Monday, 16 July 2012

Khushi's secret ingredient for a delicious jalebi recipe

I love eating and making delicious sweets. One of my favourite sweets is jalebis and I am going to tell you about the secret ingredient that I use for my jalebi recipe. Here is how you too can make tasty jalebis.

khushiJai Devi Maiya, how are all of you doing? Recently I went to buy some household things from the market and on the way I spotted Chandu halwayi's shop. You all know what a special bond I share with sweets, whenever I am sad or angry I just have to see and eat sweets and all my problems immediately vanish. For me ladoos, barfi, rasmalayi and jalebis are my companions during happy times and even sad times as they lift my mood up.

As I entered the sweet mart, I looked around and saw the sweet maker about to fry jalebis in the same oil that he had just used for the samosas. I could not tolerate such a thing as it is unhealthy to do this and the jalebis also do not taste good. I yelled at the sweet maker and explained to him that he should not use the same oil to fry the jalebis. Making jalebis is not a game but it is an art and to develop expertise in any art form, first we need to respect it.

I believe that I make the best jalebis simply because I use good quality milk, sugar, maida and oil. I do not cut costs by using stale oil that has been used before as this will not bring a good taste to the jalebis. I use all the ingredients in the required quantity without adding too much or too little of anything. I make the sweets with a lot of love and this is the most important ingredient. When one adds love to their recipe, it is bound to be the most delicious sweet in the world. If you eat the sweets made by me, you will definitely yearn for more.

I hope you all liked my jalebi recipe.


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