Sunday, 11 November 2012

Barun Sobti supporters creating an uproar

Indian Television in its history of existence has never seen the agitation or outburst that it is enduring today. With the news being spilled out about Barun Sobti's exit from the show Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon the fans of the show went berserk and is demanding answers from the concerned authorities regarding the baffling statements that are coming up after every few hours.

Whereas the actor gave out statements to different media sources about his going on a long deserving break till yesterday, the channel suddenly took a complete right turn today and conferred that he has already left the show. The Star Plus authorities today tweeted that, "Yes we confirm that Barun has quit. This is solely his decision and there's nothing much we can do about it".

However, the fans didn't stop here. The constant agitation led even the Star authorities take notice of them. Anil Jha, a Star executive tweeted, "This Diwali Barun fans have done a dhamaka on my Inbox'Completely spammed out'Hold on the fire guys"

As if this wasn't enough, the fans went ahead and called up Star Plus Consumer Response Cell too to convey grievances to the Star authorities. However, the response that they got was of puzzling and confusing nature. Shishma Ahmad shared her experience with us saying, "I called SP again today but before I could say anything more than I am calling for IPK, he asked are you calling regarding Barun Sobti??? That means they are getting many calls and they know about it even before we are required to say anything. Moreover I asked him whether they are getting many calls. He said many many and not just today but since last 3 days. I told him to put forward that if they cannot stop him from leaving then end the show with his exit on a good note. He said many have given the same feedback!!!!!!!!"

Karishma from Nepal also called the channel and she tells us that, "I also called them. They said no to me and that Barun Sobti is not leaving. Decision is pending. I clearly asked again whether ipkknd is ending .They suggested to give our feedback on Star Page. They didn't speak a word beyond the show and Barun Sobti. They simply said DECISION IS PENDING."

Samskruthi from Bangalore too conveyed her views to us, "Spoke to Star Plus. First, the guy transferred it to another man and he was so damn confused. Then I asked him whether Barun is quitting. He said yes. Then I told him that I had just called a while back and they said tomorrow there will be a meeting. He took 5 minutes and then I again asked him about the twitter account. He was again so confused that he said that they don't know anything about it. And then before I could ask anymore question he cut the call"

Manal from UAE also says, "I called three times and they answered .When I mentioned IPK , they were like HELLO HELLO HELLO  and then they did shut the phone ! So I Called just now and the first thing I said was Don't you dare shut the phone on my face! And the receiver was like Sorry ma'm Calm down ! Then told them again to end the show with Sanaya and Barun or else they are going to lose a lot of viewers. They asked me to calm down and said tomorrow there is a meeting".

Also Raj Baddhan, The RJ of the Sabras Radio, UK said, "I know Barun told me off air. The vibe I got off him was that he isn't completely happy with the show. I will speak to Star TV."

With so much going on around, it is evident that the Channel itself is not in a deciding state yet. But then why giving out false statements and hopes to the viewers just for the sake of holding some reputation? The final major official statement is yet to be made and we await for confirmed news this time rather than the confounding and complex one. Barun Sobti's exit news truly is making history worldwide as no other actor on television ever got such National and International acknowledgement. It is yet to be seen how the concerned Channel and Production house handles such huge uproar from the fans of the show.

Author : Saheli Goswami

Editor: A. Patel


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