Friday, 19 April 2013

Results - my Barun edit!

After an overwhelming response we have chosen our 6 favourite Barun edits for this week :)
  1. oswell_01
  2. mou_ms
  3. SarunDrish
  4. Hanaa
  5. Nidhi
  6. Smita




Notable mention goes to:

Kiran (SkThind) and Indy12, Sharon, Soloni and urs_kkgsr.




And everyone who entered ! All the edits were amazing!


Asha said...

Nice edits :) Second one looks colorful n Awesome!!

sharon caldeira said...

Aswwwww u selected mine ommg Iam very very very happpy ommmgg thanks a tonnne

Nidhi Nevatia said...

Wow ! Tnx teambarun for including one of mine (5). All the edits are brilliant !

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