Sunday, 29 July 2012

Top Scene of the Week

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

This is probably the strangest love story in the entire universe and every now and then you can see the leads that is Arnav and Khushi as loggerheads. Few months back a new concept and a fresh track was introduced in IPK that of “CONTRACT MARRIAGE”, the same was once again brought back into the picture recently by Arnav when Khushi decided to leave the Raizada Mansion for the sake of everybody happiness and to restore peace. Aranv hopes to win Khushi’s heart before the contract ends and retain Khushi in his life forever. Whether he does this out of the LOVE he has for her or simply because she ha become a HABIT for him, needs to be shown with a lot more clarity and i am sure in the coming days we will get to know about it as well. So if we keep aside the above mentioned part which is purely in the hands of the makers, as viewers we know that Arnav does love Khushi and vice-versa. Most of the time they share a love-hate relationship but that’s the beauty of it “Nafrat Paad aane na de, Mohabbat door Jaane na de”……Khushi decides to leave the Raizada Mansion and Arnav on the pretext of Buaji being ill. Her motive behind this surely is that the more she stays the more hard it would be for her to cut off…..Arnav is unaware of this but does not takes things lightly and wants to be there for Khushi….He calls her up to find out whether everything was fine, brings in a doctor to check Buaji and does everything to make things easier for her. Khushi takes a fake prescription and about to leave to get the medicines when Arnav snatches it from her and we get one of the most romantic scenes from IPK this week. Khushi tries to get hold of the paper when Arnav tells her its not a task impossible and all she has to do is . . . In short he reminds of their incomplete Kiss. Khushi turns red on hearing it but goes with the flow and manages to get hold of the paper. Bets and challenges have always brought of the best in ASR-KKG and this time to it ends with a wonderful Kiss when Khushi tells Arnav that he lost the bet. Arnav moves forward to her Kisses on her cheek, enjoy it and lets her enjoy it too and whispers in her ears that he never loses a Bet. This could also mean that he would win her heart before the contract ended…Jo bhi ho the viewers were happy and so were we.


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