Saturday, 9 November 2013

Winner of TeamBARUN 10K Celebration Contest - 10 Reasons Why YOU Love TeamBARUN!

Love TeamBARUN for all the effort & Hard-work they put in to bring all the news related to Barun. And that too, right on time as soon as it happens. Love how always team is updated with all the information regarding Barun. 

Found TeamBARUN to be very warm and welcoming as a whole. It's been just 6-7 months of knowing them and It's been a wonderful experience.

Love the commitment of the group the way the whole team is dedicated and their love for Barun Sobti is really commendable.

Love the activeness of the group, how the team is active and keeps the buzz around Barun Sobti alive in-spite of him being missing from screen life.

Love how the team keeps all its members and followers engaged with various contests and everything. It keeps on the interest going. 

The way team functions, the way team is organised is something to be appreciated. You people may be coming different parts of country or world and still functioning so well is really commendable.

Love the positive spirit of the team, the way you people show your support and belief in Barun. Really Hats Off to you.

Love the creativity of the team, how the different creations in form of display pictures etc changes at regular intervals.

Team's dedication is worth mentioning and worth appreciating. I think TeamBARUN really comes as a boon for new fans of Barun you guys have been following him since long. So, knowing you and being with you makes us more closer to the Man. A special mention for making fans messages reach Barun. It makes us feel special as fans.

The main reason for Loving TeamBARUN is that, It's TeamBARUN, It's associated with man called Barun Sobti. The team is all about Barun Sobti. So, It's but obvious to love TeamBARUN since we love Barun Sobti.

As It's all about Loving and Adoring "Barun Sobti" the one who had been responsible for formation of this team and bring all of us together and gave an opportunity to be together, to know each other and be part of TeamBARUN.

by Purnima Dixit.

Note: Prize will be announced.


VRAB said...

Congrats to the winner!
TeamBarun When are you going to announce the results of other 10k contests??

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