Monday, 25 November 2013

Our Statement on Previous Blog Post!!!

 If anyone was hurt by our previous blog post, It was entirely not our intention but we wanted to share this news we had been told. Our source is 100% authentic and well known, however on this occasion chooses to remain anonymous.

You have always prided us on providing trustworthy information and that's what we are doing, We have nothing to gain from insinuating anything against any group or individual we never had.

Our tag line is keeping you connected to Barun Sobti, and like any reliable news outlet we have to report the truth from credible sources. Our information related to both movies 22 Yards and MAMR comes from sources in the industry.

On a personal note, We wish to thank Mitali for giving us the fans many opportunities to interact with the cast. And we fully understand what goes into making a movie and respect that the full concentration of the cast and crew should be on the movie.


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