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Fan Fiction: Her Pregnancy by Hiruni, based on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon - Chapter 8

"Khushi, what?" he asked in his husky baritone, a small playful smirk on his face as he reached for her again and pulled her to his chest.

"No!" she gave another wiry push glaring at him formidably.

"Khushi what's the matter with you?" Arnav was breathing hard trying to control his growing desire and equally growing anger. Naani had hinted at him to make her feel loved. He had always been a man who showed his affections physically rather than vocally. Seems like his little theory of 'showing love' wasn't working after all and he was fast running out of ideas. He was running out of patience too.

"What's the matter? She repeated sardonically. "YOU are asking me that? I'll tell you what's the matter! It's you! You have always tried to control my life. Is it your habit to have everyone under your thumb? You asked di to keep Anya away from me didn't you?" sparks were shooting out of her eyes.

"What? Who told you that?"

"Don't try to deny it because Di herself told me"

"Khushi you got to listen to me. I asked her to keep Anya away from you for a while so that you won't feel bad looking at another baby"

"Who do you think you are to decide how I feel about things?" weeks of bitterness, anguish and suppressed frustrations were pouring out of her like venom. She knew she was wrong the moment those words escaped her. Of course he had a right on taking charge of how she felt. He was her husband after all. But her anger wasn't just for the fact that he kept Anya away from her for a month. The reasons went far deeper; her anger sprouted from a chain of events.

"I'm your husband damn it! Don't you think I have at least a little bit of right to change things around you to make you feel better? I didn't do it with a bad intension! I wanted to help you ease things. Now I realise I went on about it the wrong way" Arnav was shouting back equally angry. How unreasonable can she get?

"Yes you went about it the wrong way!" her voice was becoming shriller and shriller. "More than you being wrong, you think what I do is wrong all the time, right? That's why you need to constantly control what I do right? Is that why you don't even mind that we lost our child? That you think it was all for the best because I'm responsible for it?"

"WHAT! What the hell are you talking about?" Arnav spluttered, his face going white at the horrendous accusations.

There was a few seconds of nasty silence.

"You think I don't care that we lost our baby?"  he asked quietly.

"Yes you don't! You don't care about me or our baby! You just need to prove a point that you can control people!"

She turned around and left the room, guilt filling her as she realised she might have finally crossed the line. She knew very well that she didn't mean a thing of what she said. She was angry, frustrated and this was the only way to vent out her pent up emotions, and it hit the target right on the head. She knew it because she saw the intense look of hurt in his eyes and realised that her heart was breaking along side his.

 She was a mean wicked person who didn't deserve the love of her husband.

Khushi went straight to naani's room and threw herself in naani's lap and began to cry.

"Naani ji I'm a horrible horrible person!"

Naani sighed as she took her face in her hands and wiped her tears. "What happened?" she asked in her serene voice.

She didn't answer for a while as she hiccupped herself to end her sobs.

"I told Arnav ji he didn't care that we lost out baby. I told him a bunch of other terrible things too. Oh he's never going to forgive me. He must hate me" Khushi broke down again, sobbing her heart out.

"Ofcourse he doesn't hate you. Listen bitiya, a married couple needs to handle their differences in a mature manner.  Crying and shouting at each other will not solve anything. You need to speak to him about how you feel. Communicate with your husband. It's the most important aspect for a happy marriage. And you know chotte. He doesn't let others know how he feels. You must be a bit tactful, especially when it comes to handling chotte."

Khushi stared at naani ji with streaming eyes as an idea materialised in her head. She got up instantly and headed out of the room when naani stopped her.

"Remember, a woman starts to bond with her child from the day it's conceived. But that's not the case with men. Most of the time, their emotional attachment begins when the new born is put into their hands. But that doesn't means he doesn't care about you or the baby. Chotte is distant when it comes to expressing his emotions. Don't forget that."


Arnav opened the door to his room to find the room set in semi darkness, blinds closed and silent. He had gone outside to walk off his temper and returned back only when he thought he had clamed down a little. Frowning he felt for the light switch on the wall beside the door. Instantly the room was flooded with light and his eyes found a demurely waiting Khushi sitting placidly on the green recliner.

"I was waiting for you." she whispered in a throaty voice as she got up slowly, languidly and walked towards him.

Arnav blinked several times. She was wearing a stark plain green saree which took him back to a passionate dance they shared all those months back; the soft filmy material clinging to her curves just as that day.

For a moment he thought she was wearing a strapless blouse but then with a shock realised that there was no blouse at all, her saree pallu providing as the 'cover' while tantalising hints of gentle swells of her breasts peaked from either side. 

"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean anything I said" she was walking towards him now, like a slow moving pantheress, graceful and willowy. Her wide expanse of creamy hips meticulously left for his vision swayed from side to side while a determined light sparkled from her doe eyes. Her long silky hair cascaded from one side of her chest while the pallu fluttered dangerously on her heaving bosom. 

No he's not going to give in this easily. What she said was unpardonable and it had hit his already bruised sentiments.

"Arnav I'm sorry." She always dropped the ji from the end of his name when they made love. Well, he had figured out her plan already.

"I know what I said was unforgivably mean. I never meant it"

Arnav held his ground as he watched her closing in on him. She was in for the kill and he knew he was going to crack soon.

"Arnav?" she whispered throatily with a slight catch in her voice while she opened her eyes even larger and slowly put out the tip of her pink tongue and licked her lower lip in an apparent nervous gesture.

Arnav looked away trying to hard to control his rapid breathing.

She was only a few inches from his face, her hot breath fanning on his face when she climbed quietly on to his toes, coming nearer to his height and put two ivory hands out and locked his shoulders in hers.

"You're still mad at me aren't you?" she said as she bent dangerously close to his neck and pressed herself hard against him.

Arnav tried hard to control his hands from ripping off the flimsy excuse of a green cloth around her. She felt her smiling near his neck. Trying to prove a point wasn't she?

"yes I'm very mad.." he lied through his teeth. His anger had vanished the moment he saw her in her getup.

She let go of him, climbed down slowly and walked several steps away before tilting her body at an angle and swept the long expanse of hair back over her shoulder.

Her pallu slipped in slow motions to the ground exposing her gloriously naked chest.

He thought the idea of instant combustibility was going to come true as he felt himself going harder and stiller. He hasn't seen her gloriousness in weeks. It was like looking at her all over again for the first time.

"Are you still mad at me?"

Arnav still tried in vain to hang on to his last shreds of control as his eyes roamed hungrily over her.

"I love you, you know that right?" her voice called out to him like a pagan goddess and he had been already feeling the heavy syllables of mesmerisation in them. He felt slightly groggy at the same time extremely aware of only one thing. His restraint snapped the moment he heard those words as an invisible barrier lifted off him.

He reached her in one stride and pulled her from her hips as she came crashing on to him, his lips finding hers in a hungry, urgent kiss as his hands travelled up her smooth expansion of her waist to her abdomen to above.

She broke away from the kiss as her arms travelled around his torso and came to a stop around the nape of his neck. "I want you so much". She reached for the buckle of his belt and pulled it off in one flowing motion and let it drop to the ground

Arnav slammed her to the wall as he pulled the saree wound around her in tug and watched for a moment fascinated, as the lightly tucked in pleats fell fluidly around her in a pool of green, exposing her magnificently naked body.

He had his fill in her long neck in a series of full mouth kisses before slowly travelling down the valleys of her chest to the cherry pink numbs of her breasts. He had craved for her for so long he thought the wait itself would paralyse him.

She arched her back forcing more of her into his eagerly exploring mouth and felt herself shaking uncontrollably as spasms of ecstasy shot through her at the feel of his smooth suckling tongue on her nipples. Weeks of frustration and depression was dissolving into nothingness as all of her mind and body became the sole focus of him and his lethal moves and his rough yet urgent caresses.

Deep pools of desire were already gathering in the few minutes his hands and mouth played havoc with her and she felt her being lifted off her feet, moving a few more inches up the wall. She had felt his hardness pocking into her stomach. She didn't know or care when his trousers came off him, she was too engrossed with the intensity of sensations rocketing inside her.

It was all simultaneous as she thrust herself into the wall in a leap and wrapped her legs around his waist and felt him enter her in one hard steady plunge.

As his mouth refused to quit assaulting on her already ecstatic breasts and sensitive nubs, as sensation after sensation wracked her as his hardness plunged inside her in sweet unmerciful attacks, as his rough hands held her hips pushing her to the wall in a vice-like grip, as she clung onto his shoulders in fear of actually bursting with the spasms quaking her body- every thrust of his strong hips and she went spiralling off to new levels of bliss.
She came apart, coming off in load moans of pleasure, panting, as one wave of orgasm swept into another bigger tidal wave of tremors as it ended off as fast as it started.


by Hiruni

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Barun to play a cricket agent in his second film

Barun Sobti, who quit tele-serial Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? to concentrate on his filmi career, is busy attending workshops in Kolkata for his next film 22 Yards.

The film is being directed by Mitali Ghoshal, who earlier made a documentary based on Sourav Ganguly titled The Warrior Prince. "The film is based on cricket and I am playing a cricket agent who manages everything about the game, from the stakes to how the game works. As it is directed by Mitali who was earlier a sports journalist, the subject of the film will interest a lot of people," says Barun who will start shooting for the film in May.

Though he didn't reveal much about the cast, he added that duo Salim-Sulaiman will be composing music for the film.

The actor's first film Main Aur Mr Right is in its post production stage and will release in July. The actor wants to do films which make an impact. "I feel every film leaves an impact on the audience. I want to do films which convey a strong message to the viewers," says he.

Barun also feels that serials keep you on your toes whereas films give you time to explore the subject and do a lot of research before you actually start shooting for a particular role. So it's a no-no for serials now.