Monday, 9 December 2013

The Winner of TeamBARUN 10K Celebration - Poem Contest

Barun Sobti, You Are Awesome..!!

Barun, Your smile blooms in mighty night,
Leaving us all heavenly abide;
Your looks are immensely perfect,
Bestowing upon us a blink of light.

Barun, You are a person with golden heart,
Miles I could walk for your one sight;
Head to toe, you are blessed,
On which we are slightly drenched.

Barun, You are the reason why now I write,
This simple lines so soft and light;
Yet, no amount of art can, enlighten for a while,
Describe the true beauty bestowed on Barun Sobti's life..!!


B- Beautiful heart
A- Admirable Face
R- Ristouned Personality
U- Unconditional Talent
N- Notable Human Being

S- Self-Made
O- Optimistic Success
B- Best
T- Television Hunk
I- Immensely Loved

And thus Barun Sobti Is Awesome..!!!

Passion in the eyes, 
Huge grin on the face,
Scar near the eyebrow,
Fringe of hair on forehead,
Incy vincy stubble,
Sexiest husky voice,
Lean tall body....
Symbol of Perfection...
"Barun Sobti"

If we would have given a chance, 
We have the power to elect you as one of the 7 Wonders Of The World..!!

"Barun, The Dream Husband Of Every Phan Girl"
Because Barun Sobti is Awesome..!!


Barun Sobti You Are Awesome

You are light to my life
You are view to my sight
You are cool to my mind
You are music to my chime.

I have been looking for a guy as perfect as you..
Everything I see is awesome in you!!

I know I am just a fan
Who is being obsessed,
But let me tell you truly 
I have never known a man this modest.

Your smile is picture perfect
Barun Sobti you are one thing I will never regret..
Loving you was not a choice
It just happened without a voice.

You are simple, you are smart
You are loving, you are hot.
You are simply my everything. 
A day watching you is a day complete. 
Barun Sobti you increase the heat.

Being your fan is such a proud feeling. .
Just a simple look of you keeps me smiling.
Everything I do, I do it for you.
Barun Sobti I love you because you are just Awesome!!!

by: Amina Baig


Note: Prize will be announced.


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