Thursday, 28 November 2013

Barun Sobti trends on Twitter India!

Fans of Barun Sobti went all out to show their love to the much adored actor on 27th of November, making him one of the top trends on Twitter India. #BarunSobti showed up as trend in India while Sobtians were busy voting for Barun Sobti for the Biggest Poll Of The Year “Face Of The Year” Powered By 

When we contacted MediaQue Entertainment to inform about the trend, They said, “Yes, We saw and also informed to Barun Sobti about it.” 

I was so amazed and overwhelmed.” said Barun Sobti (who is currently out of town) commented on the trend.

Sample these tweets:

“@Lovely_Paba: He's craaazy but Sooo cuuute and utterly Sexy too! ♥ #BarunSobti for the  #TellyExpressFaceOfTheYear @tellyexpress.”

“@Julieswami: @tellyexpress #TellyExpressFaceOfTheYear should go to the talented actor #BarunSobti.”

“@Adaaliz: An actor par excellence My vote for #BarunSobti  #TellyExpressFaceOfTheYear @tellyexpress.” 

“@NaDs_F: #BarunSobti  #TellyExpressFaceOfTheYear @tellyexpress you are the glucose of my food!” 

“@hashini_SaRun: Our Hotwa #BarunSobti #TellyExpressFaceOfTheYear 2013 - Male! @tellyexpress.” 

We hope everyone of you can take to your twitter accounts and join in so Barun Sobti can win this prestigious title again.

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Nidhi Nevatia said...

Hi, i feel really proud of you all, that whenever you guys decide something about Barun, always end up trending that ! Not only in India but world over ! The above is just a small example.

ramya rms said...

this is superb!! i am glad i was part of it! the sobti power :-)

da fallen angel said...

awesome :)

diya bansal said...

He deserve it ..

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