Thursday, 15 November 2012

Sign and Share! Save Sarun... Save Arhi.. Save IPKKND!

@StarPlus_India & @4lionsfilms, Please #SaveSarun #SaveArhi #SaveIPKKND

  • Without Barun Sobti There is No Arnav Singh Raizada! 
  • We WANT Barun Sobti back at the end of his break, however long that might be. 
  • If Barun Sobti doesn't wanna come back then end the show with dignity and keeping #SaRun and #ArHi Intact.


Hari said...

Dear Ms. Suzane,

Im sure you realise how important Barun is to the show Iss Pyaar Ko Kyaa Naam Doon. The jodi of Arnav & Khushi that are enacted by Sanaya & Barun have become synonymous with the names of other famous lovers such as Laila-Majnu or Heer-Ranjha to the youngsters and all tele-serial lovers.

I and a thousand other fans like me just cannot understand how you could let Barun leave the show. How could you even think that fans would accept his departure or that they would be OK with Khushi falling in love with some other person other than for Arnav. That very story-line goes against the Constitution of the show...which is about star-crossed people falling in love.

If as u claim, it is indeed Barun who wants a break, let him have his break...but please let him resume the show once he is back form his break...after all he says that he will be on vacation for 10-12 the most he would have things to do for a month...let him come back after that...until then the storyline could be played around with as you did when he had to go for shooting. You could probably have a story to show that Arnav is presumed dead, but infact, Shyam or some other villain (maybe some secret admirer of Khushi even) had hid him away.

OR, you could just end the whole show on a happy note, which is what should have happened once they got married and as 4Lions proclaimed, "the story had run its course". Shyam's exposure should have been the finale where in everything including what he did to deceive Khushi and her Babuji health should have been revealed and then end of story.

But since you dragged it on in any case, and the present track seems to show all its viewers that there is really no track so why not make the husband-wife have a tiff over a child's upbringing, it is better to end the show while Barun is still here so that the whole crew can "rest".

A plausible end would be to show that Khushi learns to be modern at the same time the sweet, loving and traditional wife, and also she gives birth to a daughter to complete the family, while Aarav too accepts them as his parents. Babuji gets cured, NK gets married probably, Anjali too gets settled and as usual Arnav is the pillar of strength who holds the family around him.

Please dont ruin it by bringing someone new in Arnav's place. NOT A SINGLE FAN WILL ACCEPT ANOTHER ACTOR AS ARNAV OR ANOTHER MAN IN KHUSHI'S LIFE...COS YOU HAVE LED THE VIEWERS TO BELEIVE FOR THE PAST 1-AND HALF YEARS THAT ARNAV & KHUSHI ARE MEANT ONLY FOR ONE ANOTHER. Unless ofcourse your planning to have a time-leap for the serial in which case Sanaya could play junior Khushi and her tryst with the character of Viraaf

I sincerely hope that you do take the time to read this mail and ofcourse the thousand others you may be getting.

The only request I have is for you to take the right decision keeping aside all other egos and not make IPKKND the biggest blunder of the year, whereas it was the Biggest Hit of Last Year.

#ISupportBarun #SaveArhi #SaveBarunSaveIPKKND


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