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Raj Baddhan in Conversation With @TeamBARUN

Without further ado presenting our conversation with everyone's favourite RJ and all round great guy Raj Baddhan!

1. What got you started in the media industry?

I studied media including radio, journalism and TV and continued it ever since working at various newspapers and radio stations.

2. What has been the most interesting celebrity you have met?
Definitely, the legend Amitabh Bachchan - he’s been in Leicester a number of times.

3. Most memorable experience from being an RJ at Sabras?
Most memorable has got to be my first day when I started in March 2005, then when I left in 2007 to move to London. But more recently my interviews with TV stars have been fantastic! Most memorable TV star interview I've carried out has been Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani - the response of my interviews with these two have been out of this world! In my time on radio, I never experienced such a loyal fanbase for both these stars and its amazing to have.

4. Since interviewing Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani last year, listening to you has become a stable part of most fan's daily routine, what is your most memorable interaction with the fans?
Sabras Radio’s online listener-ship has grown  a few folds since my TV star interviews - they have been a huge hit - and I may like to add that Barun and Sanaya’s interviews contribute big time to the growth. There’s a handful of loyal listeners that tune in everyday and some that dip in and out whenever there are any Barun or Sanaya references on the show. Two of my most loyal listeners Lamia and Anna setting up a fan group (Team Raj) on Twitter for me was so touching - very memorable for me. But from these Twitter followers, I have made lots of friends too - thank you to all of you - you know who you are!!

5. Who can forget your conversation with Barun Sobti in Punjabi! What did you make of our guy?
Who can forget! Firstly, I thought Barun was going to be a difficult interviewee because he was one of the types that would give short answers and would need to push him to elaborate but when as the interview went on, he opened up and yes spoke in Punjabi and had such a laugh. Then calling him again to put rumours at rest of ‘IPKKND’ ending (which it did eventually) was interesting again. Oh yes and meeting him at Star Parivaar Live in Birmingham was a laugh.

6. What is next for you?
We’re working on some new exciting things at Sabras Radio so that's interesting. Also for my online media and entertainment website I’ll be getting more TV news inputs with more exclusive star interviews and news, which you will learn off me first! Yes, I love my exclusives!!

7. As we have seen you are loved by many fans and tweeted often by them? We thing we saw a couple of rishtas in there too Raj, any message you would like to share with them?
Hahaha! You’re crazy! I don't take such rishtas seriously - its so much fun though. Without sounding like i’m bragging, used to get the most funniest of proposals on the radio before this Twitter and Facebook dhamaka.

8. Have you ever been recognized on the street?

The good job being on the radio is that your face is not visible and hardly recognized but what with the uptake of social media and webcams etc, radio presenting isn't how it used to be. Radio jocks are treated in similar ways to TV personalities and thus can be recognized. I have been recognized a few times - mainly when I open my mouth but also at events, etc.

9. Barun Sobti was featured in People Magazine, did you see it? What do you think of the rising Bollywood Star he is fast becoming?
Barun is a MASSIVE name anyway and for him to do Bollywood and appear in such magazines is not surprising. Its only onwards and upwards for Barun now!

10. What did you make of Sanaya Irani's amazing performance at the Indian Telly Awards?

Didn't see it. : (

11. What is on your Sky + /DVR?
At the moment, I have ‘SaraswatiChandra’ on series link with many episodes I need to catch up on. ‘EastEnders’ is also on there and a few horror films that I love from the English movie channels.

12. What did you make of SPL in Nov 2012?
Very well organized and brilliant event for viewers to interact with their favourite stars. It was dominated by Barun and Sanaya -I kind of felt bad for the other stars that were there who were overshadowed by the two starlets. In fact, even when I was backstage, it was more a media frenzy over Barun and Sanaya than the other stars there.

13. Farhan Khan has been replaced in ChhanChann, What are your thoughts on his replacement Anuj Sachdeva?

When I spoke to Sanaya a few weeks into the launch of ‘ChhanChan’, I knew something was brewing between Sanaya and Farhan. I’m not totally surprised this has happened but something like this should've been experimented by the channel and production house much earlier rather than changing the lead at this stage. The chemistry between Anuj and Sanaya is looking much better and Sanaya seems much more comfortable too - which will definitely entice viewers.

14. Can we expect any new interviews with Barun Sobti in the future?

Of course. I have been promised much more updates from Barun this year and an interview this summer. Also like my special feature on ‘IPKKND’ 2nd anniversary, i’ll be doing some other things to treat fans.

15. What you like most about Barun Sobti?
His laid back persona despite him the most sought after actors on Indian television.

16. What you like most about Sanaya Iranii?
I said this to her in my two interviews with her - the way she talks - very straight and direct. Love that characteristic in a person.

17. If your life was made into a movie who would you like to play you?
English - Ryan Reynolds - Love his playful and yet serious image.
Hindi - Akshay Kumar - Punjabi characteristics like me.

18. Complete the sentence!
I can't live without? My mobile phone.
If I had an hour free I would? Sleep.
If I was a Superhero I would be? Superman (Man Of Steel!!!).
My Bollywood Name would be? Kyle (love that name).

19. Let’s conclude off with a few favorites!
Color: Grey.
Movie: Silsila.
TV Show: EastEnders.
Book: Don't really have one.
Time of Day: Afternoons.
 Holiday Destinations:  New York.

20. An quote on TeamBARUN?
My only source for everything Barun Sobti related! One stop for all BS fans! Congrats on the new site and for your support always! 

21. What about Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon returns and the twist?
Yup, IPKKND is returning in UK with old episodes being re-run. However with a twist that Star Plus is working on - they will announce this. 

22. Do you have any news on Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon DVD?
I think the DVDs are not happening due to costs involved and Star TV like Rajan Singh said are working on alternative plan.

23. Will you watch Main Aur Mr. Right on big screen?
I watch new films mainly on the big screen and I don't see why I wouldn't watch MAMR there. Would love to go with a Barun Sobti fan  just to see his/her reaction every-time he comes on screen! Now that would be a film of its own. :)

Thank you Raj for taking time out to answer our questions and a thank you for all you have done for all the fans. You rock!

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