Friday, 2 November 2012

Gupshup: Arnav and Khushi are such sweethearts!

Anjali and Khushi are quite close to each other. She believes that she has a support system in Khushi. After all, they have been together for the last last one and half years, and have almost become inseparable. Seems a case of conjoined twins! She just can’t hide anything from her. Yeh to hona hi tha. Such close friends will obviously have their equation brilliantly balanced, won’t they now? The things she likes the most about Khushi are the facts that she is very light-hearted and doesn’t believe in taking things too seriously in life, not even her fame. Anjali admires Khushi for her honesty. Now, the birdie was getting curious to know if there is even one thing that Anjali does not like about Khushi, this is what was her reply, ‘nothing, nothing and nothing.'

Since Anjali was in a good mood, the birdie thought it was time to quiz her about her dear brother Arnav. She is completely smitten by him and treats him like her younger brother even off-screen. So much so that her chhote Arnav calls her ‘aap’ off-screen too. Everyone on the sets seem to be envious of this bhai-behen ki jodi but are very fond of them too.

Anjali confirms that he is a great mastikhor when not shooting. He is a fabulous person and very special to her. There is nothing that she doesn’t like about Arnav. Some of the things she immensely appreciates him for are his honesty, simplicity and a great sense of humour that very few people know about. She believes that Arnav’s protective nature makes him very special. He is very caring towards her and his co-actors. Well, well, all this goody information left the birdie beaming for a long time!

Keep watching this space for all the gupshup on your favourite STAR Plus characters.


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