Friday, 2 November 2012

Krushna lifts Barun Sobti; Abhaas could not recognize himself after applying makeup for Star Diwali event

While we all know that Krushna Abhishek is known for his brilliant talent of making everyone laugh with his hilarious acts, this comedian again showed that there is no one better than him. Recently during a performance at Star Diwali - Har Chehre Par Muskaan the actor picked up the chocolate boy of television industry Barun Sobti (Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon).

Krushna who was dressed up in a sizzling chaniya choli picked up Barun in one go without any retakes. “When I came to know that I had to lift Barun, I was very excited but the only thing that I was worried about how would I do that in the costume that I was wearing but when the time came it was like a cake walk. In fact… Barun weighed lesser than a girl.”

On the other hand…Abhaas Mehta, who is popularly known as Shyam from Star Plus’ Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon, was a little bit shocked when he saw himself post applying makeup for the special Diwali sequence shoot.

The talented actor who will be seen playing Narakasura in the event had a tough time recognizing himself. Reason? His elaborate costume. Abhaas had to wear heavy makeup and jewellery to make him look identical to the mythological character. This is not all, the costume was so elaborate that the actor had to wait for two hours till his act was not over to use the rest room.

“I generally don’t need so much makeup but it was the first time that I wore so much of it and that too in one go. Since the makeup was taking time I closed my eyes and had a small nap but when I woke up I couldn't recognize that it was me. In fact, when I came out of my vanity none of my friends and production house people knew that it was me walking. It is definitely a story I will keep to share with my friends. I really enjoyed playing this role”, laughed Abhaas.

The sequence will air from 5 to 9 November at 7.30 pm on Star Plus.


Chandana S said...

Barun weighed lesser than a girl..LOl
& Abhaas playing narakasura..Intresting....
Thanks for the news...

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