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Director Mitali Ghoshal struggled through constant fan interruptions while filming 22 Yards. The film is based on cricket and Barun Sobti is playing a cricket agent who manages everything about the game, from the stakes to how the game works. "The subject of the film will interest a lot of people," said the brown-eyed heartthrob Barun Sobti.

Recently the entire cast and crew of 22yards went to Kolkata to shoot few special sequences. They have been overwhelmed by fans. The main reason for this was that many fans that had come from various parts only to get a chance to meet Barun Sobti each day and their presence made it more challenging to complete the shoot.

We spoke to a source close to Mitali Ghoshal, says “With fans coming to the shooting locations, Mitali feels the shoots have been disrupted, and therefore feels it better to have a reduced media presence.” 

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TeamSobtians said...

Firstly location was announced beforehand by Mitali's PH so if they want to discourage fandom, they would have been avoided that. Secondly after reaching cast and crew were supportive to the fans, didn't seemed discouraging.

We don't know how this thing has bubbled up but frankly our team representative reached there and Mitali and whole cast supported and Mitali herself told our representative to go with Barun. When asked someone from crew have taken pictures on Team Sobtians representative's mobile. If they would have been disrupted they would have discouraged fans presence on shoot which by no means reflected in their gesture.

Yes, we don't have proofs for that because we never expected that after giving so many exclusives from shoot of #22Yards, #Behala, our gesture will be taken with this negativity. Certainly a shock for us from your side. Never expected.


Team Barun dint expected this from you! When a PH discloses a shoot location beforehand , they know the consequences better than YOU and US. I dont find your source authentic, as the fans who went there were well treated by the crew members and the actor HIMSELF. We can give you the exact figure of fans who went there during the Durga Puja Pandal shoot. And also how many fans went to visit SONNET during his stay. So u better think TWICE before publishing any damn article and blaming the FANS!

- aNkItA.C

HarshadKeLiye said...

Best of luck to Barun with this film.

Hopefully, next time, Mitali will keep location under wraps if this truly is a serious issue.

Kajri Choudhury said...

OK see, be careful for next time... coz they will not show their offence.... And please I request to u alll.... don't blame Barun.... I know he will never behave harshly with us... its our duty to give them privacy, I respect your whole team for collecting and giving us information about Barun... but if they are requesting to not to disturb the shoot then please don't do it....
See, I don't care for mittali's discomfort.... but this is time when Barun needs us.... we need to support him for his film.... it is a very tough time for him.... new actors are not easily welcomed in industries.... so it is time to show our support to him.... And TEAMBRUN you are the only source by which we can reach him... so forget everything.... and just wish well for him.... let the shoot complete baby....

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