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Supporting husbands of STAR Plus

Whether it's Ahem, Naitik, Sooraj, Viren, Binoy, Krishna or more recently Arnav, each of our STAR Plus husbands have been supportive of their respective wives at all times. Every girl dreams of having the perfect husband and don’t you think our STAR Plus leading ladies are blessed in this regard?

Although Arnav was a little in-different towards Khushi initially, but now all differences are sorted between them.  He realized that he wrongly interpreted Khushi’s intentions after she rescued him from the goons without even thinking about her life. Also Khushi was overwhelmed when Arnav believed and supported her when the whole family was turning against her.

Tip- It’s very important to stand by your partner at difficult times as it strengthens the bond!

Krishna is one of the most loving husbands of STAR Plus. He has stood by Pratigya in her all difficult phases of life. Education has never been important to Krishna, but he never stopped Pratigya from fulfilling her dreams of studying law. We have seen Krishna helping Pratigya prepare for her exams and also help her with the late night studies.

Tip- Motivate your partner and make them believe that they were born to do something great!

There is no doubt that Binoy and Sushila are one of the most cheerful couple on screen.  But behind that smiling face of Sushila is a grieving mother who longs for a child. Binoy never makes Sushila think on this subject. He always tries to keep her happy in whatever way he can.

Tip- Support is an essential element in a relationship; partners should lift each other up!

There are many such instances where Naitik has shown full support to Akshara, but the support which he gave her when she met with a miscarriage was really commendable. He stood by her and made her forget all the pain by hiding his sadness and pretending as if nothing has happened.

Tip- We all stumble at some point. It’s a comfort to go hand-in-hand.

Ahem did not hesitate to let Gopi become a student after marriage. He showed his full support to Gopi and did not stop her attend school with small kids.

Tip- Be a pillar of support and encourage your partner to take things easily.

Sandhya went through a very bad phase when she entered the Rathi house. Things were not easy for her but with Sooraj standing beside her she fought all odds with ease and successfully won the heart of Bhabhoo and other family members.

Tip- Love, care and trust is the most essential ingredients that go into making a successful relationship!

Viren never stopped Jeevika from attending to Maanvi’s illness. Infact he always stood strong as a pillar of support and encouraged Jeevika to take care of Maanvi. Jeevika tries to be with Maanvi 24/7 but Viren never cribbed or complained even once.

Tip- Understand that it’s necessary to give space to your partner!

Few points to remember for being a supporting partner-
  •         Communicate
  •         Be honest
  •         Respect her
  •         Be responsible
  •         Praise her
  •         Listen to her
How far can you go to support your wife? Do share your stories. Also, let us know which STAR Plus husband you admire the most for supporting his wife.


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