Wednesday, 17 April 2013

My Barun Edit

Hi Guys,

So one thing awesome about this fandom is that we have so many talented picture editors..So we thought why not showcase the talent ! We'll post the 5(we may add more depending on how many we get) best edits that we receive every Friday right here on our blog!

If you would like your edits to be considered, tweet or email us at or with the hashtag #MyBarunEdit.

Can't wait to see everyone's edits ! (Please see the rules/guidelines below)

With lots of Sobti love,

The Admins


1.Please no personal photographs of Barun and his family.

2. Pictures dipicting illicit activities or those which can be found offensive by others will not be considered.

3.Please clearly state your name and or twitter handle when submitting, so we can give you credit for the edits :).

Happy Editing!


UrsKKGSR said...

You didn't select my edit :( lil disappointed :'(

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