Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rapid Fire: Know more about Arnav Singh Raizada

1) What is Arnav’s favourite gadget or prized possession?
My favourite gadget keeps changing as new things keep coming in. But right now my prized possession is my iPhone and I refuse to part with it.

2) Arnav would like to 1) Read a book 2) Watch a movie 3) Play a game?
I don’t like sitting in one place for too long, so reading and watching a movie is out. So it would definitely be playing a game and I enjoy football.

3) What is Arnav’s favourite cuisine/food?
Just like my moods, my favourite cuisine too keeps changing……so right now it is Chinese food. Mood pe depend hota hain..

4) Who is a better cook, Anjali or Khushi?
Haha…I intend to play safe here; have to live with the ladies after all, so both are good cooks.

5) Describe Khushi in one word?
Er…only one word, that’s difficult but one of them would have to be bubbly or lively.

6) What is Arnav’s favourite colour?
My favourite colour, black, grey, navy blue..basically sober colours or like Khushi says dull colours (smiles)

7) A secret we don’t know about Arnav?
Arnav doesn’t have any secret, he’s an open book.

8) If Arnav had to choose between Anjali and Khushi, he would choose?
Both yaar (laughs)

9) How would you woo Khushi? 1) Cook her a meal 2) Buy her a diamond ring 3) Take her on a trip
You guys know me right, so of course, buy her a huge diamond ring.

10) Which game is Arnav better at- football or cricket?
In fact, it should be swimming, since I have a pool next to my

11) One thing Arnav cannot live without?
My Bluetooth

12) Describe love in one word?
I don’t have words to describe this feeling (laughs); you guys know I am not very good with words. Also I am just getting to know this feeling right now, so for me love is umm…love of course.

13) Khushi looks good in a sari or salwar?
I think Khushi looks very pretty in a sari.

14) Arnav is most comfortable in a suit or tracks?
I am most comfortable in a suit, as I feel in control with it.

15) If Arnav could indulge in one sweet, he would like to have?
Smiles…This one is easy, without a doubt it would be Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada’s jalebis.

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