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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon: Arnav’s absence makes Khushi restless

Arnav and Khushi’s love story has taken a new turn in Star Plus Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon. Recent episode showed that Arnav revealed to Khushi that he married her as he is aware of her and Shyam’s affair.

Khushi tried to prove her innocence to Arnav, but he refused to trust her. Arnav flew abroad without hearing Khushi’s word. Now, Khushi feels upset as she could not convince Arnav.

Khushi is also worried because Arnav did not make any contact with her or other family members. Khushi now feels restless and starts imagining Arnav everywhere. Khushi tries to call Arnav, but it was unreachable.

Now, upcoming episode will show that, Khushi will come to know that Arnav hasn’t reached London to attend the meeting.

Later, Khushi will realize that Arnav has been kidnapped and tries to find him.

Arnav confesses his love to Khushi in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Before we start updating you all about Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, we would certainly like to applaud the creatives working behind the curtain for covering up the lead’s absence so flawlessly.

As known, Barun Sobti aka the dashing Arnav Singh Rayzada is busy shooting for his maiden Bollywood venture Main Aur Mr. Right, owing to which he is not able to spend the required time for the show’s shoot. His missing from the show has been developed as a mystery, which will be solved in the coming episodes. The whole week, one saw Sanaya Irani aka Khushi standing up brilliantly at the front and leading the story all alone.

The fillers used were also quite delightful and didn’t make anyone feel gloomy. Arnav’s absence brought in a great deal of change in Khushi’s behavior, who as seen has turned all depressing. While everyone was busy figuring out Arnav’s hide out, the latest promo has stirred up the anxiety level. Well, we are sure that those of you who might have come across it must have reveled it. After all, it is almost post a year’s gap that something of his sort is going to happen.

All Arshi lovers who had been anxiously waiting for the couple to confess their love and say those three magical words can now put an end to their wait as the new promo shows Arnav confessing his love to Khushi. Yes, Arnav will finally end up saying I Love You.

This has puzzled the tale a bit more as no clear picture of the coming track is available yet. It is highly difficult to predict the hidden meanings behind the confession.  Has Arnav come to know of Khushi’s innocence? Is he trying to punish himself for not trusting her? Or is he making an effort to warn Khushi against something wrong?

Whatever it might be but one thing is certain that IPKKND is surely ready for a bang!

Happy Days Are Here Again

 Fans of Star Plus and Four Lions’ popular show ‘Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon’ have been gripped by a frenzy of rumours of late.
 First  came the big news of Barun Sobti aka Arnav singh Raizada leaving the show for his Bollywood debut ‘Main aur Mr.Right’ but pretty soon the matter was cleared by the man himself with a confirmation that he will be doing both television and films simultaneously. Our sources from the sets inform that the actor has kept his word and has resumed shoot for Iss Pyar and recently a promo was shot wherein Arnav confesses his love for Khushi over a suspicious phone call. Now, that will certainly keep the fans engaged until Barun completes his schedule for the movie.
 Next in line, was the news of Sanaya Irani aka Khushi ‘s participation in the dance reality show Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 5 on Colors .Well, we can now confirm that this piece of news is true .Sources inform that Sanaya has already started rehearsing for her performance on JDJ but at the same time the fans can rest assured that the actress  is quite capable of managing both shows together and will not let either of the two suffer. So fans, there’s a lot to look forward to in the coming days from the lovely Sanaya.
Last but not the least was the rumour of Daljeet Bhanot aka Anjali  quitting Iss Pyar, as she is believed to have bagged a plump role in another upcoming show. A close source has rubbished the news and confirms that Daljeet is still very much a part of IPKKND and has no plans of leaving the show, hence, the fans need not worry about a replacement.

Well, as they say all’s well that ends well. No, we definitely don’t mean the show is ending anytime soon , it’s the end to the trail of rumours we are talking about .We, at Fuze wish the team good luck and hope the show continues to entertain us as always. And hope the actors are successful in all their projects.

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As long as I keep getting good projects in TV or in films, I’ll work in both: Barun Sobti

Barun Sobti Main Aur Mr Right: Also to shoot Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

It is seen that the character of Arnav Singh Raizada played by Barun Sobti is missing from the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon in the present tracks.

The news is doing rounds that Barun Sobti is presently busy with his Bollywood debut movie Main Aur Mr Right.  That is the reason that he is away from the shooting of the show. He has also taken 40 days holidays from the show.

It is heard that the makers of the show asked Barun to continue his shooting even with his busy schedule. Seems like Barun has agreed to shoot for few hours.

Both movie and show’s shootings are going on in Mumbai. So it will be quite easy for Barun Sobti to continue both shootings.

Upcoming track of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon will show that Khushi will come to know about Arnav's kidnapping and will try to search for him. This is the time that Barun Sobti might reenter in the show.

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon will become even more exciting when I am back: Barun Sobti

Indian television actor Barun Sobti, known for playing Arnav Singh Raizada, the protagonist in the television show, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus, is taking a break from the show for a month, which has disappointed many of his fans, who are wondering if he’s leaving the show

However, Sobti assures he’ll be back. “ I am not quitting the show. I am going to be back and to be honest, once I am back, the show will become even more exciting. So guys please wait and watch,” he says. The Delhi-bred actor will be away from the show to shoot for a film.

“I am working on a movie called Main Aur Mr Right. Though, I cannot reveal much about the movie, all I can say is that the role that I’ll be playing in the movie will be in complete contrast to the role of Arnav Singh Raizada,” he informs.

Talking further about the film, Sobti says, “I won’t brag about the movie or my role and say that it is going to be different. I thought it was a good project and luckily the few scenes that I have shot have come out really well.”

So, is he going the Bollywood way? “Nothing like that. As long as I keep getting good projects in TV or in films, I’ll keep working in them. I don’t plan to quit
television,” Sobti says.

Sobti speaks...

On social media
I am not on Twitter or Facebook. I don’t even know how to use Twitter.

On films vs TV
As long as I keep getting good projects in TV or in films, I’ll work in both.

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It's heartbreak time Barun Sobti fans

Ardent fans of Barun Sobti are surely in an upbeat mood after broke the news of their favorite star getting all set to shoot for a movie. For the uninitiated, we wrote about TV actors Kavi Shastri and Barun Sobti bagging plump roles of leads in the movie Main Aur Mr Right.

But wait, how does this affect his television serial, Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on Star Plus. We have heard that Barun has applied for a 40 days leave to shoot for his film. Inside sources however say that Barun has agreed to shoot for few hours whenever the plot demands.

So what is the plot that the makers are looking at when he is absent from duty? Well viewers, you already know the answer. had earlier written about the drama quotient to be spiced up with the kidnap of Arnav Singh Raizada, played by Barun Sobti. With this, the focus will be on Khushi (Sanaya Irani), who will try her level best to hunt down her Mr Right.

“Yes, I have a schedule of nearby 45 days for my film. I will be shooting in Mumbai and I will be available on the sets of Iss Pyaar Ko…whenever they need me. However, there will be few script changes to accommodate my absence,” confirmed Barun to

So in the show, will Khushi succeed in this mission of hers? That only time will tell. But before that, how are the viewers going to take this heartbreak of not seeing their hero in a regular track?

Abhaas Mehta & Lalit Mohan Confirm That Barun Sobti is not Leaving Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

via fb

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If you havn't seen it ..70 reasons to love Barun Sobti

Credit Halima @INoodles_

Barun will be away for 4 weeks

After Barun's interview today with Noreen Khan, he confirmed today that he will be away for 4 weeks from the sets of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

When asked about the current storyline, he just replied that it would be interesting, and that he doesn't know too much about it. Promoting his film Mein Aur Mr Right, he spoke about playing a happy go lucky Punjabi guy, to which Noreen joked should fit him well.

Other questions ranged from how long it took to style his hair( 2 minutes) to what he had for lunch ( keema). Noreen was also kind enough to let him know about the 70 Reasons to Love Barun video created by a friend of the blog, that is currently attracting hundreds of viewers.

While Barun confirmed his leave is 4 weeks, it must be noted that his film began shooting last week, which means we are only 3 weeks away from his glorious return to Iss Pyaar.

How do you feel? Will you cope without seeing our Arnav on screen? How will Khushi cope? Drop us a comment below.


How will Khushi deal with Shyam in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Sometime it seems that the creatives of Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon just doesn’t want the viewers to get the slightest of hints concerning the future track. It sounds as if they are on with a game, ‘You Predict and We Won’t Let It happen’.

Whatever it may be but the fans are in love with the way suspense and anxiety is build up! Going the unexpected way the Mahaepisode of the daily was shot with sheer perfection wherein each scene held a great importance leaving the fans in complete awe of Arnav (Barun Sobti) and Khushi (Sanaya Irani).

The best amidst was Khushi being the smart one and outwitting Shyam (Abhaas Mehta) by hiding the signed will papers. As seen, she had put a condition before Shyam asking him to reveal the truth to Arnav if he wished to get those papers. However, with the ongoing promos indicating of Arnav’s kidnapping, the tale has got tangled a bit.

Buzz is rife that the kidnapping is a fake act done by Arnav to test Khushi and her loyalties while a certain section of media is heard stating that Shyam is the mastermind behind it and he is doing this in order to get the property under his name. Meanwhile, it has also been heard that the evil Shyam has got hold of the papers and his next move might be to hurt Khushi.

As lead actor Barun aka Arnav is away on leaves, it’s all the more difficult to say if this kidnapping has in fact taken place or it indeed is a major surprise to be revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Let’s just wait and watch what comes as the next update about this. Till then it would really be interesting to see how Khushi deals with Shyam in Arnav’s absence!

Barun Sobti Regains Top Spot on India Forum Television Celebrity Ranking

Barun and Sanaya to visit London in July

The fandom has been set a twitter about the potential apperance of Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani in addition to Shahrukh Khan and Shahid Kapoor to celebrate Bollywood's centenary in London aroundJuly.Email confirmation received is below:

Hopefully Star will confirm in the coming days, and hopefully some brilliant exposure for Barun. We're excited !!

Barun Sobti denies walking out of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon!

Everyone wishes to grow and achieve greater heights in their respective careers and we guess that our stars are no where an exception to this thought. As Bollywood stars aim at making it big globally, TV stars vie for proving their mettle on celluloid.

But while they chase their Bollywood dreams, TV is left far behind and this in turn breaks many of the fans’ hearts. Something of similar sorts happened when the dashing Barun Sobti aka Arnav Singh Rayzada of Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon went ahead and signed his maiden B’wood venture.

As known, Barun is currently shooting for Main Aur Mr Right with Shenaz Treasury and Kavi Shastri, which is said to be an urban romcom. On one hand, this indeed brought in a ray of joy for all his fans but speculations about him quitting the show made all restless. This created a huge chaos amongst the fans and the production house started receiving messages and calls from the fans, who wished to know if their favorite Barun will quit IPKKND.

However, much to the relief of all the fans, Barun recently cleared the air stating that he isn’t backing out of the show. He said, "I am going nowhere. I'm shooting in Mumbai for my film and TV show simultaneously. Both the production houses are extremely helpful and I am sure I will be able to juggle between the two."     

He further added, "Well, playing the main lead role in a daily soap can be very stressful. So every TV actor needs a break from time to time. But I have no plans of giving up TV. In fact, I don't make long term plans about anything because I don't want to be called a fool if they don't work out."

Well, we hope that this is surely going to relax many hearts around, waiting in anticipation to see Arnav back on-screen!

Barun Sobti's not quitting TV for B’wood

From a cameo in a youth show to being prime time telly's hottest star, Barun Sobti's come a long way. The man who's being touted as the next big thing on television also enjoys an enviable fan following.

Does he feel like a superstar? "I had no idea that this show ( Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?) would be loved and appreciated so much. But no one knows what clicks with the audience, sometimes some tracks work, some don't," he admits.

Like some of his contemporaries, Barun's soon going to sizzle on big screen in an urban rom-com. "I am doing Main Aur Mr Right with Shenaz Treasury and Kavi Shastri and am thrilled about it," he says. There were rumours that the dapper young Dilliwala was going to take a break from his show, which had sent his fans in a tizzy. Barun says, "I am going nowhere. I'm shooting in Mumbai for my film and TV show simultaneously. Both the production houses are extremely helpful and I am sure I will be able to juggle between the two."

No plans of quitting TV then? "Well, playing the main lead role in a daily soap can be very stressful. So every TV actor needs a break from time to time. But I have no plans of giving up TV. In fact, I don't make long term plans about anything because I don't want to be called a fool if they don't work out."

Barun who shares a fab screen chemistry with co-star Sanaya Irani, was romantically linked up with her. Barun is quick to dismiss them with nonchalance when he says, "Sanaya's a nice girl. We are very comfortable doing all sorts of scenes. She is quite cooperative and sincere. It isn't difficult to be friends with her."

Barun's known to enjoy a lot of female adulation. Is it a heady feeling? he says "I haven't really come across any special incidents involving with my female fans, so am not sure about how much my fans love me. In fact, I think my fans are well-behaved." He also is hailed as one of the most grounded actors on television who hasn't let success go to his head. Barun laughs ruefully, "I don't think I am that grounded! I am very excited about all the things happening around me at the moment."

Television actors don't want to take professional risks, considering their limited shelf lives. Is that why Barun's already planning his Bollywood move? "I don't have any back-up plans. While
acting is risky, not all actors are insecure. If you are insecure as a person, then it is going to show in your professional life anyway," says Barun.

Barun broke a lot of hearts when he recently got married and yet continues to bask in his new found stardom. On the other hand married actresses find it difficult to retain their stardom. Is the television male chauvinistic somewhere? "Most actresses tend to take a sabbatical post marriage, so one feels that may be they don't want to take their careers seriously. I haven't come across many girls who have got married and had no work," he explains and as he goes on to add, "I don't think the viewer's perspective changes after an actress gets married. They like the actress for the character she plays. Not every one in the audience wants to marry a TV star they idolise!"
Married to his childhood sweetheart (Pashmeen Manchanda), the much in love star says, "My wife is cool and sensible. She knows everything about me and my work. In that sense life's easy. Things haven't changed between us after marriage, because we've been together for a long time. The only
difference is that now we get to spend more time together."

Barun Sobti is NOT Leaving Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Hi friends,
I am getting enough PMs asking If Barun leaving the show or not... Can I know who told u that he is leaving? And why u believe it so easily?...

He is not the only person from TV who did film while working on a daily soap, so take it easy...

He is not leaving the show and that is 100% confirmed... Don't believe anyone spread all kind of rumours... They did it earlier, Didn't u learn this?...

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BARUN SOBTI Live on Noreen Khan Show Tomorrow on BBC Asian Network

Barun Sobti on DJ Noreen Khan's Show on BBC Asian Network Tomorrow!!

Noreen Khan of BBC Asian Network, today confirmed that Barun Sobti will be appearing on her radio show, to clear up rumours and talk about his future. Due to popular demand through tweets and emails by fans and a telephone conversation by this author with Noreen, Barun will talk exclusively with the BBC after 5PM British Summer Time tomorrow.

Hoping for some good news!

It's Confirmed: Barun Sobti is NOT quitting Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

 Namya Sinha - Senior Reporter with HT City, Hindustan Times

Hits and Misses for 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?'

Tellybuzz tries to clear the air for Star Plus's beloved show from Barun Sobti's disappearance from the show to the newest entry.. 

'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?' fans world over have been reeling under the shock of Barun Sobti's sabbatical from the show. Earlier reports doing the round were that he was on 11 days break , but the latest is that he has taken a block leave of 40 days and is expected to resume shooting only sometime in mid-June. He could be doing waltzing in and out of sets for a couple of hours if needed.

Putting a rest to rumors of Barun Sobti leaving the show, Tellybuzz spoke to Abhaas Mehta - "He is not leaving the show. We have no idea from where did these rumors originate."

We further grilled him on the story line and he replied -" There are a lot of exciting twists waiting for the audience. There is going to be a new entry in the show along the comic lines."

Bubli track will be ending soon, much to the respite of all the fans. The Bubli-Akash track did not find any favours with audience and soon will be making an exit from the current storyline.

Grapevine is buzzing with rumors of the papers pertaining to 'Will' being stolen. Our source informs us that the rumors are true and the papers are indeed with Shyam. What will this entail for Khushi? Will she be tagged as traitor again by the mighty ASR?

"I am super excited" says Barun Sobti on his new film!

Barun Sobti is making his Bollywood debut with a rom-com ‘Main Aur Mrs.Khanna’ starring opposite Shenaz Treasury… 

Barun Sobti the current heartthrob of Indian Television has decided to test unchartered waters and is all set to take a plunge in the world of Bollywood with his debut film 'Main Aur Mrs.Right'.

It will be a volte face for Barun Sobti who is currently seen playing the character of a ruthless and cynical businessman, Arnav Singh Raizada in 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naaam doon?'. Main aur Mrs.Right is a romantic comedy that promises to strike the chord with the current generation.

We contacted Barun who confirmed the news, " Yes I am doing the movie and I am super excited to be part of the movie it's a big challenge to start a new phase of my career. I find the story and my character very promising.

The grand mahurat of Madmidaas Films' Main Aur Mrs Right' was held with much pomp and show at the Evershine Mall, Malad. Cracking the auspicious coconut and sounding the clapboard, veteran music director Bappi Lahiri launched the film in a traditional manner.

Starring Shenaz Treasurywala, Barun Sobti, Kavi Shastri, Danny Sura and Varun Khandelwal, Main Aur Mrs Right is a funny-romantic venture telling a story of a young girl in search of her Mr. Right.

Producer Pooja Gujral commented –"Romance and comedy are the two genres that the audiences love to watch. The storyline the people will relate to -- it is not preachy but endearing. Besides a fun-filled story, the film also boasts of some good music. The songs will linger even after the film is over."

Bappi Lahiri who is composing music for the movie said-" I heard the script and I instantly said yes to the film. People usually associate me with the music of the 80s but mark my words the music that I will compose for Main Aur Mrs Right will be the never heard before kind. I am thoroughly excited to begin recording for the film. I will be composing four tracks for the film. And though unusual, it will have the Bappi Lahiri essence."

Shenaz Treasurywala who plays the female lead is excited about it and said-" I play this picky girl looking for her Mr.Right. She's a perfectionist and just won't settle for anything less.  In some ways the character is very much like me. And yes, the hunt for Mr. Perfect is still on. Does he exist? I don't have the answer yet."

The plot surely looks promising and we wish the entire team of 'Main aur Mrs.Right' all the best and hope they succeed in tickling the funny bone of the audience. 

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It's NOT Easy to Make A Name in the Television Industry - Barun Sobti

A new twist in Arnav and Khushi's life

Our source from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? tells us “There has been a lot of tension between Khushi and Arnav since she revealed Shyam's deceit as Arnav does not believe her. Khushi asks Shyam to tell Arnav the truth. She agrees to even get Arnav's signature on the legal papers for Shyam. Khushi however finds out that Arnav is leaving for London for some bussiness work. She goes to the airport and asks him to wait for a while so that Shyam can reveal the truth. However a new twist will occur in Khushi and Arnav's life.” Khushi says “I don't trust Shyamji and did not want to help him by getting Arnavji's signature on the legal papers. But I really want Arnavji to believe me and trust me, so I am doing this. I hope Shyamji keeps his word.”
Arnav says “I do not believe anything that Khushi says but I have given her a few minutes to prove herself. If she is telling the truth, it will come out in the open.”
Shyam says “I have told Khushi that I will tell Arnav the truth. But I have my own plans to get what  I want and nobody can stop me from doing so, not even Arnav and Khushi.”
Will Shyam reveal the truth to Arnav or does he have some other plan? What is the new twist in Arnav and Khushi's life? Find out on the mahaepiosde of Iss Pyaar ko Kya Naam Doon? Saturday 8 pm on STAR Plus.

Khushi to visit London in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

While Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon on STAR Plus has already had its set of twists get ready for another one. An international twist this time.

Next week Khushi discovers that the papers that she got signed from Arnav are missing. She gets restless when Arnav doesn’t inform about his whereabouts to the family. Arnav messages Khushi that he has reached safely and Khushi is not able to understand why he has messaged her. Khushi gets paranoid when she finds that Arnav’s cellphone is continuously on voice mail. Seeing her restlessness the family decides to send off Khushi to London to meet Arnav and give him a surprise.

I'm not quitting Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Barun Sobti

The male lead of one of the popular shows on television, Barun Sobti, who plays arrogant Arnav Raizada in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, will not be seen on the show for over a month.

Reason being, his Bollywood project titled Main Aur Mr Right, which also features Shenaz Treasurywala. Sobti plays one of the pivotal roles in the movie. In order to ease him out of the show to complete the project, the production house of his daily soap will infuse a track where his character gets kidnapped.
However, buzz is that the actor might not return to television at all. After all, such is the charm of Bollywood. Sobti refutes, "I'm not quitting the show or television. I will be away for a little over than a month."

Being the lead, won't his 'missing' affect the ratings of the show? "In a TV serial, the story is the main hero. The plot is well scripted, therefore I don't think that the ratings should be affected to a great extent," says he.

To those uninitiated, this Delhi lad had made his acting debut with Shraddha and was later seen in Sony TV's Baat Hamari Pakki Hai. However, it is his ongoing show Iss Pyaar... that has made him popular.

Pics: Barun Sobti at 'Main Aur Mr Right' Movie Launch

Main, Mr Raizada aur Mr.Right!

Well, this has been the first time ever that I have had a difficulty in inferring thoughts of Mr. Raizada, Mrs Gupta Singh Raizada as well as my own! So what is it that hurt Arnav more? the fact  that Khushi was cheating on him with his sisters husband? The fact that he couldn't conclude who was right, his heart or his head or a whole new scenario where Arnav knew he was pissed but wasn't sure of what!
 Lets start from the start of the week! Silly suicide threats and implied confessions later Arnav admits to having married Khushi to save his sister! Yeah Right!!! Why didn't he humiliate her and throw her out instead? The same old lines of being the gold digger and opportunist would have done the trick minus the marriage. But what made Arnav marry her? It was his own hurt ego! He knew someone had hurt him so bad, he wanted her to know what it felt like! how dare a woman make Arnav Singh Raizada walk the path of love and then change course mocking at him saying " it was never you"... Takes me  back to second promo on the show where you see a stark contrast in their personalities ...

Khushi: kisi ko apna banana ho toh pehle unka dil jeet lo
Arnav: khareed lo usey ...
... and that's what both of them are doing right now. While Khushi after an initial fit of anger and out burst realized it was her love for him that was more important, Arnav chose to conquer the situation by brutally snubbing it. Inference: The problem is same, only the way the two set out to find a solution seems to vary thanks to the people they are!

This week at least set a few things in perspective for me.
Khushi has finally managed to realize what she feels for Arnav and what he thinks of her is of utmost importance to her. When you are in love, you don't care for the world, because your world lies in the person you love- whether the person embraces you, bruises you or abandons you, you take it all in the stride of your relationship! It becomes that one  relationship that you are willing to die for. This if you ask me, is half the battle won! 
For all this while, I would often wonder how the makers would bring about the realization of love in Khushi's heart. In the last two weeks they neatly and smoothly did.  Even though it may have been an amateur suicide attempt, one thing became evident, Khushi Kumari Gupta was willing to die for the sake of the happiness of the man she loves. She was willing to forgive him for all the pain he put her through in a blink because, in her going away she thought would lie his happiness.
Lets now talk about Arnav. He poses an exterior that claims nothing about her matters to him. He wishes to believe he is merely doing his duty by marrying this girl who is otherwise a trouble maker. But to what extent has he managed to keep it that way?  When she is in pain he cant sleep, and when she sheds a tear he runs to her rescue to wipe them! The thought of her wanting to end her life makes him rush to the spot to save her and clarify his stance. Why didn't he leave her to die presuming it to be good riddance? After all she was the one sole cause for all the problems in everyone's life according to him! What was the need for Arnav to explain to Khushi that he perhaps never loved Lavanya? Why was her safety so important to him? Why the hell did he agree to go and live in her little house giving up the comforts of his palatial home?
Well too many questions already posed, here are some answers as I understand them.  To Arnav until the entry of one Miss Khushi kumari Gupta his heart was merely a commodity that the human body struck a deal with to keep life going! The inconsistent pattern that the little thing took subsequently is what has always caused immense agony in Arnavs life. Every now and then he has to battle with the conflict of interest between his heart and his head. He, Arnav Singh Raizada could not have loved a wrong woman! He could not have let his heart get away with feeling whatever it did.
This week more than cemented that when Arnav almost thrice blurted out how it was  what she did in terms of betraying his trust and breaking his heart that made him miserable. He wanted to be the most important person in her life, but on learning she had given that place to someone else, he could not take it. This is pretty evident when he puts himself first while questioning her and asking her how she could do this to him and her family. The Main here being the key word! "Tumne mujhe batana zaroori nahi samjha" he pleaded helplessly. That expression almost gave him away as the little boy in him couldn't pose a tough exterior anymore.
 Through out the week, as he kept silently praying that all the accusations made against her would be proved wrong by some stroke of magic wherein he could ease the pain inside him as well!  She is the key to his happiness as well as his torment! He didn't want to hate the woman he has begun to matter the most in the world to him! And today as he kept debating time and again, he wanted things to become alright somehow!

    A man who cant take a change in her behavior, her attitude or her actions clearly shows Arnav Singh Raizada is a goner. With time he has slowly accepted her for who she is and will always love her for the person he knows her to be! So where is the problem?  He loved her running all the way to the airport to stop him. He was thrilled at her wanting to prove her innocence. All of this because, she was doing it for HIM! He was the focal point and it was him she was holding at priority!
Arnav Singh Raizada is like a child that needs constant pampering. He needs love, and attention. While he has all his favorite toys around him to play with, his mother will always be his most important play mate! He will always want to have her in sight. If he doesnt get to see her he will kick up a fuss and cry and make sure she gives him all the time even if it means she will have to skip cooking lunch for that day or do her daily chores. Khushi has almost begun to become that in Arnavs life. Thats why he felt the pain of going away from her. Though everything around him was defying logic his heart was almost screaming its lungs out asking him to believe her!

    While he may not be her Mr. Right, he is still Mr. Raizada alright! I now await the day Khushi will let Arnav know her haal-e-dil and would then like to see what effect it would have on our man! As Anjali rightly put it, it will now be Khushi who will have to shed her ego and drive things for the sake of their relationship and by the looks of it Mrs Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada seems more than happy to be doing that!!! Will distance only make the heart grow fonder and feelings deeper? We are all set to find out ...

Happy Weekend!