Monday, 2 December 2013

Barun Sobti trends in India, Dubai and Pakistan

On Sunday, as Sobtians were putting in their last minute votes for Barun Sobti in the Telly Express Face of the Year poll, something extraordinary took place... Yes #BarunSobti trended.. In not just one city or country but three!

Fans in the United Arab Emirates came out to get Barun Sobti trending in 6th place beating out popular trend topic Justin Bieber.

Dubai was not far behind, Barun Sobti trending in 7th place.

Across the Arabian Sea, Barun Sobti has been a popular topic not just last night, but this whole week, peaking at No:1 position, however entered the trends last night at 5th, and stayed there for over an amazing 24 hours! 

It wasn't just Mumbai where he trended,cities such as Pune and Hyderabad got in on the act.

And as for in India as general....

He trended for over an hour, even long after the vote had ended. Barun Sobti also trended in Pakistan,which was simply amazing.

We have informed MediaQue Entertainment and await a response from Barun Sobti.

These trends proves how diverse the Sobtian fandom truly is. Each and everyone of you deserve a huge pat on the back.. Well done! What you have achieved is truly incredible! 

Special mention must also go to all those who spent hours voting on twitter several thousand times! As well as all those voting on the online poll yesterday, narrowing the deficit of votes and succeeding in gaining first place with upwards of 32k votes!

The final results of the #TellyExpressFaceOfTheYear contest are to be announced tomorrow our fingers are crossed for a win!

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