Friday, 28 November 2014

Fans are going to love Barun-Shenaz chemistry - Varun Khandelwal

 Varun Khandelwal a hardcore Mumbaiite makes his Bollywood debut in Barun Sobti starrer Main Aur Mr Riight. We got a chance to talk to him yesterday. 
Here you go!

Main Aur Mr.Riight is your first flick. So your Bollywood debut will give a mark to you?
Yes, Main Aur Mr.Riight is my first film, without too much acting experience. So I hope everyone appreciates my performance. Not sure if it will make a mark, but it's definitely a stepping stone for me. I am ready for more work and now that I understand the craft better.

Your take on Main Aur Mr.Riight trailer?
 The trailer is fantastic. Looks like it's going to be such a fun movie. It looks like it's going to appeal to all the genres across India.

And "Yaar Bina"?
Yaar bina!! We grew up listening to such great songs. My parents were so nostalgic when I made them hear it!

Tell us about your on-screen wife Serahh Gosaain?
Serahh Gosaain is awesome! She has really helped me with my scenes. She fit into her character so well that it made it easy for me to respond to her.

Are you working on any projects at the moment?
I will now start looking for some more work. Was waiting for Main Aur Mr.Riight to release. Once I have some more work I will update you!

Tell us about Barun Sobti - Shenaz Treasuryvala on-screen chemistry?
They are so good together! They have this amazing ability to be on the same page instantly! Even when we were shooting they knew exactly how and what's to be done..the fans are going to love their chemistry. So many people including me have been fans of Shenaz  since her days as a vj and Barun already has such a huge fan following! Can you imagine the fireworks..!!

 Your message for all the fans waiting to see Main Aur Mr Riight?
Main Aur Mr Riigh is very close to all our hearts and has been made with a lot of love and hard-work. It's got a lot of talented actors and a great story and barun ofcourse! You guys are going to love it. Get ready for the fireworks!!

- Aashik Caseem

 Varun Khandelwal's Message to Main Aur Mr.Riight FANS!


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