Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? (Episode Analysis)

Except for a Hyperactive Khushi, IPKKND delivered quite a decent episode today. Sheetal’s and Aarav’s entry has clearly affected Khushi. With each passing day she’s getting restless and this is affecting Khushi and Arnav’s Relationship in small ways. How else can one explain the slap, and the morning imagination?

Somebody is trying to create a havoc in Khushi’s life, trying to create a rift between Arnav and Khushi and that person seems to have been getting successful as of now.

CV’s have chosen a great track but, their execution of it seems totally out of place. They have chosen a concept which they are trying to sell to the audience. Atevery level, story writing, screenplay, execution they have to make sure that thier concept sells. Here they are trying to make us beleive that Aarav is Arnav’s son. That the so called fling that Sheetal & Arnav had has resluted in her conceiving his child. If this is what the CV’s are trying to do, then why the hell are they making it practically Visible?

A small child of 7-8 dresses like adults, uses the slang “What The” and his mom has no qualms about it , hates toys and girls, knows pretty much about gardening perhaps more than Arnav, is almost always angry or agitated and so on……Which Kid does that? Yes there are kids who at a very small age feels and becomes responsible but when something drastic has happned in their life. There is no reason for Aarav to be the way he is, unless he is being trained…..If i am allowed to say so none of the qualities the Cv’s are trying to show in the show, be it the dressing style or “What The” gets transferred from a parent to the child…..If they are quite particular that such similarities need to be shown, 1 or 2 of these could have been casually incorporated such that the curiosity factor is kept intact. An Ex: would be the toast and juice scene.Using it casually would have done the trick but here the makers have shown the similarities in such a way that its blaringly visible. Why?

Arnav and Sheetal were seeing each other, then they broke up and he moved on. He clearly did, how else would they explain La and now Khushi? And with Khushi its entirely a different story, this is who he actually, truly fell in love with, this is the woman who affects him, who matters to him….Each and every time that thier love was put to test, they emerged winners and their love and faith more deeper and stronger…..This clearly is another such phase.

But like Arnav embraced Khushi’s past and moved on will Khushi too do the same??? Well we hope so after all like Khushi said, she is this centuray’s woman, modern and cool. Its surely a W&W situation.

Author: Vijitha Rajan
Telly Tadka

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