Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 31st July 2012 Written Update

Episode starts with Arnav coming to Khushi’s house. Khushi says him you scared me and asks from where did you come? Arnav says from the window. Khushi says you did that much work just to make me work? Arnav asks her to stop calling him. Khushi says no it’s my duty.. what if you need anything. Arnav says go to sleep. Khushi gets happy and Arnav is trying to talk with her but she has already slept. Arnav says what the.. and then he puts all plates and everything away. He carries Khushi and takes her to her bed. Khushi holds his tshirt and doesn’t let him go. Arnav takes her hand away from tshirt but this time she holds his hand and Arnav then sleeps on her bed as well.

It’s morning now. Khushi has her legs on Arnav and her hand on his neck. Arnav opens his eyes first and says don’t know how she sleeps. She doesn’t sleep like this at home then how come here. Khushi opens her eyes and gets shocked and she gets up right away. Arnav asks why you sleep like this here? Khushi says that’s how she sleeps and asks him why he has any problem when Khushi doesn’t say anything when Arnav sleeps holding her hand. Arnav says excuse me when do I sleep holding your hand? N he sees him holding her hand and he says, I guess this is my habit.

Khushi now asks how she came here? Arnav says obviously I brought you here. He says he’s leaving now and reminds her 24 hours is not done. Khushi asks what she has to do now. He tells her to sleep.

At Raizada house, Anjali asks a servant about Arnav. He says he went to Khushi’s house last night.

Khushi is sleeping and Arnav calls her. He asks why you took so much time? 3 minutes are still left. He then orders her to open the door. Arnav’s driver is outside door and he gives her 24,000 rupees. Khushi gets happy and says she earned on her own.. but Arnav hangs up. Khushi says Arnav is not that bad either. Her landlord comes now and Khushi gives him 24,000 rupees. He says where are other 24,000 rupees? He says new developers have came and they charge extra money. He asks her to pay 24,000 more else new people are ready to pay and take this home. Khushi says if you scare from talking with new developers then she will talk.

Khushi is now at new developers office and she asks how can they increase their rent like this? A lady tells her that boss said if you want to decrease your rent then you will have to go his home. Khushi gets angry and she goes inside and asks how dare you to say like this. It’s Arnav who is the boss. She gets shocked seeing him. Arnav sends everyone outside. Khushi asks him what are you trying to prove by doing all this? Arnav says I think this is good deal.. you just have to come to Raizada house and everything will be fine. He says if you want to reduce the rent then you will have to come to my house else he will have no other option but to break her house. Khushi agrees in end.

Arnav says fine and tells her to go home and he will pick her up. Khushi now says she is not going to come and Arnav can do whatever he wants. She says she will wait for bulldozer. Arnav tries to talk but she shuts him. Arnav smiles and Khushi asks him not to smile. Arnav says he knows what is going to happen in few hours and that’s why he is smiling. Khushi says first let’s talk about what’s going to happen now and she starts throwing all his files and papers. Arnav is still smiling. Khushi starts walking and her dupatta gets stuck in a machine. She says what the and turns back and looks at him angrily and then realizes it’s stuck in machine. Arnav opens door for her and she leaves.

In office everyone is talking that they understand boss asking her to come his house as she is so hot. Anyone would say that and they laugh. Arnav sees that and goes there. He slaps the guy who said that. He says her name is not item.. her name is Khushi… she is my wife. He says if you talk like this about any girl in future, then you won’t be seen in this office anymore.

At Raizada house, Nani and Anjali are preparing for Raksha Bandhan. Nani tells Anjali not to leave Arnav this time and take gift from him. Anjali says she doesn’t want anything from him… as long as he is with her.. she is happy. Nani says Buaji is not fine that’s why Arnav has went there. NK comes there and asks to make friendship belts for him too. Anjali says this is rakhi not friendship belt. NK says you know my hindi is not that good. Nani says at least because of you Anjali smiled finally. Anjali gets a call from someone but she doesn’t pick up. She says don’t know who keeps calling her.. sometimes credit card people.. sometimes loan people.

Khushi is sleeping and dreaming about what Arnav said. She suddenly gets up and says he just scares her.. where is bulldoze? Her mother is worried as there is no water in her house. Khushi says may be there was less rain this time that’s why less water supply this time.

Buaji says if water don’t come then how they will make food? Khushi’s mother says her to pack her stuff as it’s not good to stay at her mother house for this long. Buaji, and Khushi’s parent leave to go to doctor.

Khushi turns on the TV and suddenly lights go off. She goes to check something.. Her neighbor sees her and asks what are you doing? Khushi says she will fix and electricity will be back right away. Her neighbor but everything is fine at her home. Khushi then asks about water.. and that’s fine at her neighbor house too. Khushi remembers about what Arnav said and says so you did all this Mr. Arnav Singh Raziada.


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