Monday, 2 December 2013

A Fan's Reaction to IPKKND Anniversary!

A year has passed so fast it went, 
The last echoes of Rabba Ve in our minds did it indent. 

Mohabbat Door Jaane Na De, Nafrat Paas Aane Na De it's tagline
That would grow on us like a vine.

On June 6th it was aired, the tale of love, hate and passion .
A story of Khushi and Arnav a tycoon of fashion.

NK, Anjali, Akash, Payal.. We loved them so,
Especially a villain named Shyam and his twitching brow.

Buaji's chants of Nandkishore made us smile in delight,
While we watched Arnav and Khushi's love grow with every fight.

A goat named Laxmi a curious pet,
The dhak dhaks of Khushi, oh how she did fret.

Such emotions in us did it stir,  At 8 in front of the TV we were
Wishing those 30 mins not go like a blur.

So much drama on and off-screen did we see
An almost Diwali Kiss.. Aman, we blamed to a degree.

A contract marriage, A kidnapping and A terrace scene,
Holi, Nok Jhok, and Some interviews with Noreen! 

Off-screen scenes we adored,
The addiction soared and soared.

So much to say and so many memories made,
It's hope that these will never fade.

Through laughter and tears and smiles and sighs.
Each episodes watched worldwide by girls and guys.

In October to twitter and phones we took
alas the decision was made.

On the 30th of November our show would end 
and Our dreams would fade.

That Friday through teary eyes,
We watched as IPKKND made it's final goodbye.

A year on we do remember, the joys the sorrows the times we spent together. 
IPKKND lives on forever!

By: Naeha Menon


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