList2013? (in 50 Sexiest Asian Men top 6)
 We were so happy to see Barun Sobti coming 3rd on the #SexyList2013. We were all jumping in the office with excitement.

What was Barun Sobti's reaction when he was told?
Barun Sobti couldn't belive when we told him. He thought we were playing a prank on him, But yes.. when we showed him the article he was shocked.

Is there anything you'd like to say to Sobtians who voted to Barun Sobti?
We respect all Barun Sobti fans. They have made Barun Sobti what he is today and We all will be grateful to you for that.

Are you aware of TeamBARUN currently voted as Best Indian Fanclub at the iOchoice SocialMedia Awards 2013? (TeamBARUN along with Shah Rukh Khan, Shahid Kapoor, Shreya Ghoshal, Drashti Dhami and Gautam Rode in Current Top 15 Nominees of #iOchoice - Indias SocialMedia Awards 2013)
  No, we weren't aware of iOchoice SocialMedia Awards 2013. Congratulations to you all. You guys are great. Keep rocking and Keep doing good work!!!

We thank Astrus Talents for taking the time to speak to us and all the fans today. 

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What is Barun Sobti up to right now?

On Monday, Astrus Talents gave fans an opportunity to ask questions regarding Barun Sobti. To summarise this is what Astrus Talents told us:

Barun Sobti has a good line up for the next year, and he has a number scripts locked. Shooting for his next project starts early next year, However Astrus could not tell us any further, But they will announce the projects and their banners by the end of January 2014.

Barun Sobti is working very hard. He is meeting a number of casting directors, as well as his continuing schedule for 22 Yards, for which he will return to Kolkata in January 2014.

Furthermore, there is of yet no confirmation in regards to a weekly show, although soaps are not a possibility at the moment due to his hectic schedule.

As for plans for the holiday season, He is taking some time off. He is working out a lot - 'Lean and Mean'.

These are some amazing films under some great banners for Barun Sobti, that will be announced in first half of 2014.

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