Thursday, 12 December 2013

#BarunSexySobtiNo3 trends in India!

With the publication of the Eastern Eye's #SexyList2013, fans of Barun Sobti took to twitter to celebrate the handsome actors achievement of coming third, beating out the likes of Ranbir Kapoor, Salman Khan and Shahid Kapoor.

The trend #BarunSexySobtiNo3 was successful, trending in India as a whole as well as cities such as Hyderabad, Chennai and Delhi.

The love shown by fans for their Mango Man through the trend is admirable, and has been well documented by many including the sexy list's creator Asjad Nazir as well as many industry professionals. Well Done Sobtians!

Sample these tweets:

“@indy12IF: Why are you so effortlessly HAWT dammit!! :O !? err.. not that I'm complaining! ;)) #BarunSobti #BarunSexySobtiNo3.”

“@kittengirl_18: His lips are slightly full: the kind that end in a cute little smirk at the corners #BarunSobti #BarunSexySobtiNo3.”

“@Barunsbaby: #BarunSexySobtiNo3 So proud of my baby for being number 3 <3 highest ranked TV Actor WOO!.”

“@salkulfree: #BarunSexySobtiNo3 ♥ Coz his humbleness has won million hearts across the world ♥ #BarunSobti :).”

“@Reena24A: You give immense happiness to us #BarunSexySobtiNo3.”

 Trend Facts:

  • 1st mention of the #BarunSexySobtiNo3 hashtag appears on @Nikita07s TL.
  • 165 users and 264 tweets (164 RTs) in 5 hours made #BarunSexySobtiNo3 a Trending Topic in India.
  • 22,390 people could have seen the hashtag #BarunSexySobtiNo3 since its 1st mention until it became a Trending Topic.
  • The tweet with the most impact of the #BarunSexySobtiNo3 Trend, was published by @TeamBARUN.
  • #BarunSexySobtiNo3 was Trending Topic for 10 minutes.
  • #Top3Apps for #BarunSexySobtiNo3 
  1. Web 61%
  2. Twitter for Android 25%
  3. Twitter for iPad 5%.

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