Friday, 23 November 2012

Arnav and Khushi are funny indeed!

Our sociable feathered friend was lying low on a branch once when it spotted two bent heads bobbing with laughter. The heads looked familiar and our birdie got curious, as usual of course.

On nearing the site, it discovered that it has arrived on the sets of Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Mmm, so whom did these heads belong to? Surprise, surprise, to the hottest telly couple Arnav and Khushi who were laughing their hearts out! Our birdie in no time got busy digging out the reason behind their mirth. Our darling Arnav, it seems, plays a lot of pranks on the sets. Along with Akash, he selects any newcomer and plays practical pranks. And he claims that everyone falls for their pranks. Must be an accomplished prankster, birdie noted to get some tips later. Arnav is admired by everyone who surrounds him. Once he was walking and eating on the sets, a crew member came up and said to him that he has never seen anyone like Arnav. Lover boy was taken aback and quite touched. Kya karein, his charisma enamours all.

Apparently, the guys make noises, sing songs, and mimic others while on the sets. Arnav whispered that he is found either in Khushi’s room or Anjali’s. Hmm, so that is why, these women seem so fond of him. Ask Khushi what’s her poison, and she says with glee that laughter it is! She can’t seem to stop laughing once she starts. And who is to be blamed, none other than our laad governor. Just before she has to give a shot, ASR will crack a joke, and our Khushi will burst out laughing. Since he is used to the fact now that she cannot shoot a scene while shaking with hilarity, he will obligingly close his eyes, so she can give the shot and be saved from the Director’s ire.

One funny incident that our prospective Mrs India recalls is when she slapped Arnav for a scene and there was a loud resonance. She was sure that she had not hit him hard but the sound made everyone feel worried whether apna Arnav is hurt. Khushi was stunned but then ASR’s much coveted smile reassured the team that all was well. Phew, saved by the smile they were!

Keep watching this space for more gupshup on your favourite STAR Plus characters and shows.


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