Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Asjad Nazir's comments on #SexyList2013

 With the results of the #SexyList2013 being announced today, We caught up with Eastern Eye showbiz editor Asjad Nazir, who compiles the annual list and is chairman of the judging panel.

Your plans for the future with #SexyList?
The international list of 50 Sexiest Asian Men and Women have always been popular since I came up with the concept, but I think it went to a much bigger level in 2012 when TV fans got fully involved and inspired me to make it even bigger. So the future plan is to turn it into a TV special for next year and to make it a lot more interactive. Hopefully if fan groups get behind it, then we can use the list to give fans a global voice.

Your reaction/comments on Barun Sobti coming third in #SexyList2013? (in 50 Sexiest Asian Men top 6)
I think Barun coming third is an illustration of pure fan power and loyalty. Despite not being on the screen for a year, he managed to get loads of votes from around the world and more than most movie stars who are regularly on the big screen. It was fan power at its finest and all the fans who voted should be very proud of themselves. Its because of them he is now featured on countless radio stations, websites, newspapers and TV channels.

Have you talked to Barun Sobti? What was his reaction on #SexyList2013?
I haven’t personally spoken to him, but have been informed he is delighted and also very humbled by the love he has received from his fans.

You have had a good relationship with the Sobtians, Is there anything you'd like to say?
I have never been a big TV fan and last year didn’t know who Barun Sobti was, but thanks to the Sobtians I not only found out more about him but also how talented he is and how much of a grounded celebrity he is. Sobtians definitely played a big part in SexyList2013 being a huge success and that is why I wanted to repay them by getting fans to interview him. That interview will be published in January and I will definitely make it available for fans. The next time I am in Mumbai I definitely plan on meeting him. I just wanna say I love the Sobtians.

We certainly thank Asjad Nazir for his comments and very much look forward to reading Barun Sobti's interview in Eastern Eye.


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this is incredibly sweet of him

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We Sobtians Will Never Change!

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