Friday, 14 June 2013

TeamBARUN Website Launch - Twitter Party Invitation

Dear Friends,

As someone who has visited/supported our fan club, we are delighted to invite you to the online launch of our website. In the footsteps of other successful fan networks we believe the inauguration of our website will help us to further keep fans connected to Barun Sobti, and as Barun Sobti begins his Bollywood career we may reach and bring together more fans across the world, that are not on our existing social media pages.

We thank you for your kind wishes and assistance so far and hope we can continue to provide the best possible service we can to fans and our hero Barun Sobti.

With our very best wishes and gratitude Admins of TeamBARUN.

- Naeha, Aashik, Rohini and Hanaa


Aanya Virani said...

Congrats, guys!
Now, we will have a regular space to check and stay updated on Barun.

rinku nagi said...


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