Monday, 29 October 2012

Audience Ka Tadka – The hottest couple ever SaRun

Barun Sobti and Sanaya Irani

What makes Barun and Sanaya chemistry sparkle brightly way above every other actor in the galaxy . Till date I have never seen any couple who even after 1.5 years can manage to make people go weak at their knees , blush and embarass when u are sitting and watching the show with your elders .BaRun and SaNaya as the world calls thme “SARUN” are an epitome of perfection the subject called “chemistry “! There was there is and there can be NO other couple who can even come a little close to this magnificient couple and the reason to my statement is as follows !

Very often one comes across such brilliant actors who don’t need tailor made romantic scenes to proove their magic , even in normal scenes which are not executed nicely , these actors with their enthralling and powerful chemistry just rise and shine ! This is the magic of the world’s most beautiful couple “SARUN” .The charisma of their togetherness and the magnetism of their chemistry spellbinds people .Infact there are times when we as an audience see ou r screen on fire when barun and sanaya are standing together in the same frame .The twinkle in the eyes , the smirks on the faces and the magical current that is created by them cannot be matched by any one ever.The cutest best friends in real and the most amazing/ Hottest jodi On the TV “SaRun” are simply far better then the best . For millions of people around Shahrukh and kajol , Salman and katrina ….they all sell peanuts infront of them !!!

Another aspect to this mindblowing couple is their simplicity .Their facile gestures with gifted amazing looks, their innocense and adroit performance adds like a cherry on top of a cake .The term “if looks coule kill” seems to have been made for them !This couple arnav and khushi who when started at a loggers head in the show have now become a cosy beautiful married couple .This transition has been portrayed by Sarun so beautifully that the audience is left speechless with wide mouths open .In romantic scenes they make us believe in love and we blush , in frictional scenes they make us cry in funny scenes they make the world laugh .Perfect timinmgs , outstandingly in sync and effortless performances is what this fairy tale couple “SaRun” delievers .

Honestly today I don’t see any other couple who have this magical intensity, this magical togetherness and this magical beauty in short this magical chemistry . Where Barun sobti is a perfect hunk , suave ,dashing with stunning personality .Sanaya Irani is the most angelic face around !Where Barun’s bewitching eyes casts spells Sanaya’s dreamy eyes responds as if she has come under his magic !His child-like charming smile makes the audience smile along him her radiant smile adds glow to the entire scene . Their couple is often compared Mr Darcy and Elizabeth’s from Pride and Prejudice and even from to the love stories of Mills and Boons .The song “Teri Meri prem kahani seems to have been made only for them .. people only associate it with Arshi and Ipkknd and all because of this enthralling and gorgeous couple of SaRun .Sarun , make us drool , makes us blush like no one has ever done before .

We the gazillions of fans of this hottest couple ever from all around the globe , just pray that SaRun keep twinkling way above every one for many years to come their couple remains as fresh and as best as ever and this show Ipkknd runs super sucessfully for a long long time with SaRuN as Arnav and Khushi !

Long live SaRun/Arshi and Ipkknd

Maham Quraishi


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